Gordy's connecting rods are ready for assembly.

Where should we park?

Street Shovel

 . . . parked at the bar.


Morty says . . .

" Hey numb nuts . . . get that thing sanded and let me sleep ! "

38 mm

Anybody got a cool little air cleaner for a Mikuni 38?  I probably should've went with a 40 or 44 or a flat slide - but the 38 is the first Japanese carb they used back then - and it may just give a bit more torque and economy than the big ones . . . ?

First, a little dew . . . then frost . . .

. . . . then snow is next.  Millville, Minnesota
(that was fun this year, Pat.  Tell Ted "hey" for me)

Wind Tunnel Tests Confirmed . . .

. . . the best place for most efficient air slicing is with the left hand just above the lower triple tree.  To see Parker draft at Springfield confirmed these findings. (from my Camel Pro Series archives)

"It's all there . . .

 It wasn't all there - It was missing many pieces like:
(2) thrust washers, all the loose rollers (needs .001 over), the lower case studs, the kicker cover studs, the main sealed roller bearing and spacer, all the kicker gears, spring, stud, nuts, plugs, counter shaft bushings . .  Oh, and the wrong thrust washer behind the kicker shaft . . .  " It's all there " - famous words of somebody trying to sell you something.

XR Girl

It was everywhere . . .

Everywhere I turned this year at Sturgis . . . there was this panhead - again.  He did a few shows, rode the hills, down Main Street . . . he got around.  Had a-bunch-o-fun I'll bet . . .
Neat bike - and he rode it.   (forgot I had the pic)

Paul Tracy's Charger . . .

1978 Texas Biker Bash

Official Dark Beer Test (STB)

We tested some Dissent (the dark brew from Steel Toe Brewing Co.) with our high powered Mag Lite. 
No light was visible through the glass - nothing.  Total Darkness.  Very Good. 
A+ . . . it's what you want in a dark beer. 
(Chopper Dave's business card for added satisfaction)

Banana Caliper

You have to buy at least 6 each of these at the swap meets to make one good one - if you're lucky.

Half & Half (a post for your brain)

Early small diameter EL flywheels.  After installing the shafts correctly, always true each 1/2 and check for run-out on the flat side of the OD.  .007 or less is acceptable.  Sometimes it's tough to get it.  Then mark them so you know where the high spot is when truing the finished assembly.  High spots near the crank pin aren't so bad - since when the motor fires and pushes the rod down - it's kinda like truing it up perfect for a brief moment - That's my thinkin' and I'm stickin' with it . . . Gordy will be proud !

Bad Deal

Cinema is not always pretty . . .

Arizona last week . . .

Hangin' with my kid Eric, his wife Adrienne, Cheryl, Johnny Gold, Lewis, Ken (from Highway Chops) and many other locals that shall remain nameless . . .

I just hate these guys . . .

For some reason that dude on the right kinda bugs me.  I guess he was just being "free" too . . . voicing his own opinion on the situation.  Wonder where he is now?  Not actors - they found these locals to play the part.

1961 XLCH

Around 1990-93 . . . you couldn't find these decals anywhere.  I had to make the 3 color lay-overs with graphics pens in black.  I drew out the lettering, used a straight edge, etc.  All by hand.  The silver circle around the outside is supposed to be the same diameter all the way around.  I thought it looked better like a "Ring of Saturn" . . . The place that printed the decal for me was to make me about 10 sets - they made (1) and destroyed my originals.  You assholes !  Oh well . . . .


Alva and his Yamaha 750 with Windjammer. 

Gettin' it dialed . . .

S&S B is jetted with 32 Intermediate and 70 Main.  52 air bleed (in the side).  Baffles in the 1 3/4 drags now.
Heavier springs on the advance weights.  Readjusted the throttle cable - time for another Test !

Ride yer vintage Schwinn to work today . . .

1948 Schwinn DX (B6 style) frame with early stem, 1" pitch, coke cap pedals, ND hubs, canvas saddle, truss rods, partially restored - paint is crackin' . . . Goodyear treads . . . pure early 50's teen rebel bike !