Happy Birthday JC & me . . . & Lavern

Yes, I have the same birthday as Johnny Cash (and Fats Domino, Michael Bolton.....a few other thousands of people).  When I was in grade school, a classmate named Lavern Vosburg had the same B-day as me too.  In classes we'd celebrate together.  Lavern didn't have much.  He didn't have a dad.  He had to ride a girl's bicycle for awhile (a real kick-in-the-shorts to a young boy) and his Sears Toughskins always had holes in the knees.  As time went by, we went through school together - and where I got a car - he still rode a bicycle.  I went to college, he didn't.  Lavern died with his mom and little brother in a house fire one year when they were tryin' to heat it some stupid way.  He was in his early 20s.  I've lived a lot o' life that Lavern didn't get to.  Did a lot a things too.  So, Happy B-Day to LV too.  Didn't forget ya. . . .

Rochester HD Meet & Show . . .

Thanks to Rochester Harley-Davidson for putting on a really good show at the Mayo Civic Center.  If you've never been to this - it's always a good time, with an interesting blend of technology, performance, vintage parts . . . even these new "fully powered electric motorcycles" this year.  A huge variety of motorcycle interests - and it's just small enough to keep it personal.  I don't always say it - but, I'm always really impressed with everyone I meet at this event, and the amount of talent that's in this area.  I went out the night before and had a little too much fun - but, JB, Pat and their wives took care of me which I'm forever greatful - Thank You.  I'd like to say I really liked Jordan's Yamaha.  You can tell he worked real hard on it - and you know it didn't look like that when he got it - Paint by Jeremy @ Relic.  Oh, and for the bike show they made up the coolest lil' trophies - really neato !
Some new records were set at this year's event:
1. Fastest time I ever made it to Rochester in the van.
( 1 hour 20 mins.)
2. Fastest time I ever lost at Arm Wrestling(both arms)
( .0005/second - Kevin Baas)
3. Fastest I ever got drunk
( 45 minutes - some Hop Sing stuff - D. Huxsol)
4. Fastest I ever got kicked out of a booth
( .01 Second - by 4 college girls )
5. Fastest time from Kahler Hotel to Civic Center by foot
( 4 minutes 39 seconds )

I would also like to thank the La Crescent / Hokah High School Shop Class(photo above) for stopping by the booth to hang out.  They are building a way bad ass chop - which will run an inline 4 cylinder engine - which we hope to see finished at the show next year !  ( and please don't ever drink too much like I did the night before the show - spend your money on bike parts ) Over & Out 'Til next Time !

Wrench Magazine - Go Get It !

My buddy at work is always handing me motorcycle magazines.  This time it was a cool one !  Easyriders did a real good job with their NEW Wrench Magazine.  It's got some great features, How-To stuff, good writing and good reading.  I really like Jimmy Jaurez' 1961 XLH(runnin' a mag) chopper - awesome build Jimmy.  So git down to the local mag' shop and pick one up. 

Hill Climber

This guy obviously knows what he's doing.  Style all the way . . .

KR Hill Climber

. . . . with a possibly some type of mechanical fuel injection?
or just carbs ?
He's got some trick stuff goin' on here . . .

Tom Fugle - Magic & Myth

My friend called me - he finally got to meet Tom and see his art.
He was all excited. (that's me on the right)

"Back-From-The-Dead" Panhead Fred

Hey, I give them names - so what?  This one is Fred.  He's a bit rough around the edges, he's got a story to tell from all he's been through.  But, now he's fresh again.  Fred can still remember when he was new, on the showroom floor.  Now, he's comin' back once again.  Humans are only around for a short time.  Panheads will be around forever . . . and ever and ever.

Rochester this weekend . . .

JB and myself have a booth,  I guess????  Come and see us at the Mayo Civic Center this Saturday.  We'll be selling some parts . . . check out some bad-ass motorcycles - get out and live a little.  Donnie Smith will be hangin' with us again (the guy is a walking chopper history book) - and I got a bunch o' questions to ask him about the old days.  See ya'll soon. . . . Oh, Hux is comin' too . . . and that guy that runs track and builds aeroplanes.  AND, if we get out of there early enough, we can make the Show Class Party !

Stand Firm - Stay Your Ground

A older, southern gal in Alabama I always dealt with over the phone at work had this real heavy drawl in her voice.  I could barely understand her.  She liked to use the term "Hold Yer Mud" with me on certain issues with corporate business matters.  Something like this . . ." Now Robert, ya'll jus gonna hav-ta Hold-Yer-Mud with them there suits . . . don't let 'em git 2 ya . . ."

Valentine's Day Dinner

....nice to have a gal who cooks for me.  Wine too.  Dessert was a flipped over chocolate deal . . . . then I fell asleep in the chair with a 1970 Hot Rod Magazine on my lap.  Whoops !

Rusty Nuts . . .

Liquid Wrench or Blaster ?????  Through all my years of restoring old stuff (never owned a torch) this product has saved me many bruised knuckles and aggravation. What's your secret?

Thanks Bake !

Jeff bought a new-style carbide cutter for our Van Norman boring bar.  The type where you can change the triangle-shaped carbide deal (like my terminology?).  It has been tested - and works excellent !  Bores almost exactly on size - and leaves a real nice finish.  After a few test runs on our donor cylinder, I bored the Cycle Nazi's panhead cylinders - and they look real nice.  Hone for fitment - a couple more coats of High Heat HD Silver Barrel Paint - and we're puttin' that to bed - this motor is beatin' me up.

Mismatched Case 1/2s . . .

....don't always mean the cylinders will fit properly. 
Luckily, these fit. 

Engine Building . . .

I enjoy the motor building process, just so I don't have to think too hard.  I've date coded and checked all the casting numbers on my 283 small block project.  The crank is small journal, forged (due to wide band) - mic's out to only .0004 run-out on the journals - so, I'll plasti-gage everything and see what it reads.

'49 Lower

Got a lower end snapped together - with refreshing sounds from Daredevil . . .

REVIEW: Tank's in Rudd, Iowa

I like to check out some of the local dives . . . and we know sometimes (not always) they have the best food.  So, me & C took off for Rudd, Iowa to check out these ribs we keep hearin' 'bout.  Well, here's the review of Tanks . . .
Atmosphere:  Not fancy, a bit outdated - but, Clean
Prices:  $10.95 for the full rack, big potato(real butter) and salad.
Freshness:  Very freshly made - crisp
Beer: Old Mill and PBR both available ! (what else do you need?)
Ribs:  Excellent !  Sauce was very good - Perfect bite to it !
Potato: A big baker russet with the fixins'
Service: Good - Get there real early or late (8:30ish) 
Overall - I'd recommend this down-home bar & grill to anyone . . .
and all the help told us "Thanks & Come Back Again !
Fun Place !

283 Build Up

The "283 Guy" out in Washington state said to get one of these if I could (got one) . . . your basic 275-300hp mid 60s cast iron (date code 1966 on this one) long runner, cast iron manifold.  This will warm up correctly, give increased torque (that's what we're after) and excellent throttle response.  Other suggestions are:
- 097 Duntov mechanical camshaft
- 58cc chambers, ported, comp valve job(use the heads I got with it)
- Maybe advance the cam 4 degrees for torque?
- .021 Metal head gaskets
- Flat top pistons (9.5:1 cr)
- Mill heads .030 - Surface block
- Edelbrock 500cfm carburetor
- 1 1/2" small tube street-rod headers (or warmed over manifolds)
- HEI (will fit with above manifold)
He said it will surprise a lot of people . . .
Thanks Grumpy ! (a different Grumpy)

Do you watch Glee...?

I started watching the show with Cheryl for no apparent reason . . . 
Well, maybe one? 

Hey Wiley . . . (UPDATED !)

Which frame is this one ?  Maybe the Boris Murray frame ?
Looks like it would flex to me . . . .
UPDATE FROM WILEY:  Jeff told me this is the early Boris Murray frame.  Leo picked this one up from Gordon Kately (who ran a fueler at the time).  This frame didn't flex so bad, but it had this wobble at high speeds and it threw Leo off at 150mph.  Amazingly, he just got scraped up a bit, and the bike was pretty much ok too - real lucky that time.  You always think these drag racers get all the glory, etc - but, it's a real dangerous way to make a living.  You never hear of all the bad shit that happens. 
(you can also see Leo's '67 El Camino)

Iowa Swap Meet - Feb 16th & 17th

Got this in the mail . . .
If you need parts . . . this one ain't too shabby - Bike Show, Beer . . .
It gets better every year . . .