Generator Brush Maintenance

Your brushes may look ok . . . however, the shorter they get, the less spring pressure on the armature.  I like to keep my brushes good and new.  I replace them before they start jumping around, maybe earlier than necessary, but I don't have a lot of generator problems either.  When your brush is worn, all that material worn away from the brush has turned to dust (and it's all over inside your generator to gum things up).
Real exciting stuff on this blog !
PS. Take a photo before you start unhooking all your wires . . .

Panhead Parts-Motor Challange

Our vintage motorcycle friends bring motors to build that have never been "a motor" before.  To get it correct, it's a Mind Trip of spacers, thrust washers, end-play, side-play, stack height, clearances . . . then, when you get it all correct . . . the bearing retainers are aftermarket "junk" . . . and it's a switch, swap, trade, mod, deburring game of switch & swap.  Trying to get all the parts to "like each other" is the hardest part. 
Why can't everyone just get along ?????

Half - A - Century

Yesterday, in my own mind, "50" was the new "90" . . . I felt a bit down.  My family threw me a pre-party on Tuesday night which helped . . . but, I just couldn't get over this impending gloom.  Then, this morning I get a box full of money, gift cards, a cool home-made card, candy . . . coffee, donuts . . . everyone tellin' me jokes and wishing me a Happy Birthday - It was really nice - and I feel a whole lot better.
 Ready to do wheelies again. Age is just a number everyone . . .
I need a good iron to get these bills flat !

Vintage 1 Shot

A retired sign painter gave me boxes filled with his old One Shot paints.  The lids are dusty, kinda rusty, but the paint inside is perfect.  Probably the good lead-based stuff ?  This paint is smoooooth !

Morty made the paper . . .

It's Pet Week !
 I'm not sure how he gets the 'possums to leave . . . ?
. . .  if The Hyde scares 'em off ?
or . .  The Mort just makes-a-deal with 'em ?

Ready for your close-up ?

I like Sportsters - Stock, Mod or Turbo !

Sakes Alive . . . That White 55 !

Gene Payne was nice enough to show & tell some tricks to these KRs & XLRs for my own projects.  Gene has a real neato stable of race bikes with enough history to fill a small museum. 

Milwaukee sites, sounds, and a groovy dinner . . .

Below: Pete is still in a trance from meeting Doc Brown . . .
Michael contemplates his next build . . . 
or should he get fried ice cream?

Mama Tried 2016 was crazy good . . .

Mama Tried Show - Milwaukee 2016

I got there early, early early . . . 
This is the 3rd year for this show.  Excellent venue (the best so far).  The lighting in this old warehouse (top floor) would vary throughout the day and give some awesome lighting to the motorcycles.  It was so cool.  The best was after the sun went down - and the room lit up with chrome & candy Scott and Warren know how to do a weekend of racing, shows, party, food . . . great beer choices . . . holy shit this was just sensory overload everywhere.  Killer weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I just kept making a big circle, going around and around - and I'd see something different everytime.  I was at the show from about 8:45am until they kicked us out at 10:00pm.  I looked at absolutely every single bike, artwork, photo, paintjob . . . and talked to all the builders, vendors and friends I could, to find how they did it.  I didn't want to go home and miss some of the best people I've ever met in this huge family of custom motorcycle enthusiasts - with a racer and a party animal thrown in here & there . . . This show kicks ass !

Chopper Dave ON THE ICE !

I never met a guy from sunny California who wished to ride his motorcycle on the ice with such eager enthusiasm as Dave had on Friday . . . (and it looked grim with all the warm temps).  Calm, tranquil Lake Lily had enough for the Lovely Loser . . . Fuckin' awesome dude !  
 Go see the Racing Exhibit at the H-D Museum now.  Never before seen factory racing motorcycles, racing notes, drawings, tools, memorabilia . . . Very nicely done with a little help from Bill & crew . . . nice job !

 Cal Rayborn's KR was a heavy moment  . . . and the trophy from the 1969 Daytona 200 that he hoisted high into the air - Anything Rayborn or Reiman is almost mythical . . . Resweber's No.1 Plate . . . IronXRTT . . . More sensory overload ! 

Buchanan's Spoke & Rim

Kenny Buchanan (and Angel too) helped me out (via phone) to get my 19" rear rim laced properly.  I can't thank Buchanan's enough for their excellent custom service.  I was frustrated I could NOT get this thing right . . . .  I've laced and trued a few wheels in my day . . . but, this damn thing - I had attempted every possible combination.  Kenny got me to view this project from a different perspective, and I laced the rim in a "different order" - an almost reverse-combination of steps.  It worked !  An improved wheel with increased strength, over the factory spoke pattern. Now crossing 3 on the brake-side, with stainless spokes.

Panhead Dishes

My wife notices I never do the dishes . . . BUT, I have this overwhelming enthusiasm to wash motorcycle parts in the kitchen.  (my special plastic tub with hot, sudsy Dawn & Ivory combo, with hot water rinse)
Priorities !  ( Toby Davis parts . .  )

Indoor Racing Tricks

1. WD-40 or Pink traction compound every couple days on your tires about 2 weeks before event.  Especially on the middle of tire (to the left edge) Goodyears, Maxxis, Sticky Dunlops . . . some old-time racers say those "trials type" tires worked good . . . whatever is clean & sticky like spilled soda pop.
2. Duct tape on your left boot (running the same direction as your boot sole) if you don't have a steel shoe?
3. Off the line in 2nd gear - Dive to the inside - Leave throttle on a bit longer through the first turn (since you're not goin' quite a fast as from a straight.
4. Keep your tires clean (use tire wraps or carpet strips with tape when not on the track)
5. Zip-tie your fuel petcock open ( especially if a body part could hit it and turn off your fuel )
6. Use a wood rasp (or aggressive file ) to remove the hardened, caramelized dried syrup off your tires after each time on the track.  The hardened syrup is really slippery !  You'll have no traction !
7. Wear an elbow pad (especially on the left ) so you don't get that elbow injury that lasts a lifetime when you low-side and go down.
8. Don't high-side - Not an option.
9. Keep your foot up if at all possible - When your foot is down, it's just that much LESS pressure on your front wheel for traction.  If you push the front - Accelerate a little to regain traction.
10. Don't hit anyone on the inside, anywhere behind their footpeg . . . possible high-side ?!
11. Roll On - Roll Off the throttle.  Stay inside - Stay smooth.
12. Don't look back til' after the Checkers !