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Gift Card Book Ideas . . .

If you received a gift card for Christmas, and you want to buy a great H-D history book . . .  get this one by Wolfgang Wiesner.  I've had this very book for over 20+ years.
It's probably the best book on Harley-Davidson history I've ever seen.  I don't believe there's one better, and Wiesner (a German) did a spectacular job.  Wiesner had help from Vaughn Beals and Willie G. The photos and information (especially on early models) is very good.  The cover doesn't really offer a good insight on what's inside.  Here's the author visiting the USA, on Wisconsin backroads . . .
In it's day, this JDH Model was the most powerful motorcycle engine.
There are period photos of many familiar faces (in their younger years), from Bud Ekins, Knievel, the founding fathers, etc..... Here's the late, great collector/historian: Mr. Mike Parti.
The book is full of factory photos - excellent for knowledge and reference.

If you watched the short series "Harley and the Davidsons" . . . Here is a photo of the actual race where Shrimp Burns made a name for himself !
Another, fresh-off-the-assembly-line 1966 XLCH, going through a battery of tests before being shipped off to a dealership.  One word: Tillotson !  . . . with the new Ham Can.
Speaking of the XLCH, here's a promo shot of Clyde Denzer showing the off road potential of these ironhead beasts.  My dad used to call Denzer with questions back in the old days.
You can tell Wiesner is a true enthusiast, he wrenches on his own machines (below) and is a buff on all aspects of Harley-Davidson from antiques, racing, history - and the modern era.  An excellent book that can make you an expert on all things H-D.  I don't know if it's still in print, but I'm just saying . . . Hope you enjoyed this post?  Happy Holidays !
The Dragons M/C (below)  Wonder if these guys are still around?  That's a row of the best lookin' choppers. Perfect.  The way I like 'em personally.

AEE = $$$$$

A Double E musta had a lot o' bucks? 

Ride an ironhead = Get hot chics !

Baas Racing

Kevin's motor . . . oh brother . . . everything, almost every part has some sort of defect.  I've been working on the gear cover.  The clutch cable boss was broken off.  Dustin did a really nice job fixing the boss, and blending it back in as original to fit the stock cable.
A couple cam bushings were undersize, so they need a reamer.  I just happened to have the correct reamer (reamer was purchased at The Red Barn Antique Flea Market in Florida about 10 years ago) The reamer was one of those purchases that were like, "Maybe I'll need this someday?"
I might mix up a runny, slurry lapping compound and lap in all the cams and gears?  What do you think?  It makes a mess, but with mis-matched cams, it may be necessary for a smoother running gear case.  Quiet, more power, less breakage.  I've never done it before, this would be a good test, since I just have bushings(no needle rollers).  Maybe do it without the oil pump installed, to keep compound out of that . . . Hmmmmm?
The bottom, left corner was broken off, so I smoothed it out a bit.  I'll install (and hone if necessary) a new(NOS) shifter shaft bushing.  Bass Racing !  Go Kevin Go !

Retro Rewind Dubuque: SAT, Jan. 7th

Huh ?  I musta searched wrong . . .??
Retro Rewind . . .

Morning Coffee & DICE

The last quiet moment before a walk to work . . .
Holidays over . . . back to work boys !

Over the River and Through the Woods . . .

 . . . to Pat's House we go !
Pat is restoring his sister's 1979 Sportster.  He's polished all the covers and rocker boxes.  Rebuilt the flywheels and set it all up by the book.  Looking really nice so far.....
I drove up early, with a 40mph wind pushing me north.
Pat has the "45" . . .  sitting outside, decorated with Christmas Lights Lil' Joe is hangin' out 'til he can break ground on his new shop (with two bedroom living quarters).  We had a beer and talked about the old days - Thanks fellas. -Noot

The drive back was kinda ugly. 

Dupli-Color Spray Gun

I bought this in Paducah, Kentucky.  Cuban Tan for your 40s Packard I cleaned it out and it's ready for a test.  This could be the beginning of a whole new career . . . probably not.
I could always use it at the Star Trek reunions . . ?

Magneto Work . . .

Worked on my magneto while the rain turned to ice, turned to snow.  Everything fitted for good after mock up.  Joe Hunt base with Ace Hardware stainless socket head cap screws.  Don't know if I like the funky plug wires - but, they have excellent continuity with copper cores.
NOS Harley(in original package) drive gear with hardened roll pin from Lessin Supply Co.

1975 TZ750

If I collected vintage 2 cycle race motorcycles, I'd buy this bike.  On Ebay now.

Borrani Front Runner

I found this at a late (Fall)swap meet.  The rim was tweaked, so I used a rubber hammer and got it much better.  I'll true it more, once I get the bearings and spacer installed.  I sourced some 15mm X 40mm(OD) ball bearings to match my current axle/hub combo.  I also sourced a 19" knobby (so I can use a bald, worn-out 19" Avon Speedmaster) for a tire liner.  Then possibly screw up a tire with 5/8" Kold Kutters for a front ice tire?  Going in circles on the ice on my KHK . . . sounds easier than it probably is . . .
Looks like somebody "peened" the bearings once-upon-a-time.  The new 40mm bearings I bought, after close measurements, should have some press fit.  I don't know what they had in there?  You don't want anything too nice on the ice, since it'll probably get "augured" and gouged by ice screws.  It's sorta outlaw around here.  Nobody uses fenders and all the cluttered, safety shit.  Shredded Carhartts and frayed pant legs are the fashion . . . .

Morty "The Official Shop Cat"

He lives outside, and doesn't mind the cold.  I lock him up at night, or he gets in trouble (cat fights).  Last night we worked on cleaning Bill's panheads and rockers.  When he hears the air-compressor turn on, he knows it's time for work and shows up.  Mort's my best employee.

Golden Era of Motorcycling

This photo has big twins and K models.  I like the young scrapper towards the left . . . he's got his rig all stripped down for speed at Sunday club meets.

My weird little town . . .

Our Main Street businesses bring out these wooden elves (all different) at their store fronts for Xmas.  They are all this "cartoon style face" except for one particular business . . . Darby's.
 . . . This one looks like Jennifer Lawrence ?????

80" AMF

We're working on a motor for one of these . . . Can't remember which one?  We better find out so we paint it correct.  Sturgis?  FXR?  1982ish . . ?  They look alike, but two different motorcycles.

Fun in the Sunnen

Measure valve stem = (a shallow) .310 all the way up and down the valve.  It's straight.
I found a precision ground "pilot" that measures (a heavy) .311 which I'll use to determine the correct clearance for this Intake Valve.  I'll hone the new guide until this pilot just fits in each end of the guide(all the way through) - then I'll know I have the correct clearance, so he don't stick the valve.

The Sunnen HONALL is a miraculous invention.  It hones these Rowe cast iron guides perfectly.  It's honed hundreds of guides from the old Noots' Custom Cycles days . . . and it's still in use.  They ain't cheap, but it's better than a reamer.  Cast iron guides have better lubricity than steel guides.
The pilot fits in both ends . . . and the valve has proper fitment.
 Now I'll hone the Exhaust Guides, cut the seats(you can see they're pitted) and we'll have a fresh set of heads, ready for another 30,000+ miles - (hopefully)with today's unleaded fuels.

Heli-Coil Ironhead Case Bolt Threads

The front-left case bolt was a sawed off bolt, with silicone around it, just stuck to fill the hole.  The threads were gone, with a cheesy, cheap insert deal stuck in there that it's own threads were junk.  I dug out the old insert (took a long time, but it's not something you can really charge the guy for, it's just an unfortunate situation).  I set up the case in the drill press, and carefully drilled it out for a new 5/16-18 Heli Coil.  Installed it correctly, and it's fixed.  Welding and machine work averted.

Tom . . .

Honor to know you . . . and we'll keep your spirit - buildin' and riding 'til the wheels fall out of true.

Back Row (2nd from Left)

John is my Great Great Great Grandfather.
Greenberry(gray hair) is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather !
(George looks like a tough SOB)

Life is faster than a panhead chopper.

K Cam vs. KHK Cam

The stock (1952-53) K Model camshaft on the left, and the (1956) KHK camshaft on the right.

The K lobe profile is more "pointed" with less duration.  Shorter.
The KHK lobe is more "wide" and lightly taller (more lift)
McFarland made a shaft for the KHK cam.  The gear teeth (on the KHK cam) are narrower for less resistance and quieter operation.   
I fixed up a set of cams for Kevin Baas' KH racer.
A guy(reputable source) told me when the 1956 KHK came out, and you took the engine apart, the cams were marked 1KHK, 2KHK, 3KHK, 4KHK.  If you wanted to "hop-up" your KH or K Model, and went to the dealership to buy a set of KHK cams.....the cams were marked 1,2,3,4.  The KHK profile is the same lift and duration as the first KR cams (in 1952 and 1953).  You can look at the Enfield Racing website and see a chart with the various cam lift figures for reference.

Santa ( by Mark Patrick )

Every year around the holidays . . . I forget to take Santa out of the box and display him.  No shit, when I take him out of the box, and look at his face - he's got a scowl, mad face.  After he warms up in the dry heat of this old house . . . his face lightens to a warm smile. 
Only 5 days 'til Christmas !
You just got to believe . . .