This is the: Coolest Motorcycle . . .

. . .  I've seen in awhile.  Old time choppers are kinda " it " right now . . . but, this is what's coming back.
The stripped down dresser - and classic full dressers. 
It's only natural. 

Me & Peter Egan . . .

. . . years ago on the Slimey Crud Run - Madison, WI.  I look kinda young ?  It's before I lost my Mack hat in Davenport.  Funny, the things you can remember.  I consider him "the" most knowledgeable and insightful motorcycle (and auto) journalist.  Plus, the guy has raced and probably rode over a million miles.

Old Fart Racing 2

Last two photos from my friends at Lucky Bastards M/C . . .
from Willow Springs Raceway paddock area.
Thanks LD !

National Motorcycle Museum Vintage Weekend

Pictured above: Mike Wilson with his K-Model racer
I hope to see Mike on June 8th at the NMM.  I heard he had some recent medical problems since we talked with him last year.  Mike is gettin' up there in years . . . but, you would never know it by talking to him.  Did you know he was the last racer to run a 74" Harley in the famed Peoria TT ?

Des Moines, Iowa - JUNE 22

Iowa State Fairgrounds 1/2 Mile Track
Mark your calendar . . . should be a good race.  
Tell your friends . . .

Scott Parker 40X

I had never seen this photo - cool !

Ray & Jim

. . .  have met for the first time - again.
The Doors are really everywhere; on the radio, in books, 
in speech and rhetoric.
It's one of the only bands that seem eternal.
It's almost subconscious - The Door's phenom
There was no other. 

Dave Polgreen

I've featured David on this blog more than once . . . and as I get to know him a bit more . . . I'm increasingly impressed by his motivation towards building custom motorcycles.  This guy has a level of organization that is at a very high level.  Dave got me the correct jet for my S&S GBL (but, he's pretty tight with his parts - so, don't ask).  He's currently in California (lives in Minnesota) finishing up a big-twin flathead chopper for the Born Free Show.  He will be completing the build "on-the-road . . ."  without the aid of his well-organized shop(garage) space.  Keep looking for his latest creation as Born Free gets closer . . . I'm sure it will be a knock-out winner.  Also, good luck to Pete Mason (who is also out there with Dave) finishing up his latest Knuckle-Chopper build-up for BF too . . . (this photo stolen from the HEAVY CLOTHING blog was most likely snapped by Zac Doom)

Coming Soon . . . to The Charles ?

Our local theatre, which only shows PG-13 Movies.  
So, probably not . . .
$1 for kids, $2 Adults
Popcorn w/Drink $5.00
(but, only 1 refill allowed - pretty strict on that !)

I had a limited amount of time do go somewhere.  I wanted to see the David Mann Show in person, so Hux and Gordy came along and we went for it.  As we got about 1/2 way up . . . the storm came and sidelined us for a brief "tavern break."  We then ran into a little more rain, and drenched roads.  We were wet.  Then my tranny started hissing and whining.  The panhead soldered on.  I probably would have turned back, but Hux and Gordy (a true Iraq veteran) forced me to push ahead.  The show did not disappoint - since many of my distant friends were there - and we got to catch-up on the scene . . .
I paid $5.14 / gallon on 7th street St. Paul 
(gas went up .50-.75/gal as soon as you got into MN)
Some guy we met . . .$175.00 Beemer he put 60K on since Nov.
Nice FLH all cut down
Kevin's "Til Death" redo - he's so modest 
(and had the coolest bike there)
A real-life BDR striped digger - in the flesh 
Tom Fugle - making money selling his art
The real Ghost Rider (with my own eyes)
El Forasteros (not possible without this club)
Kevin & Zac (and the family under the tree)
Neato Evo Sporty (paint by Ryzart)

It's Summer in Iowa NOW !

So start acting like it . . . Fly Your Colors - Get some FTW & COC Shirts.  Get Fit.  Get Ready.  Get on Two Wheels.  Get Out There.  Get It ?  You'll be glad you did it - Be Good !

" The reason I pulled you over - Is you don't have a brake light . . . Now I realize you are 47 years old, and have insurance, but . . .

Now that I look at this - the brake light and horn would only work when the lights were on . . . ?   
I'd wire it so when you turn on the(IG) ignition switch - it also feeds the brake light switch and horn button. ( I personally only utilized this to assist me with installing a Bosch Relay )

Mr. Fussy . . .

When it runs, it runs great . . . fun to ride.  Smooth. 
Rides good for a rigid - I'm smiling.
Starting it?
COLD: No Throttle - Enrichener Up - Full Advance - Full Kick
HOT: No Throttle, Full Advance -1/2 kicks only
If it don't pop, Retard timing, Pump it a couple -
If it still don't pop, Advance a little
If it still don't pop, Wide open throttle
If it still don't pop, Get pissed off . . .
If it still don't pop, CALL POPS !

Small Town . . .

I spend some time in this corner of the coffee shop.  Nobody ever sits here.  I get all 4 chairs to myself.  Very seldom does anyone ever sit with me . . . I periodically get new art on the walls.  I hear a lot of gossip about our town.  They forget I'm here . . . I also like the Main Street Dam . . . it's quiet too, except for the rushing water.  The side drive is nice . . . I drink my coffee and stare at the only motorcycle I own - which I can ride, and drink coffee at the same time . . .

Just waiting on parts . . . SOL

Parts are getting harder to get.  NOS, aftermarket, swap meet, it doesn't matter.  As the craze of rebuilding all this old stuff gets even crazier . . . parts are drying up.  You almost need to stock-up if you plan on doing this for a living.  I just do it for friends, etc . . . but, if you had a shop where you were really trying to pump out some work - you'd be screwed . . . no parts.  Backordered.  OOS(Out-of-Stock).  S.O.L. !

Musical Bikes . . .

I got that stroker starting and running halfway decent 
with that GBL.  
Maybe a bigger Main Jet?
Went for a 100+ mile ride on the chopper (with full intentions
on goin' to DSM to find Jeff Wright) but, it was just too
cold and windy Sat - it sucked, bike ran good !
(please don't laugh at my sheepskin)
I got the '64 running, battery charged, chain lubed and it's
gonna carry me to the Springfield Mile.  It started right up and
it's the best motorcycle for touring - plus, it's kinda like
the same motor they race there - it's tradition !