Influence and Inspiration

This motorcycle was raced by Larry Weiss.  I first saw it on the auction block, and now I've been told it now hangs by chains in some California custom shop.  It was my inspiration for my KHK Project - Kinda a KR with rear loop, but a rear brake.  I really like riding my '52K, handles well, a little under-powered, but you learn how to use that power.  It's actually pretty quick in town.  I thought if I had something like the K-Model with a lower center of gravity and a little more power, little less weight - I could maybe run some of this vintage stuff - indoor syrup, a little dirt, maybe some ice?  You just need 3 sets of wheels, special tires on each.  You need a carb(on the left) that can fall off without breaking the cylinder spigots. You need some boots, pads, leather pants would be nice.  I had all this stuff once in my lifetime, but it's so expensive to relive your youth.  Buy it all again.  Just to spend about $100 in gas, $25 to enter, $25 in food, $20 in beer - to get a 4th place trophy made from a worn out motor sprocket and a burnt piston.  Make sure my health insurance is paid - and I have my card in my pocket.  Take an Advil before bed.

Bike Shows

Velvet Ropes.  
Colored Christmas Tree Lights.  
Fuzzy Carpets.

CC Rider sounds . . .

So am I reading this correctly ?  Carl Morrow and Leo Payne's Sportsters were used for motorcycle sounds on the movie C.C Ryder with Joe Namath and Ann Margaret ?  Huh . . . I have that movie.  I gotta listen.

That motor on the ground at Bonneville has some strange lookin' cylinders.
Block off plate, oil lines up in the air.  All sittin' in the salt !  

Let's go race Bonneville and just take a '67 El Camino - then go 202.378mph.  The transportation to the event is about as historic as the record itself.  Similar to Munro's motorcycle trailer . . .

Air & Spark & Space

This motor will run a modified breather, with ramp and elongated slot to get that air moving quicker with improved velocity and less restriction (vs. a breather with stock screen and no ramp).  You'll noticed a bevel gear attached to the end of the (Andrews BH Cam) which will drive "Dual Magnetos" in this specially designed gear cover.  The magneto drive gear is held to the camshaft via screw, similar to attaching a set of advance weights.

The 2 magnetos will rotate in opposite directions, so I assume one will have a reverse-type cam mechanism?  Another thing that came to mind . . . Timing is most accurate when all the gears are going in the "forward" engine rotating direction - and now we'll have a timing mechanism(a magneto) rotating in the opposite direction, with opposing forces on one small gear, held in by one small pin, and a small screw.  Usually a cam carries the drive gear in the center of the cam, with bushing support on the end-of-the-cam . . . and in this case, the cam gear is kinda hangin' out there on it own, now trying to turn double the load.  This design must work, or they wouldn't sell it, right?  If nothing else . . . it's gonna look cool !
After some dowel pin modification, and a bit of alignment issues . . . our dual-mag gear cover fits correctly.  We try to keep cam-end-play to the minimum side of specs., since accurate timing is all reliant on the mag drive gear. Some manufacturers say .001 to.007 . . . others more.  These aftermarket cams can grow when hot . . . to be safe, keep it close for timing - but not too close.  Our trusty Last Word Dial Indicator indicated end play of .005 after a few minor adjustments.  We'll go with that.

1968 Goodyear All Traction

A 48 year old tire with nothing wrong with it.
 Looks like JAN '68 to me ?
 MADE IN U.S.A. (don't see that on tires much anymore)
 For Taper Bead Base Rim Only . . . ?
I know what it means, but I've run them on other rims too.

Snow Outside . . .

. . . Work Inside (nice to have a place to work, eat chocolate chip bars and listen to
the Tour Bus radio show . . . )

No Motorcycle Ride for Friday Night . . .

First snow of the season, and we get about 9 inches - Yuk

Bill Mize is coming for Thanksgiving . . .

I like his custom motorcycle builds.  Mize builds some of the best period-correct customs, shiny & polished, basic classic choppers, some crusty stuff . . . they all seem to run and perform, since I've noticed 'em packed with gear, on the road.  I wonder what he's got up his sleeve this time . . . ?

Gary Nixon - National Champion !

One of the best American motorcycle racers ever.  Nixon won on almost every type of track professionally, at the national level of competition.  Not always on the best equipment . . . and many times with smaller displacement engines. He also raced (and won) many times while injured.  Fellow competitors would think Nixon was out for a few races, due to a serious crash.  Gary would be at the next race, qualifying . . . if he had casts, stitches or bandages, it didn't necessarily indicate he was there just-to-watch

Nixon (cigarette)

Nixon (low tire)

( click photo for FULL VIEW )

Aldana & Nixon (injured)

Gary Nixon's racing career spanned 20+ years.  One of the longest of any professional motorcycle racer.  Nixon rode for 4 factory teams.  He won the Daytona 200 (back when it was "the" road race to win).  I got the opportunity to overhear a couple of his racing stories while he talked to Bubba Shobert in Springfield one year.  Nixon was a great story teller . . . everyone was in a big circle taking this all in . . . it was great.

Get Your Kicks With This '66

1966 XLCH Street Screamer.  Show-N-Go.  Real USA Vintage Iron.  Hangin' at the root beer stand.
Stop Light to Stop Light.  Compression.  Kick Start Ironhead Magneto Rigid Chopper.  1966. 


I see Big Noot is setting up some Sprint cylinder heads.  They have similar traits to another popular H-D cylinder head that starts with a K, and then an N, then a U . . . .maybe a C ?

Made in USA Parts

A majority of aftermarket parts are good, usable . . . many are excellent (better than oem).  As time goes on, even the best companies seem to have some problems?  Quality Control is an area of manufacturing that can always use improvement - and it's the most overlooked.  Sales and Profitability First.  Everything else sometimes comes Second.  This company is as good as it gets.  I had a problem, they addressed me courteously, via telephone.  I got a return authorization and they were responsive to my questions and problems.  Made in USA is superior in other aspects than just the part itself - this is one of them.  I don't have a phone number for Taiwan or China or Bangkok, Thailand.

Early Ironhead Mill

Workin' on Hartman's XLCH engine . . . . all weekend.  His custom Sportster will be a premier motorcycle at February's Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee.

In a Flick of the Switch . . .

 . . . I had it laced.  Grain Belt. 

Powdercoat Over Chrome ?

Yes it works.  I've had it done many times with excellent results.  The parts are sand blasted.  If the chrome is weak, it usually blasts right off at 200psi air pressure.  You may want to screw thin metal covers to plywood when blasting to keep them from warping.  My blaster guy is really good not to warp stuff.  If the chrome is sturdy, the blasting will rough it up enough for the powdercoat to stick.  I use that special high-heat powdercoat tape (it's white, and kinda cloth-like tape) for large threaded areas, and areas where engine mounts go, etc . . . I plug all small threaded holes with bolts.  Steel or aluminum rims, metal engine covers, hubs, headlight buckets and oil tanks are all good parts for powdercoat.  I still like a painted frame, since powder can look too thick and smooth.  It's great to have local company in the business !

Sprocket Shaft Press

This flywheel tool will push out the flywheel assembly.  Will work with any "alternator type" left case.
Now, we just need a 5/8-18 bolt.

Get it up . . .

These cylinders are a bit long.  This would lead to (unfavorably) lower compression.  We'd like a bit more.  The cylinders will need to be turned (about .050) off the top to get us where we want for suitable performance.  Since S&S only offers this single type of stroker piston, your options are limited to cylinder length only. 

'54-'78 Hub

18" rear will run stainless spokes and early drop-center steel H-D rim, powdercoated black.

Andrews #1 Cam: REVIEW

This cam works very well in 74" Panhead with 8.5:1 compression cast pistons, S&S Super E with straight pipes.  I measured the new Andrew's cam gear pitch, and it was bigger than my other cam (I pressed it off, and swapped it from my other cam).  The length and journal size was the same as my aftermarket Sifton 412 (dated 1973).

The motor starts the same.  The idle is a bit smoother.  Slightly more valve-train noise, but it's that good kind of solid tappet noise. I can feel more bottom end torque.  No "blapping" out the pipes.  I don't feel the "hit" of the cam coming on (like the Sifton), but I think it's because it's pulling earlier, power is more consistent and sooner, so you don't feel the hit in the mid-range, 'cause you're already kinda there - if you get my drift?  I like it.  It's also a little quieter out the pipes if you want it . . . I mean easier to get it in that "quiet" range with the motor . . . like when I'm coming home late and don't want to wake the neighbors . . .

I went for a high-end speed run on an open road - up to 105mph (they said) and it was still pulling - felt good on the top.

Even though it's designed as a cam grind for "low compression motors" . . . I don't have any pinging or detonation problems with regular fuels.   
I'd recommend this ANDREWS No. 1  for any stock or slightly modified panhead motor. 

Cam Specs:  Intake 16/36  Exhaust 36/16  Overlap 32  
                   Lift: 450(Pan)  Dur: 232

In Memory of Mary

I've passed this bench thousands of times . . . it needs paint.  
A bit of scraping and some white enamel - Mary might like that ?

Scott Parker #2

A rare time between championships . . .

Morty says . . " I'm tired and it's cold . . .

 . . .  get down my cat blanket ! "

Movie Theatre

Exterior Charles Theatre restoration is complete with newer bright colors, gold flake,
polished enamel, deco art - the morning sun makes it really pop !

No Packs - No Skateboards - No Attitudes
Noisy kids get kicked out . . .
Shut up or you're gone . . .
No phones.  Old School.  Awesome.
Ricki Flash is feature movie this week.  
Adults $2
Big Buttered Popcorn includes Big Drink $5.50 
(only one refill allowed) . . . 

KHK Street Tracker

Mock up . . . cutting off brackets and extra weight.
Bought Bates seat at The Sportsman's Exchange of all places
(flea market)

H-D Parts

41471-30 Sprocket  ( -30?)  Huh?
16860-54 Spacers
50012-30 Spring
7872 Nuts
41551-52 Axle
41598-52 Axle Spacer
39975-54 Chain Adjuster Shoe
Shift Fork Assemblies: 34168-39, 34180-33, 34161-41, 34165-36, 6752, 6754
Misc: Rusty Cams for KH models
Thanks Chad for parts & entertainment . . .

Donnie Smith

See you soon Donnie . . . you still look the same . . .
I wonder who the girls are ?

Copper Washer under Spark Plug

K Model heads crack.  Most heads I see are cracked.  A common place for cracks is up the spark plug threads, then across the flat surface of the head, going away from the spark plug.  I noticed a crack near my rear spark plug.  Wiley suggested a wide, large OD copper washer under the spark plug, covering the crack.  I found a washer at Car Quest.  Cleaned the crack with some electrical cleaner, a bit of sealer on the crack.  Removed my current spark plug sealing washer, and replaced it with the copper washer . . . tightened it all down - and now I have full compression again (7:1) in the rear cylinder, and no leak.  I can now keep riding in this great November weather we are having.  Sunny and 65 Then Sunny and 55 . . . then Sunny and 45 . . . then cloudy and 35 . . . then cloudy and 25, then 15, then 5, then -5 . . . then "this sucks . . ."

Coolbeth Shirt

Ain't a lot of these out there ?

K Model Straight Pipes

KR Bend with K Model cylinder flange IDs from John Penner
Smooth bends
Rear "kink"
Bolts to Penner Rear Loop
Very nice set of pipes - Thank You.

Swan Song

This Mute Swan hangs on the river while I take a morning break on a bench, sipping my coffee.  Swans mate for life, and it's unusual to see just a single bird.   A swan song is played for the warm days that are quickly disappearing here in the upper mid-west. 


Cylinders on-for-good.  Magneto is timed and in-for-good.  I've been checking my valve lift with modeling clay . . . and I have the required +.040 clearance for Exhaust, and +.100 clearance for Intakes.  This is the distance from the open valve head to the cylinder head.  I guess you need these distances for best air flow?   My friend Willard just moved to town, and after we messed with this motor for a bit, we went for a ride to Orchard, Mitchell and Osage.  It was a beautiful late afternoon.  The orange sun setting with a cool breeze.  I rode the '61CH, and ran it up real fast on a smooth, open blacktop on the way back.  The motor feels solid -  so sweet with a different set of factory PB Cams.  No oil leaks.  I went about 22 miles on reserve with the peanut tank, but my new Taiwan H4 bulb blew both filaments again. 

DICE Magazine

You can contact DICE Magazine for a subscription 
from the information listed above . . .
Whenever I come home and see that yellow envelope sticking out of my mailbox, 
I get all excited that a new issue is here . . .

The last 6 issues of DICE had a good variety of motorcycles builds.  It was my first full subscription, different from buying issues here and there at DICE parties, etc . . .

I really like the magazine, don't get me wrong . . . but, it's kinda funny 'cuz they'll be a real grass-roots build chopper a fella built with the last pennies in his pockets.  The bike is rough, but so cool.  He worked so hard and scraped his cash to build this thing.  Then, the next page has an ad for some kinda clothing that when I look up the website, it costs like $800 for a denim vest, and $75 socks.  I guess it's the advertiser that pay the bills, so other than that - I really like the magazine.  Some grammar errors here and there . . . but, I use the word 'cuz.  

The cover of Issue 64 is one of the coolest covers I've ever seen on a magazine.  
A relief type "raised" cover - and the artist is featured inside every issue.  

DICE Magazine
Try it, You'll Like it !