I Need - Wanted - Do You Have Some?

900 Sporty heads with these funny looking " big built up spark plug bosses. "  They take a special long reach plug.  Thanks for looking.

Can't put it off any longer . . .

. . . and need to drop this load !
The 'bastard stepchild' of all 4-speeds . . . 
The Cowpie Top !

Reed's Pan

Got this pan all done - finally.  1950 with goodies from KB, Andrews and S&S Cycle.  It blew up years ago at the Sturgis 50th . . . and it ain't run since.  It shall be "King of the Highway" once again !

3/8" Square Drive Extensions

These things are the total shit for knuckle, pan or shovel head bolts.  They were in the tool box and I never used them before . . . learn somethin' new every day - huh?

Jeremiah's Dirt Bag Bash III (It ain't easy)

Just want to thank Jeremiah and all all the vendors and friends that showed for the show and party.  I really dig all my friends from Cedar Rapids who always show me a good time.  You guys rule.
Photos from the top:
The trophies for the show were the best I'd ever seen.
This radical pan took the title.
XLs from hell . . .
This Trumpet lives again !
Everyone gets some second-hand-smoke.
If you go with Zac (get gas first !)
This shovel needs a Crazy Frank . . .
Jeremiah ponders the future?

Black Hills 'Vette

I'm riding through the hills of So. Dakota - and stop for a break.  Get some gas . . . and this guy pulls his garage door open and this very early (1953 I think?) Corvette is sitting in there.  I thought maybe he didn't know what he had . . . He gave me a price and I about fell over - I rode away on my creeky ol' Sporty.

Harley Terminology

Harley Terms:
Learn It - Know It - Live It !
Slabside = A large piece of pork or beef
Genny = My grandma's friend
Jockey Shift = A jockey top tranny (old tank shift top) with a shifter arm attached directly to the shifter shaft - NOT a ratchet top where your shifter returns to it's original position everytime.
Ratchet Hand Shift = Now you know what it is.
Suicide Clutch(actually no such thing as Suicide Shift) = NOT a tank shift OR a foot rocker clutch.  Or just because it has a hand shift of some type.  It's an old WR type foot clutch set up that releases as soon as you take your foot off - away you go mother fawker !
Jugs = Containers you store shine in.
Toad Stools = things you store your hydraulic or solid lifters in (don't eat them)
The Cat's Ass = Morty says, "Any motorcycle built by John Copeland."

Air Jet Mod

Quite beneficial when you find the right one for your 
particular combination of intermediate jet, main jet and
atmospheric conditions . . .


When he said he had a Lamborghini, wanna take a ride?  
This is not what I thought . . . ?

Didn't go to Brooklyn . . .

For those of us who didn't (or have never been to, the Brooklyn Invitational) I know we are missing out on a really neat event. Possibly historical.  We all appreciate the pics from Jeff Wright and all the other blogs that give us a taste, but - no smells, no sound, no mechanical or human element of the event.  It's a bit scary going to NYC.  Where do you sleep?  Where do you park?  I know some folks who are in their 70s and live in the Bronx (in an apartment) - other than that - I don't know anyone there.  I'd like to go next year - it's like getting ready to jump off a cliff into the water - I feel hesitant.  Do you ride?  Do we drive?  Quit your whining (I say to myself) - just get there.  I've been to the Coba rainforest of the Yucatan - but not New York?  What the fuck am I waiting for?  I want to go to California too.  At least once. (I'm thinking maybe a van (with a bike worthy of being seen there -  and a place to park it for a couple days - or just ride the '64 Sportster . . . hmmmmm)

"That's just not practical . . "

I overheard this when snapping this picture from an onlooker.  I say, "Who cares?"  It looks neat.  You don't really know how it is 'til you try it or ride it yourself.  This motorcycle is just plain ass cool.  I couldn't remember who's it was?  But, it's Right On !

Cool Tank & Paint

Boring and Honing

Got some engine work done this weekend . . .
she wasn't there for me.

Marshalltown Flat Track Review

Nice Facility and Snack Bar
Track a bit iffy (car tracks are like that)
All racers rode hard and put on a good show.
Announcing was very poor.
Country music over the loud speaker
drove people to leave early . . .
Way too much fucking around between races.
Too much practice . . .
Way way way too loooooong intermission.
Probably won't come back.
Somebody had to say it . . .

Inflation Sucks

My buddy Rip Van Winkle called . . .

Lost Art

. . . but, kinda a mess.  Early XR750 engine.

DeDesi Park 1977

I wonder if Rich was there?  I talked with my friend Arlin this year at Sturgis . . . and saw he still wears his britches with that "sewn seam" up the front of the legs.  Some things never change - for the best.  Keep it alive.  So cool !

Morty "The Official Shop Cat" says . . . .

" . . . . yeah, scratch right there . . . that's it ! "  Morty is all healed up from recent cat fights and is lookin' pretty darn good again.  His eye infection and jaw is all healed up.  His claw grew back - and he's ready for Mayweather . . .

Cool Lil' Sporty

. . . with rainy day velvet seat.

Vintage Engines via . . .

Competition Distributing Co. - Sturgis, SD.  Nice job Lonnie . . .

Baja Larry

Don't mess with Harley - on pavement OR dirt . . .


Roland Sands is faster than you . . .


. . .  when that broken spring lets you down.

California Knuck

Saw this scoot at the Sturgis Drags this year.  Got to chattin' with the owner, who does all his own work, and he told me the former owner of this chop had passed away - and he was kinda keeping it the same.  A few upgrades, but basically the same.  He knew "Canada Dan" (we know who that is) and rode many many miles on the knuckles.  His bike of choice.  Dan's too.

Fast, Faster . . . Fastest

MC Art

Got my Chris Kallas print all framed up and ready to hang in the shop.  Totally cool.  Real bright colors too.  These are a great deal for the price.  Get one before they're gone . . .

Ass Ends . . .

A few good ones I've noticed.


I was talking with a guy inside the "swap" building at Davenport who had a copy of The Bikeriders in his hand.  He told me he sometimes rode and partied with the Chicago Outlaws and Ohio Outlaws . . . and get this - He met "Cal" many times.  He figured they called him Cal because he was came out from California.  His real name was Art Dion or Dyon and he passed away in about 1979 or 1980.   Pictured is Cal (left) with his Like soda pop.

Chief Blackhawk Meet

More motorcycles I liked . . . .