Joe Kopp racing Davenport 1/2 Mile . . .

Rumor has it, Kopp will ride Gibson's Triumph.  I've seen it go.  
It's very fast.
Geo Roeder will be there to challenge him . . .
Friday Nite - Under the Lights !
See you in the pits . . .
Party after at the East Bath-House . . .
See celebrities . . . from all the magazines . .!
See Jeremiah ride wheelies and almost hit stuff !


That grind is for precise key placement.
It can't go on too far.
I always wondered why they did that . .  ?

Born in a small town . . .

Admission to our local Floyd County Museum was free last Saturday . . . I went and checked it out.  I hadn't been in there in 20 years.  Charles City has a famous history.  Hometown of Hart-Parr, Oliver and White tractors, Salisbury Labs, Carrie Chapman Catt, George Nelson, Vive Lindaman, Wimpy Winther, Paul Riordan . . . and the 1968 F5 Tornado that ripped apart the town.  It's nice some people saved this stuff over all these years for everyone to enjoy.  To remember your past is certain to fulfill your future.

Baker Kicker Gearset

The Baker kicker gears have a polished and smooth surface.  For the record, fitment of parts was excellent.
High quality stuff . . . and worth the money I've heard.  I won the gift certificate from Baker which was given away at the The Horse Magazine Show at Sturgis - and I'd like to thank the folks at Baker Drivetrain for participating and giving away a nice prize !   When all assembled - it kicks smooth and I can't wait to try them out . . . kick after kick after kick . . .

Friday Nite in Nootsville

(Jeff) "Hey, I see you've got Figure 8 Races tonite . . . ! "

Ride Your K . . .

 . . . to Work Day.
Don't have a K?  
Ride Anyway !

Double Trouble . . .

My buddy Willard is bringin' this to Davenport . . .

"Everything is Broken . . ."

Everything is Broken - by Bob Dylan 
( I prefer the Kenny Wayne Sheperd version )
I'm getting better at refurbishing old pans and knucks !
That song is in my head as I'm workin' away . . . .
Pictured:  A previously broken cover - now repaired.

Always start your day . . .

. . . with a good breakfast !

Old Bike Oil Change

I don't run oil filters.  
I just change my oil every 2500 miles (or after a long trip).  
1. Run your engine to make sure all your oil is pumped back
to the tank. 
2. Then drain it.  You can disconnect the return to tank 
( I take it off the oil cooler because it's convenient )
3. Install drain plug - add 1/2 quart of fresh oil to tank.  
( I use some thinner weight oil ) 
4. Start engine and pump out remaining old oil 
until it pumps clear.
5. Refill tank with oil of your choice . . .
6. I add a bit of Marvel Mystery Oil
NOTE:  My neighbor gave me about 10 quarts of oil when he moved. 
The price was $1.17 a quart when he bought it !
I use it for this purpose . . . 
I run H-D 50wt and 60wt in all my engines without a failure.

K Frame

That's me in the cool hat . . .
 The bike turned into this . . . (me again in the day-glo Bell)
Noot would easily whup your ass . . .

Jeff Wright's Brooklyn Build . . .

Jeff entrusted us to assist in his latest build.  He is good at delegating responsibility to create the end result.  To have your name mentioned with Cole Foster, Zero Engineering, Hickman . . . among others, puts a little pressure on yourself to do-it-the-best-you-can.  But then, it's just a motorcycle - and you gotta have some fun with it or it ain't worth doin' it.  JW made sure I understood that.  I guess that's what makes him a unique builder.  He said I could blog about it . . . so here are some shots of the hours upon hours of trial, error and design that go into a project, a motorcycle, a custom machined version of an icon of American Two-Wheeled Performance . . . It's just what you want under you on a hot, Saturday nite, under the lights and the local hangout. 
Work by Noot's . . .
Dyna S installed and timed
Custom Battery Cables
Custom Plug Wires
Custom Speedo Block-Off Plate
Custom Fuel Line Delivery System
Custom Wiring & Starter System
(w/ implemented Circuit Breaker & Switch)

Just need 2 more small parts and we can see if this baby is gonna run . . !