Morty says, "There's an owl on the roof . . .

"and . . . I don't mess with owls by the way . . ."

Gunder, Iowa

Wish someone would make this into a neat bike shop.  Then I could ride over, have a Gunderburger, and check out the scene.  Do engine work, restorations, parts, internet sales, race gas, t-shirts, tires, propane(for grillin') . . . all with low taxes and Iowa hospitality.  Hmmmm?

Sketches & Thumbs

Trying to come up with a flyin' eye (from the side).  
An old timer from out west moved to town.
He drives this totally bitchin' '64 Buick LeSabre . . .
He wants these on lower front fenders.  
Will paint 'em in reverse - on opposite side.
Maybe with cowboy hat ?

Hey Chad . . .

It ain't rained since I installed my fender !  My bro Rattlecan fixed up my old chopped CH fender I've had since 1990 . . . no more hi-fi red - now high gloss black and free of dents.  It fit perfect.

Jackyl Will Kick Yo Ass

Blues & Southern Metal !
Friday Nite @ The famous Surf Ballroom - Clear Lake, Iowa
Support Rock n Roll to save your souls . . .

The Harley-Davidson Model: UL

Chasing threads, checking bores, grinding and lapping, cutting seats, measuring and reading and double checking . . . many times parts don't fit after chroming.   I see so many 45 cylinders, but then these things seem like big bores !   This is fun, man.

A good year for 'shrooms . . .

Fry 'em up . . . from our secret patch !

Friday Night Show & Shine

That '62 SS was nice & straight . . . 
The guy's owned the Nomad (factory 4 speed) forever . . .
Lazer straight El Camino . . .
One tough Mach 1 . . .
Blown '70 Camaro . . .
Frank was there again !
Vintage Fords & Chevys . . .
AMC factory race cars . . .
Mopar burnouts when you leave . . .
400 cars . . .
On private property - No cops !

Guitar God: Randy Rhodes

Looks like a Gibson with an Ovation style acoustic neck?
A know a bit about guitars, that's about it.
Small in stature -  huge sound !

Homemade Needle Jet

Joe's plugs were runnin' black - just too rich.  He tried everything . . . jets, air cleaners, raising and lowering the needle - and just couldn't get it to clean up.  So he made his own needle !   
The 40 Mikuni works now.

Sales Service Parts Accessories

 . . . and a DATSUN

Real or Fake or Show or Go ?

There's so many "race bikes" and "race" this and "race that" it's hard to tell sometimes what really goes - and what don't.  This thing probably goes, (but the Bendix carb?) might give it away as "fake" - but, you know when the Bendix first came out back in '72 or whatever - it was a bit better than the Tillotson possibly, unless you had your Tillotson dialed in and knew how to work it.  I have a Bendix carburetor in my possession that is my dad's . . . who personally took it to Leo Payne to have it bored out.  Leo said, "I never did one of these things yet " . . . so, he bored it and took out the choke plate and Noot ran it to 13.13 times on his stock street bike with smooth ports and highway gears.  So is this thing above fast?  Or does it just look fast and go the same speed as most any other Sportster?  Whatever happened to having a "sleeper."  Nobody has sleepers anymore.  The guy with the "stock" bike that blows everything off the road.  He swears, "Hey, all I did was modify the air-cleaner and put some race gas in it."  


Lately . . . Fords even pass me on trailers !

This Bike

This is the coolest motorcycle (happens to be an early CH) that I've seen in awhile.  To ride one of these things as much as I have - it just gets burned into you - and you can do about anything on it - and go anywhere on it - and now I know what it's like to feel a bit of sorrow for someone who rides bikes, but has never experienced anything like these hardcore lil' CHs that buzz your hands and work your leg and ooze so much history and style.  I know I'm turning into that old guy that nobody talks to 'cause he doesn't give a shit about you - or what you like - or what you do with your phone and all your gadgets.  Someday a young kid will understand him - and reap the benefits of the old grump . . . that all he wanted to do was gas up his bike, tune it in, turn it on - and fill his tank again - and ride to see the sites and feel the wind - and fuck everything else.

Green Eyed Lady

I just had a meeting with a lady . . . and I couldn't get this song out of my head.  I don't really remember much about our meeting . . . except her eyes.

Lucas Oil Products

I've used Lucas Oil products for about 10 years now.  I've had great results with all Lucas products. Their 50wt motorcycle oil has been recommended by race teams for air-cooled motorcycle engines . . . so, I'll give some a try in my bikes that see lower mileage - as a trial.  Meets the highest standards set for motor oils, held up well in tests, (high flash point, etc) and it's easily available. 

1 Hour Walk to Work - Beautiful Today !

From the top:
I walk to work about 40-60 minutes most days.
Gets me some cardio.
My town was very beautiful today.
Someone threw flowers in the water for love or death?
River is like glass today.
Vandalism is death.
I meet Byron & Tony - again.
Frank Lloyd Wright House (always vacant)
The Garage I Want ( getting closer )
This guy fishes everyday - Never seen him catch a fish?
Progress Sucks (empty stores on Main, and they want to build
this big, ugly thing . . . ?)
Radio dudes give me a shout !
Bar is rebuilding (hmmm?  more progress?)
Central Park ( the town ladies in the 1850s wanted
a green space free of horse shit -
the city gave them this - still there )
Charles Theatre - Deco style (still just $2)