Gator's Motor

Custom airhorn . . . and those nice original aluminum toadstools - Nice !

Tank Art

She kinda looks like Charo . . .

Rare Engine


Innovative Sportster heel-toe shifter . . .

Oh shit . . .

Sticky front brake had me pushin' the front on sandy corners.  Like riding dirt track.  Get it fixed before you bite it . . . Fixed it last night . . . gummed up - needed a thinner washer . . . The K is back today - No harm done - All is right again . . . whew. 

GS at Donnie Smith

This cool 550 Suzuki is the one I picked . . . Neato Street Racer for Urban Assault.  Plus, the plaid paint matches my boxer shorts . . .

'39 Lower End

Original 1939 EL is together and bolted.  Spins free with proper end play.  Thanks Carl and Matt for your help over the phone.  Thanks Wiley too !   Dynamically balanced at 52%. 

Crisis in Japan

You can Paypal $20 to if you want to help Motoyan get some water for the Japanese people (especially children) that can't drink the water because of the radiation.  All gifts are appreciated.  Thank You !  PS. I know not everybody is rich, but every little bit will help.  I talked to some people who know Motoyan - and they all said he is legit and a super person . . . so, there you go.  It least you know your money will be spent wisely.  Thanks Again !

Harley Factory Photo

Looks like he's testing a 5 speed transmission - with a neat jockey-hand-shift-deal to get it in all the gears.  A factory 5 speed jockey shift !  A product that never made it to the dealership . . .

Cuz'n Finky

Get your swag from the Roth Boyz . . . !


Larry Roeseler on a Baja HD

(4th from the left)
Off road legend and future Kawasaki desert superstar . . .

Allan Girdler

Nobody knows more about a Harley XR, XRTT, XLR, K, KR, KK, KH, KHK, KRM, XL, XLCH, XLH, XLX,  (I'm sure I left a few out) . . . he's the guy.   You've seen or read a book or two by him over the years.  If anyone reading this has his phone number, email or address, I'd like to pick his brain about a couple things sometime. 

Through all the dust and dirt . . .

 . . . "the season is coming", says Mert !

T. Wojahn

Still the one . . .

This is still one of the coolest Panheads I've seen. 
(We were just talking about it the other day . . .
and I knew I had a photo of it.)
Courtesy of Dutchman Photos

Quit your whining . . .

If you're doing much for engine work . . . changing cams, pinion gears, etc.  You really should have the neat little kit available from Jim's.  You get a couple sets of pins and some detailed instructions (and chart) that tells you how to measure your camshaft and pinion gear.  This way you get the correct cam / pinion gear combination so you don't have a "whining" or "clicking" gear case.  You don't want binding or undue stress on your pinion shaft, bushings or bearings.  Retail: about $20.00

Latest Spina Shirt Design

Czech dis shit out homeboy . . . go Vegas baby or go home . . . badass on yer back or on yer Merc . . . totally cool designs from Uncle Bob . . . been there - done that - still doin' it !  Only in Vegas - git with me and I git you some . . . (2 blocks off the strip)

Valve Grinding

My panhead seats are sunk in a bit - so, I want to move the seat out . . . a larger valve was needed.  Everybody has the 1/8" oversize - I needed about 1/16" over.  I took some 1/8" overs and turned them on a lathe and reground the head.  This will give me proper valve protrusion.  Back where I wanna be . . . fun stuff.

No Way

I like funky chopper paint just as much as the next guy . . . but, this one . . . looks like the painter didn't really try as hard as they could.  Kinda just "blah" on that one buddy . . .

What if . . ?

If this shop was down the street, I'd be hangin' around there all the time.  At least until Simms kicked me out !
Hey - If you like 'em low and lean - Check out the latest Cycle Source on page 36 for the Sportster of Jason Ferguson (from Texas Bike Works) .  The bike has been completed for a bit . . . but, it gives you the insight and all that jazz . . .

Motobike ART


" Please cut me down . . . "

Yellow Shovel

We need more diggers . . . somebody build one.
Skinny tube frame.
Skinny springer.
Tiny frame gusset
Low and lean . . . and fast !

Made in China

All my Paughco parts I just got were made in China & Taiwan.  This is an older add from a chopper mag I was reading . . . Lest we forget.

Details Overlooked

Arlen Ness custom bike with ugly red wire and cheesy blue scotch wire ends . . .

Cedar Rapids (Sunday)

Rebel Ironhead Sportster at the beer joint . . .

In the pink

I hate bondo and bodywork . . .

Worth a thousand words . . .

This photo just has that awesome "feel" of the glory days custom shows.  The black & white makes it more powerful - more vintage - more classic.  The lights - the glitz.  The hand painted names recognizing the contributors to this beautiful piece of custom chopper art. The craftsmanship, the hours and hours of labor to get it all done.  No expense spared.  . . .  it's all in there . . . or maybe I've had too much coffee?

Shadow Boxin'

Available at Hobby Lobby stores . . . these things are great to showcase your collectibles.

Dunlop & Hislop

The greatest of road racers . . .

Gas Guzzler

Big Carbs Rule !

Reliable VW Electrics?

I always thought Volkswagons had crappy electrical systems?  How about a Lucas instead?

Phil Little

Not bad . . . not bad at all.  Kinda trick !

Know Your Wheels and Brakes

Some music is . . .

Laurie Bird

. . . in back of the all primer '55, fat block, lexan, lift off trunk, tilt front, box scoop, 488s . . . just a screamin' down the road . . . "The Girl" in the back with her pack jabbering away . . . just shut the fuck up !  Rest her soul.
Two Lane Blacktop - No longer at a theatre near you . . .