Davenport Meet

Get on your vintage motorcycle and go check it out while it's still fun and not all whored up like everything else . . .

What guys do when their wife is gone a few days . . .

I got out a few of my records, cranked 'em up, drank about 5 vodka lemonades, baked a Tombstone Supreme . . . and did other stuff.   The AC/DC records (I have them all including B&B and Flick, then I quit collecting) All stolen from Ben Franklin.  That was 30 years ago.  I was a broke stoner. The store is long gone.  Everyone is dead. 

Maiden Voyage

Bugs, Gremlins, Shit Falling Off, Rattles, Leaks . . .
The motor is so quiet, so smooth.
The generator doesn't work (no lights - no nothing)
The sprocket shaft case insert is seeping oil (WTF?)
The headlight fell out (my fault)
The magneto is dead when it warms up.
Starts kinda hard.
It's too loud (need baffles)
I shifted it ok (kinda fun)
The brake works great !
More updates later . . .

Wisconsin Get-Away

If you've never been to Wisconsin - you are missing out on something special.  Try to get there someday and I know you'll have some fun, meet cool people and see some nature.  The steak sandwiches at Last Call are very good.  Gays Mills (named after Mr. Gay who immigrated to this area and built the mill on the Kickapoo River) is a neat little town with it's apple orchards and history.  A flood almost took the town, but it's now a haven for sightseers and trout fisherman.  I see why my sister loves Wisconsin so much.

Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue

Met an old hippie in an organic food store in Wisconsin.  We got to talkin' about rock music.  I told him all the concerts I'd been to.  This guy had only been to one concert his entire life.  Shocking Blue.  He actually went for coffee with the female singer, and wrote to her in Germany (and she wrote back) - he still has the letters.  He kinda fell in love with her (in the summer of love) . . . 1969.   Things can still change in an instant. 
(She is the vocalist in the song "Venus")

. . . Looking Long - Max Schaaf

Max said something in the 6 Over Movie that kinda rang a bell about traveling long distances on a motorcycle.  He also said something on the order of . . . "when you've touched every part on your bike and it's yours, you built it - and you're riding it . . . going somewhere.  Way out there . . . not just looking at what's right in front of you - or where you are going.  But, Looking Long . . .  Cool statement.  Never met Max, but he's real observant - and his perspective on things is unique.  AND he builds neat, functional, classic choppers.
(Photo by Scott Pommier from the Michael Lichter exhibit Sturgis 2012)


Coolest engine I've seen in awhile . . . This guy is really good with measuring and metalworking.  He was doing his homework when everyone else was out gettin' stoned . . .

Spina been ridin' Harleys long time . . .

Bob Spina checkin' in wit me from Vegas baby . . . he's still sprayin' cool paint, striping like a mofo . . . you want something totally cool - you want the best - you leave your number - I get Spina for U . . . Ride on brothers (Photo:  Uncle Bob on the 45 . . . and Classic Uncle Bob)  You dig ?????

Choppers at Davenport . . . !

That's pretty damn cool.  It took a few years, but the powers-that-be at the Davenport Vintage Meet are starting to recognize "customs" - and that's alright by me.  The Chief Blackhawk Chapter recently separated from the AMCA (governing body) - and I'm almost postive this meet will retain it's standing in the antique motorcycle community with your support. Drag out that old chop and get it running - we want to see it !

Morty "The Official Shop Cat" says . . .

It's 10 O'Clock . . . Shop is Closed.   Turn out the lights - and don't forget your stupid yellow deals . . .

Swamp Coolers . . .

This poor Honda was taking a direct hit from the swamp coolers at the Lichter Show this year.  I said something to someone about it (since it had a bit of condensation on the bike) so he moved it so it wasn't taking a direct hit of water vapor..  Hope he utilized stainless fasteners on this build . . . ? 

Al at Sturgis . . .

I don't know who built these bikes . . . but, me and Al were checkin' em out over at Jay Allen's Thunderdome one morning . . .

Choppers dead now anyway . . .

I'd take a screamin' dirt track Harley over a chop any day anyway . . .

Michael Barragan - Sturgis 2012

This motorcycle was kinda cool.  Barragan seemed too busy to talk with me, but that's ok - there was a lot going on.  The foot/mousetrap deal was sorta cool.  A properly set mousetrap will almost "hold itself" beyond center (the purpose to aid in clutching) - so, to have your foot do it - I really don't see much advantage - it just makes a neat novelty.  This bike kept your eyes moving around.  I like that about it.  It hadn't really rained hard all week - but, it looked like he strategically hit some puddles - to add a "biker" look to it.  It would have been more work to clean it up. Lots of innovative doo-dads . . . 
I liked it (I think I said that already?)

I Love Colorado Peaches !

I keep eating them and Cheryl needs 'em for a homemade peach pie (with real crust - made with lard).  They are so good - and good for your system !   Eat a peach . . .

Early Sportster Primary Service

. . . mine was leaking, so I scraped the gasket surfaces, sprayed it all down with "brake cleaner," got out my tube of "The Right Stuff" (the best gasket maker/sealer you can buy) - and glued it all tight.  Let it set overnight.  Add 2 cups (or 1/2 quart) of Bel-Ray 85W - and be on my way . . .
Helpful Tips:
1. Don't run your primary chain too tight 
(check it in a few spots to make sure)
2. Chain Too tight will just eat your plastic tension shoe and you'll
get shavings in your transmission oil passages
(shafts, bearings, etc.)
3.  Chain Too loose and your clutch basket might "kink"
a bit more during kick starting and your kicker will slip
and you'll hurt your leg.
4. 5/8" to 3/4" up and down movement is best.

Mikuni Cable Adapter

If you want to run a Mikuni VM Series (round slide) on your motorcycle when using the common "American-Type Universal Throttle" - the cable swims around in there.
Don't cobble it up with tape . . .
Try one of these custom-spun adapters.  
Threads into standard throttle.  Slotted to get the cable in there. 
Totally custom and much safer too.  Totally sano !  
Aluminum $15 or Brass $20 (free ship via US mail)
Send your cash/check to: 
Ricky Noot, 303 Clark, Charles City, Iowa 50616


After a shitload of jocky'n, jackin', tweek'n and twist'n . . . . I got the exhaust all on solid and lookin' straight.
I like the looks of the "squish pipe" in front better than the pipe coming all the way around, and draggin' on the ground.  This frame is so close to everything.  Very tight . . . and tits

Thanks to Grant (Freedom Machine & Accessories) for the exhaust tips.  Nice fit and finish.  I thought I'd buy some to support the sport and marketing of specialty parts for choppers.

National Hobo Museum - Britt, Iowa

On my way home from Sturgis (on the advice of Milwaukee Mike), I stopped at the Nat'l Hobo Museum and was not at all surprised to see our local hobo (Iowa Blackie - who just caught "The Westbound" not long ago) was well represented with a fine display - all about his life and travels.  Blackie's leather jacket and hat - it was cool. Look how small he wrote to fill the page and not waste paper.  He was found quite often out at the local Harley shop . . . sitting on the concrete, or under a shade tree . . . writing in his journals and eating the free hotdogs they offer to customers every Saturday.  His trusty, and very worn 883 Sporty parked nearby - packed with all the provisions needed - just in case he didn't make it home that night - or where-ever he was going?????  The day I was in Britt just happened to be the opening day of the national convention too.
On my own Sporty, I paid my respects and felt a little better about my freedom - and took the long way home.