Sturgis, SD - Priceless Images

The Rapid City Journal just released some photos of the Black Hills Rally 
(courtesy of the Meade County Times)
See the journal for over 195 old photos . . .

Michael Lichter Ton-Up 2013

Those bloody Brits, a ton, chips, clip-ons, pints . . . tea time ! 
If you've never been out to "The Chip" at Sturgis
and had the pleasure of seeing a Lichter event ?
They are bloody cool !
This one highlights the cafe-racer culture . . .
Go check it out . . .

My dad (original Noot) - Engine Builder

Years ago, Noot's name was in Easyriders Magazine (Nov. 1976) when he did the motor work on this Pan/Shovel Stroker Custom built by Boyd Dingman of Charles City, Iowa.  An 86" motor was a big deal back then - and this thing ran pretty hard.  I picked up this un-circulated issue since he didn't have a copy.  Dingman still builds, paints and drag races his custom motorcycles - and it makes you wonder if this project had been a failure - would Boyd (or Noot for that matter) still be doin' it ?  As it turned out - they both are still bitten by the bug !

K Mods . . .

You take a Linkert / Bendix Adapter and saw off the Bendix flange.  Then, you turn off the spigot using a 4 jaw chuck - and utilize the Mikuni 38mm rubber spigot.  This moved my carb in about 1 1/2" and gave it more stability, and a bit more throttle response . . . AND more leg room for panic braking situations !
Thanks to Jeff Mac for makin' the shavings !


I've noticed 2 cycle dirt track motorcycles are still quite popular in Europe - more so than in the USA.
It's slightly more archaic over there, since the sport never evolved to the status of our circuits.  They still utilize 2 cycle powerplants (over here it's all CRF, YZF, XR, TT, Rotax).  
Our national circuit seems to be dying a slow death since the AMA cut-backs, and sponsors pulling out. 
I suspect the problem over here might be that we have so much liability coverage to deal with.  Insurance.
Possibly more lenient in European circles ? (no pun intended).


. . . . via Hudson @ Dave's Car Nite !

Went to CHVRCH . . .

Jeff is cool - We always have fun together . . .
He has a small project for me . . .
I can't wait !
Thanks to everyone for all the fun . . . !

Going to Sturgis? Clip-N-Save

Jackpine Gypsie Short Track and the Gypsie Tour (which I might go on that ride too . . . Since it's what the rally was founded on - riding in the hills and races !

Small spaces . . .

Bored for .050 over pistons (which measured a perfect 3.4875).  Our new boring cutter is exact - spot on.  The old cutter liked to bore .001 oversize, which is fine - just so you take that into consideration.  I like to give a .0015 to .0020 clearance on these newer cast pistons.  The old (oem) cast Harley pistons were probably a bit more porous, (more air space in the aluminum) so they expanded less, and you might get away with a tighter tolerance - like .001 to .0015.  Make sense?  Now I'm confused.

Bacon called . . .

It's nice to check in every now and then with Dan . . . He built this "newer version" of a water cooled knuckle. You can remove the heads for service.  A better design than the one-piece unitized head and cylinder combo of the two previous liquid knuckle water bubblers.  Dan also built a new shop and everything is goin' great in Spicewood.  Hope to see him soon, if not, I'll probably have to make a run down there.  I asked if the ground was soft enough for tent stakes . . . "Oh, Noot - I got a special place just for you . . .hmmmm ?????"

Neat paint . . .

This bike . . . !

Chopper Dave's "Steel Shoe"
Oil cooler, single shocker, forks, cast pieces, 
and you can't overlook the obvious - 
If the Born Free contestants had a race?
 . . .  and - It will burn up those CD5s in a hurry !
I looked back Aaron, you are correct with "Mad Scientist" 
however calculated and precise with everything.

Lee Wickstrom of Lee's Speed Shop - Cylinder Heads

 My friend Gordy has his knuckle cylinder heads rebuilt by Lee Wickstrom (yes, that Lee) . . . and the heads always look so nice and professional.  The combustion chambers are coated with some type of sealer - and there's clear coat in the exhaust ports.  I need to call Lee (never talked to him yet, my fault) and see what he uses for this.  It's more fun to assemble motors when the "jobbed outside work" is spot on and properly done.  Very nice work Lee !  It called for a celebration of carry-out Taquitos Rancheros with chicken and Plaza Mex hot sauce !  
(PS, I've been a bit slow lately since my foot got injured and I now qualify for a  "if you don't limp, you ain't shit shirts . . . - NOT THE KICKER FOOT  THE OTHER ONE )

$105+ a Barrel = M88 Linkert

Why doesn't our government offer some kind of incentive for riding a motorcycle, moped, go ped or golf cart when living in a small town?  All these small communities could lower our fuel usage and demand - and hopefully lower prices.  You big city dwellers are stuck with the bus, sub, or sit in traffic.  
Maybe it wouldn't make a difference?  My 1.160 gallons of fuel will last me about a week of running around town, cruising . . . and hauling parts in my backpack.

Cheap Trick . . . rocked the Surf

This was the first time I ever bought tickets from a guy out front.
He was so pissed at his daughter and her boyfriend he sold me their ($90 worth of tickets) for $20/pr..  
Don't tick off the future father-in-law !