Call in sick tomorrow on your way to Vintage Torque . . .APRIL 29-30

 " . . . . Uhhhh, (in a quiet, raspy voice, talking through a shop towel) this is Robert.  Uh, I don't feel real good today - started last nite. (fake cough)  I think I'm stayin' home today, thank you.  See you Monday."  Then shut the flip-fone and crank the throttle to Vintage Torquefest in Dubuque, Iowa for 2 days of hot rods, custom vintage choppers, flakes, flames, pin-up chics, dirt track rods and bikes, chain racing, swap meet . . . and this eclectic array of killer tunes on multiple stages . . . all for the price of big order of Micky Dees drive up . . . so, skip Mickeys and hit the Dubuque Fairgrounds and have yourself a ball !

Hux's FXRT

Darrel builds some nice FXRs.  Stock with a modified flare . . .

Atomic Trent's Panhead

I like this bike I'd have to move the seat back a bit, or maybe one of those older, flat (with a nose) dual seats you see ?  I like the pipes too.  I want to build something like this for long trips.  Maybe run an older hydraulic front end, with no tins, just a headlight.  I have some 4 1/2" S&S flywheels.  I have a Super B.  A stock lookin' kinda bobbed, with a little stroker, 16" wheels . . . just use up some of the parts I have, and maybe some classic H-D do-dads here and there.  Maybe an old, crusty windshield?  Leather bags . . . I'd fit right in with all this gray hair I'm accumulating !


How many years did police motorcycles have black lower front fork legs after 1949 ?

1941 ?


 . . . on for good.  Just add oil.  These front-ends are kinda cool.  The 7/8" bars need a Gunner Gasser and maybe a pair of real Italian Natural Rubber Grips for creature comforts ?  Frame and rear loop powder-coated satin black with all threaded holes and splines left bare steel (Thanks Woody).  Looks great and it's very durable.

Carlisle Treads . . .

For sandy tracks.  This tire is a FULL BORE (dated 1960s).  We'll see if the knobs fly off?

Vintage Pirelli MT

My new Dunlop DT2 was too fat . .  shit.  Well, we'll just run this Pirelli.  Looks better and pushin' the front will keep your attention !

Takes a lot of my time . . .

 . . . but, what else do I have to do ? 

Torquefest Dubuque: On My List

Friday, April 29th
5:00pm  Flat Track Motorcycles (Minnesota)
8:30pm  Superchief - Heavy Rock-n-Roll
9:45pm  Koffin Kats - High Energy Psycho

Saturday, April 30th
9:30am  Vintage Flat Track Motorcycles (practice session)
12.45pm  Vintage Flat Track Motorcycles
4:00pm  Dallas Moore Band - Good 'ol Rock (for whiskey drinkin')


The first Harley-Davidson with rear suspension . . .

Gilles Villeneuve

It's always interesting to see drivers in the cockpit with body work removed, parts disassembled, the car basically in a non-operational condition . . . with driver in the seat.  Most likely indicating the driver is testing pedal movement, gearbox, steering . .  or just getting the "feel" of a new chassis or innovation.  What is that big box in the front (or the appearing insulated) canisters?   A battery? 

They were tearin' the garage down . . .

The Kansas City Flash

Ricky's 4 5/8" S&S Flywheels.  Updated with heavy-duty S&S Sprocket Shaft (big taper)

XLCH Oil Tank for the KHK Racer

1. It's the early version
2. I paid a very handsome price for it (don't even ask)
3. It was chrome with a sticker on it.
4. I washed it in solvent and gasoline (it was full of metal shavings)
5. I took it to the car wash and stuck the sprayer inside (on soap and rinse)
6  I blew it dry, it air dried for 2 weeks.
7. Then I had it bead blasted (with 150+ psi special beads to strip chrome)
8. Blasting revealed "chrome paint" over areas - and a shotgun slug hole, and buckshot holes hidden under bondo and chrome paint - SHIT !
9. Hawbaker made a special chain plate and tig welded the tank. Fixed all the holes, nice and solid.

After all that . . . I started sanding (80 grit) and applying filler - and sanding and smoothing - and adding more filler. It's starting to look good.  I'd like to have Chad Clapper spray it with sealer, primer - and paint it high gloss black. It will all be worth it . . . so cool are these tanks.
But, it takes a team of technicians !

Baas Dirt Track Racing

Long stroker . . . look how far the rods stick out . . .
Lower end is together for good.  Solid KH.

S&S B Series (refurbished)

Modified this one for adjustable air-bleed jet.
Bake fixed my float.
Fixed the throttle plate and shaft.
New bowl gasket and o-ring.

Anybody got an Enrichener???

Chicago - Surfin' with Aliens

Hangin' in Old Town with The Second City & Satch.  The Unsers were my heros of racing, and here it was (a 900hp go-cart for the 1970s)  Chicago pie.  Grant Park is one of my favorite parks.  Big city life for a long weekend. I felt like I was spinnin' my wheels, NOW BACK TO WORK !

1957 XL

Ready for assembly. 

1948 Panhead Short Block

 . . . Now I'm addicted !
Gotta dig Parkerized fasteners.

Pat likes to weld . . .

but. not when he's feeling sick.  
Thanks for the help - and I hope you're feeling better today . . .
See you soon.  -Noot

Bill's '48

Bill Mize has an addiction.  This is helping fulfill his addiction . . .

TECH: Wrist Pin Spiral Lock Tool

This tool will install spiral-style lock rings in the proper manner.  
I use the butt-end of a deep socket to get the spiral keeper ring centered, and down farther inside the sleeve. A small amount of oil smeared on the inside of the sleeve will help the spiral slide a bit better.
Insert the sleeve into the piston: 
(you can see my spiral keeper pushed down in there)
Next, Insert the Driver Piston and use your palm to press the spiral all the way - The sleeve is tapered down, so the spiral with wind up and pop into the wrist pin groove.

 I usually insert a spiral keeper in each piston first.  Then heat the piston a bit, this helps the wrist pin slip right through with ease . . . Don't forget to lube the wrist pin bushing.
 I install the piston with "indented dot on top" (or if it doesn't have the dot) 
with small "fin" on the inside wrist pin boss . . . .
 Install Pin, and Piston - Repeat Procedure.
Using a small, flat blade screwdriver, press down around the top of each keeper, and make sure it's down in the groove.  Since I can't see as good anymore, I take a lighted magnifier and make sure my keeper is fully seated.  This tool works slick - I've installed hundreds of spiral keepers over the years.  They stay in better than snap rings if installed correctly.

All Motor !

20X (is that Michigan?)

Always run Ethyl in your KR

Top Photo:  His jacket is like "The Californian"
Lower Photo: Is that Paul Goldsmith?  
I like the gentlemen (back right) with their riding caps.

1955 KH

"Teach" took us out to Baas Acres for a brew, and we got the full tour(he found more of his KH parts) . . . Cylinders blasted by Gelner,  . . . . . cleaned up sweet Assembled the flywheels and they were damn close with no truing yet - double sweet !

Old Harleys - Ride, Rebuild, Repeat


No cracks . . . but,
Needs many heli-coils, pump shaft bushing, case race, cam bushing
Now I need a Lefty . .

One Sweet Knuck'

Thanks Big Noot
Thanks Wiley
Thanks Gordy
It'll be a one-kick runner . . . another one down the road !