Moto Cicletas

This picture is at the Cancun aeropuerto de Mexico

Production Numbers

They make so many Harleys now.  What's gonna happen to all of them?  There's so many out there.  I saw some 2012 models the other day and they look like total shit.  All plastic and fake.  Who are they paying to design these things?  Yuk. You see these guys riding to Born Free and all these events on their old, cool iron - which, by the way they don't make anymore.  I don't think I will ever be able to buy a new Harley-Davidson and it makes me kinda sad.  I like Harleys best - it's been my brand my whole life.  My family was supported by Harleys . . . but, I'd rather spend $20,000 on a 1947 Knucklehead.  Too bad so sad.  Maybe a ZX-14?


Going to see his brother sing, play guitar and some piano Sunday night . . . when a hall-of-famer is this close - better go see 'em.

Air Cooled

Early juice brake . . . guess who?  Name that bike __________

Armando Magri

A true racer and (Harley dealership owner) from Sacramento, California . . . Magri raced with an intensity not seen since.  Legend has it, he rode his motorcycle from Cali to Indiana for a race - and it had a problem where it couldn't be shut off (or he couldn't get it started very easily).  So, he raced in the final event - left it running and rode all the way back to California.  Circa 1940s.


Had burgers and fries at Boondocks one year with Larry, Paul and crew . . . before all the hubbub . . . Sure miss Larry and his creations.

Good Advice !

And don't get loaded . . .
(Courtesy of Jammer Cycle Products)

Bikes I Like

Have you ever been surfin' around and saved some shots o' stuff you kinda dig?  Here's a few I like . . . tricked out iron . . .

Miller's Panhead

If bikes could talk . . . this one would have some stories to tell. 
Barb says, "It's hot !"

Ready to Rock

Let's face it - I've seen every big hair 80's metal, glam, screaming, head bangin' band there is and probably ever will be.  Tommy Keifer, Fred Coury, Eric Brittingham and Jeff LaBar (all original members) rock me into an air guitar frenzy every single time. "Keif" jams electric, sax, harmonica, piano . . . and those gravel vocals.  The dude is talented and been doing this a very long time.  If you are into music of any kind - you know some musicians have that certain 'aura' about them . . . he is one of them.
East coast rockers at the Surf !

Doin' It . . . .

40 EL going together, my 18" chopper rear with stainless spokes and '66 hub, flywheels at .001 (nice) and a sporty hub ready to go back together (building a 16" wheel if you need one - all new rim, chrome spokes.  Busy, busy, busy . . . Benassi is coming this weekend too.  Time flies when you're havin' fun DOIN' IT !

In God We Trust

All Others Pay CASH

Knowledge is Power

Dave & Bill wonder what it's really all about . . .

Hot Brits . . .

English girls are best . . . Emily is my throb . . .

Things are looking up, finally . . .


Photo by Hux. 

Noot's Built Ironhead Sportster FOR SALE

1978 Sportster with clear Iowa title.  Totally stripped and rebuilt by rickynoot and his ol man Big Noot (legendary Sportster guru).  Only about 50 'break in' miles.  Engine totally rebuilt - runs smooth.  Solid.  Custom paint by me.  Everything powdercoated.  Custom built wheels.  All new battery, wiring,voltage regulator, shocks, lights, chrome spokes, tires, tubes, cables, brakes, brake lines, oil lines, gas tank, pistons, valves, (mild porting), chrome bolts, grips, seals, electric start, generator rebuilt,  . . . it goes on and on.  I got totally carried away with this thing.  Still stock enough to ride - custom enough to win shows.  We can do this like Ebay(fuck ebay) - Buy it now $7000.  Reserve Price $6000. 

Vintage Parts: S&S B Carb, sissy bar, '72 flat seat, Benton Grips(nos), box tail light, rear fender and points cover.

I've been burning 'round town on this thing.  Fun motorcycle.  A bit loud, but it's all how you ride it.  Handles excellent and I like the Z bars and how it sits.  If it don't sell - I'll keep it, but we thought we'd give somebody a chance to have a neat motorcycle without a ton of bread.  Ironheads are still gaining in value - and a good rebuilt one is hard to find.  Thanks for looking.  -.Noot

Bob Haro

I've looked everywhere for my "Haro Handle" brake lever.  
Lost it?  I doubt it.   Stolen? Likely.

Sorry Fatty

This beer . . . Fatty Boombalattys - made me very ill.  I didn't feel very good.  Still don't.  I'd rather drink shine.  Seriously.

Copa Cabana

All the Twin Cams, Evos and Wingdings were at that "other" bar.  I went here instead.  Met a guy named Glenn (that may be his Huffy?)  He had the smoker's cough, the yellow fingers, yellow mustache, yellow tooth in front.  Cracked a High Life tall can.  Had his own stool.  Limped when he walked.  I was in the presence of royalty.  Britt, Iowa USA.

Freedom Rally - Algona, Iowa

Have you ever went to a big event and just ended up talking to the same guy the whole time - and sitting around in the shade, near the camper - drinking Grain Belt Premium????  I did just that.  Denny is cool.  He also had some really kickin' mango salsa and black beans . . . Hit the spot on a beautiful Iowa day.

Old Brown Leather

Spina striped the back about 10 years ago.  Yes, it's been that long.  Still on there.  I was looking at a new jacket - heck . . . I think I'll just keep the old brown leather.  We been through a lot together.

Morty says, "It's too hot for cats . . . "

Morty "the official shop cat" has been in like 3 major cat-fights the last few days.  The last one was with that big ass orange cat that keeps trying to muscle in - but, The Mort still kicked his big fat orange ass.  It's 100 degrees today - too hot for Morty.