Gene Payne's Front Hub

I like Gene.  He loves the KRs, XRs and XLR H-D race bikes.  Most of the time, he doesn't start with restoration of an entire motorcycle . . . mostly just parts.  Frames, engine cases, heads, front ends . . . but he expertly assembles it all together, like they ran it back in the day.  Gene has some parts recreated - like this front hub.  Starting as a stock '64 up Sportster front hub.  Machining a large hole, covering it with a screen, cutting up an aluminum clutch cover for a scoop . . . The cool air gets sucked in on this side
The hot air comes out this side (or that's the idea) More precise holes are cut in this side with screens to keep out dirt and dust.  The "fins" were copied from Belland's Goliath (Milburn's restoration) and re-created exactly.  I supposed the fins help draw out the hot air, or keep dirt out when the wheel is in motion, etc.  Gene did a really nice job, it's something you notice right away, and it's functional.  Spoked to the correct rim with Ceriani forks . . . beautiful.  Probably cost him a small fortune, but it's cool (literally) !

Flat Track Motorcycle Stand

I think McFarland might be a good person to make me a stand like this ?  We had them for our Yamaha TTs and Honda XLs . . . I need one for my KHK.  I may have (1) Oakley III for a grip?

Collecting Bearing Rollers

We've got boxes of these things.  Quality bearing rollers.  Many are stored in small tin jars with a light coat of oil, preserving them for years.  The best rollers (consistent size, etc.) are made in USA or Japan.  The quality control of these rollers is better too.  Many of the Chinese and India rollers appear this shiny chrome-like appearance, with sharp edges. They measure inconsistently - and I frequently find varying diameters in packaging.  You MUST measure each roller, since a single larger roller would destroy your bearing races.  I can never assume the rollers are all the correct size. 
Unless you rebuild engines, these rollers are kinda useless.  Nobody really wants them otherwise.  I have a good supply of Shovelhead (later aluminum cage) rollers which I hoard.  It's a great feeling to be rebuilding a set of connecting rods (like the one's below) and get the races all honed and straight.  The crank pin has been measured, and it's a perfect 1.249 like Harley-Davidson wanted.  I decide I need +.0006 rollers for a perfect fit - and dig through my stash to find NOS rollers, Made In USA, all oiled up - all measure perfect, all is right with the world on this sunny Sunday afternoon, in the garage with classic rock on the radio.  Nothing better . . .

Setting Up Spring Travel

It's a good idea to measure and "coil bind" all your springs.  A couple of these measured drastically different . . . which could lead to disaster.

Winston Pro Series Ads

When Camel and Winston cigarettes sponsored the AMA National Dirt Track Series, all the race programs had these (front/back cover, inserts, etc.) full color advertisements.  Some of the ads picture actual pro racers (Mike Kidd comes to mind) sitting on their machines, smoking a Camel or a Winston.  Some ads (like the one above) just have a fashion model pictured with race bikes somewhere in the ad.  It's funny.  You'd see a new one and the model guy is someone you've never seen before sitting on Springsteen's bike, with a weird number plate on it . . . You know the bike, not the model. 

Heck, first thing Dick Mann did after a heat was take off his helmet and light a smoke.  After the main, maybe a smoke and some suds !  Some things don't change.  The beauty of flat track.

Full Race Bike

I've never seen a tire like that ?  A car tire ?

The Most Beautiful Flat Track Bike

(CLICK PHOTO) It's absolutely perfect.  Fast and functional.  The Wood Rotax changed short track and TT racing.  If you could have bought one from Ron Wood back-in-the-day and locked it in the closet, and got it out today.  This 600cc model has the liquid cooled cylinder head and special muffler.  After actually hitting the track, it wasn't the most successful design - and the air-cooled, single pipe version won more races and was favored by tuners and riders. 
This model, to me . . . was The Racer's Choice.

Click Photos for a FULL VIEW: Mama Tried 2017

Chopper Dave's BORN FREE Bike had cast aluminum foot pegs installed that referred to "the fire" the bike had at a gas pump last fall . . . Flame Proof (or something like that?)

I assume Harpoon painted the Wretched Hive bike?  Every year, there's kinda a bike that's "the bike" of the show.  This year the chopper by Moon Haint (that candy red one) was just so purty & sweet . . .
like eating a hot cherry !

I liked the club colors . . . Steel Justice.  Cool name and righteous dudes.

Warner W. Riley - The Scientist

Warner is still alive, living in Illinois.  He always reminded of a high school science teacher, or some type of scientist, who's "into" properly designing and engineering a motorcycle that will propel himself at a speed of 200 miles per hour without engine failure.  He's very intelligent.  Riley utilized mathematics(bore/stroke/compression, overlap), physics(aerodynamics, resistance, wind drag) and chemistry(nitro fuel, oxygenation) . . . and a bit of meteorology(atmospheric pressure, air density) to get this Ironhead Sportster to set a multitude of motorcycle land speed records.

Incredible stuff here folks . . .

The Harley Hospital

I like how he left the steel brake tube mount on the leg(click photo)
It was already light enough for 200+
(unless maybe these aren't the actual forks?)

Mama Tried Weekend

I like driving sometimes. 
Mississippi River, Iowa side open - Wisconsin side frozen.
This girl had her Triumph Cub, waiting for carry-out.
Races were great as usual . . . Jared Mees and Cory Texter battled until Mees pretty much ran into him to pass . . . bangin' is racing I guess ?
Michael Lichter was there doin' his thing . . . he also had a show at the Iron Horse Hotel with stories and commentary about his photographs.  I was gonna say hello, but he was kinda busy, tryin' to make
some money . . .  so was Kurpius.
Some guys fell on their ass . . . but it was pretty decent mostly. 

Nathan made it . . .
Hux checkin' out Keith Ulicki's bikes and leathers on display in the lobby.
in the stands . . . being "Instagram'd" and don't even know it !  Hey Rich !

The Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee is the best motorcycle show I've ever seen.  I haven't been to Born Free . . . but this show is really good - and it's great catching up with all the dudes !

It's the motors I like best . . .

 The best display of bikes today - anywhere in the world.

Itchy's new orange Kawasaki . . .