Keep Fight'n - Keep Jammin' 2013
Plus, he looks a bit like Michael Geltz . . .

New Orleans

Simple . . . but, rockin' . . .
Hope Joan's out & about this year . . .

Morty says . . .

Tell Rich I'm on my way . . . this sucks. 

2nd Chances . . .

This tool is made by Sunnen.  They are kinda expensive.  Big Noot bought it a long time ago.  Last time I used this tool I had it a bit tight - and twisted up the whole thing.  Big Noot wasn't real happy, but, he fixed it.  Now I'm using it again.   
Don't fuck it up !  I didn't . . . it worked great !
I'm glad he gave me a second chance on this one . . .

Honda RS 750

There was a time when these things totally wrecked all hopes for the Harley-Davidson Factory Team . . . but then of coarse Parker and Werner punched a big hole in Honda . . . and they finally gave up and went back to road racing.

Fresh Tail . . .

I'm out for a walk in Whittier, Iowa.  Kinda bored (at the in-laws) needed a break.  I see this perfect, fluffy red squirrel having a great day in the sun.  Here comes a big, white Dodge wood hauler.  This stupid squirrel doesn't get out of the way - and flump, bump, squeek - here he is . . . I thought he was dead - but, then his eyes were lookin' at me.  I got him sorta revived - telling him I was gonna make pinstriping brushes out of his tail if he didn't at least try to live.  I'm walking down the street with this (now bleeding) squirrel (now named Harvey) . . . and now I'm gettin' blood all over my favorite pants and gloves.  He took his last breath - a long sigh - and that was it.  No more Harvey.  I felt kinda bad (didn't cry or anything like that) come on dudes . . . so I buried him in the snow (a thicket of corn stalks) at the in-laws front yard.  So. the rest of the story is . . . I go down to the local tiny little store - and the lady starts asking me why I'm carrying this squirrel around town . . . yada yada yada . . . now, I'm like "That Squirrel Guy" . . . in town.  I heard all the funny stuff from them . .  like "I thought you were making squirrel soup tonite" or "Hey, let's throw him in the smoker" . . .
yada yada yada . . . All I keep thinking is . . . poor, stupid Harvey . . .now will be forever remembered on the world wide web of the internet !

Off the Darkroom Floor 2012

TWENTY THIRTEEN . . . Here we come !

Break Her In . . .

Swiss Cheese Wheels

Hopefully Jeff Wiley can do something with these . . . ?
He can fix anything but a broken heart.

The best method to . . .

. . . route your lines for late model outside oiler panheads.  Tap that gear cover and away you go.  If you want to run anything other than a M74 . . . this is a must situation.

Jeremiah Chi-Town Hustler

Jeremiah Chicago (hey, that could be anybody) . . . I like my name for him better.  I finally came-out-of-the-gutter and gave him my elusive phone number.  Oh, fuck.  Here we go !  He called me back in less than 2 minutes . . . see you soon !

Good Times Saloon 30th Anniversary Party

Saturday Nite - December 22nd, 2012
What can you say that's not already been said about this neighborhood bar?
So much shit has happened in this place, parties, bands, crazy stuff . . . but, best of all the meeting of friends that haven't seen each other for a long time. 
Kenny told me personally, stop in and say "hello."

BJ ? Is that you ?

Harley-Davidson XLCR

Cold Nite Ride . . .

 . . . with flurries in the air !  (there, I did it . .  )

Bob Spina & Tom Kelly Art

I assume for the SEMA Show this past year . .?
Doze dudes alwayz up ta sumpin' . . .
60s Halibrand is extra . . .

1970 H-D experimental casting . . .

I guess this Harley / Ducati thing . . . never materialized due to . . . what else?  It looked ugly.

Youth is king . . .

The fairest Brady of them all ? . . . there's such a small window of time when everyone is in the prime of youth . . .

Fuel Primers . . .

You can see the bosses for these early heads (next to the intake) where they could tap into the intake port and inject fuel for cold-morning-start-ups . . . Most are not tapped.  But, I occasionally see some with plugs in there . . . Neato old stuff . . .

Motorcycles are very important . . .

. . . never underestimate this fact of life.

Buckle Up !

Make sure your knuckle is safe and strapped in . . . delivered to Minnesota Saturday.  He sure was a happy to see his baby - his eyes lit up like I was Santa or something????  I also attended the Harley-Davidson of Rochester Open House with Ted, Pat and family.  Sausages, meatballs, chicken, chili & crackers, cheese, cookies . . . beer, all good tidings and lots of happy customers.  First rate party it was . . . It somehow got me in the spirit (or should I say, spirits?)

Oh, if anyone in the area needs their cast aluminum welded - I know a guy who can do it Let me know and I'll get you in touch with him. 

You Tube Video of Jeff Wright @Yokohama

If you go to: 21st Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (on You Tube) . . . maybe you can find the video of all the rods and bikes coming into the show hall.  You can see Jeff in his big, red shirt ride in.  I was really happy to see him ride in since he didn't really get much of a chance to test and tune before the shipper came to get his motorcycle for the show.  I know he worked really hard on it . . . and it was cool to see him roll on in . . . made me feel kinda happy for him. (and all the USA entrants).  I've heard it's an righteous event.

(Above: A special award Jeff created to present for his "build of choice" of the Yokohama Show 2012.)

Tech Tip

Always make sure all your gears fit the pinion before you install them in the cases.  I've found an abundance of aftermarket parts that run a bit out of tolerance.(what else is new?)  On early engines, these gears are designed to "float" on the shaft, with the movement of the flywheels on acceleration and deceleration.
Big Noot uses an "old donor pinion shaft" to apply valve lapping compound and work the gears off and on to give the gear ID the correct fit on the new shaft.  Why didn't I think of that????

Can we still get Twinkies?

Name that movie _______________________.

Gordy's other other '38 Knuckle

Looks real nice . . . cylinder heads by Lee's Speed Shop.
Nickle plated M5
4 Fins
61 Cubic Inches of Glory !