Parkersburg Car Show

Plenty of "California Cars" I like to call 'em . . . 
Malibu, Ventura or a Bel Air ?
This is becoming a premier show in the area for it's
laid-back atmosphere - and great food !

Summers in Iowa

The tenderloins at the Parkerburg Car Show are very very delicious.  The guy selling them is covered in this white flour and slicing them up fresh for you.  Seasoned fries (I ate every last one.) 
Then a stop for an Oliver 88 with a flat rack of produce . . . Mmmmmmm.


Off the fence . . .
to the hose reel . . .
bank off the side of house . . .
to the window box out the kitchen window . . 
Morty's acrobatic quest for Catnip !


His shop in Spicewood, TX is doing good - and if you need a nice set of knucklehead engine cases - check out DC Choppers and Dan can get you set up. 

PS. A few years ago, I rode with Bacon in the Black Hills through Vanocker Canyon.  He was riding this knucklehead rigid with ultra skinny tires - way thin bike - mechanical on the rear only . . . and was just road racing through the turns.  I would accelerate on the straights, and downs - and catch him going into the corners . . . then he'd kinda pull away in the turns - and we'd do it again - turn after turn.  He could really ride that thing.  I was scared shitless - and he was just having fun with me I think? 


 Loadin' up the '52 Panhead Chopper
for a Labor Day Weekend 
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Pro Flat Track !
The Fastest Mile !

Miles: 750   Friends: 75-100
Photos: 40-100   Burgers: 2-8
Pops: 2-10   Coffee: 2-6
Beers: 15-25   Shots: 4-10
Breakdowns: 0

 The Mile !
Harley vs. Kawasaki vs. Triumph vs. Ducati

" Just do what you want . . "

Jeff told me . . . "With this FXR, whatever you think, just do whatever.  Blog about it, ride it around . . . have fun with it."   So then, after a couple days of careful test riding - Jeff drives up yesterday about 5:30pm to come and get his bike.  We point out some details, with the motorcycle high on the bike lift.  He wants to ride it - "Let's hear it. Get it down, fire it up" . . . down it comes, it pops right off . . . Bub bub bub bub bub goes the exhaust - He jumps on and does a couple rolling hole-shots as the rear tire cleans off the pavement.  The racebike inspired soul of all his labor comes out through his custom exhaust header.  This is one of the neatest FXR builds I've ever seen . . . and I got to work on it, and ride it.   
Race with a headlight, tail and working brake light now.
It's pretty damn cool dudes . . .
And, like a true race bike - no warranty. 

Church of Choppers FXR - Noot's Test & Tune

Goin' for a test on Jeff's latest build . . . Don't wreck anything . . .

Jeff Wright's FXR

You can tell he worked really hard to build something unique - with a style only available from Chvrch
The more you look:
Oil tank integrated into frame backbone
(fuel tank over the top)
Specially designed rear sub-X-frame section
Aluminum swingarm & shocks . . . 
A race bike inspired ride !
We got called to do a little clutch work, carb tuning and wiring.  You don't see too many FXRs running a FCR carb.  . . . so I was anxious for a test run.  The hand-built exhaust pipe sounds sweet . . .  
Haaaaaang On ! 

Thanks for the education . . .

Shea showing me WHAT and HOW to properly use a sissybar . . .

Busted Cases

A replacement from Knuckle Works of California . . .
Ready to make some shavings !
Deck, Cylinder Bore, Motor Mounts, Etc . . .

A Trace of Race.

This photo was taken after a long day Saturday (it's still hot) workin' on motors, helping with a panhead at the local H-D shop . . . buying supplies like shrink tube, wire ends, switches, running errands, etc.  All on this stroker digger with a backpack - strapped to my shoulders.  It reached speeds excess of 90mph for short bursts..  Gasoline sprayed on me from the cap (overfilled it, whoops).  When raw gas sprays on you - you feel like a real racer - Like Force or Garlits. It spits fuel from the carb sometimes - built with real race parts trying to run on the street.  Not always practical.
It started with 1 or 2 kicks every single time I needed it to run.  Most of the time with an audience.
I can kick start it - but, you probably can't.  It should really be started with a roller or hand starter.  It's a fun bike - but kinda dangerous.  It's like a snotty kid who teases you to "do it" - you want to screw it on and hear the pipes - that tone.  I always say "I should sell the stroker and then I could . . . "  But after a day like Saturday, you look at it - and say . . . F#$&'n aye.  Saturday was a good day.

Proper Tools

Don't forget the bearing !  ( if you've done this before )

Sunday Church Service

" V "

Doin' it right . . .

The right way to do a Sporty Chopper !

1940 Knuckle Cases

When cases have been welded and I see some porosity . . . I like to paint the inside with glyptal red and bake them.  I tape 'em off all nice. They look swell on the bench.  When this old, cast aluminum heats up - oil can work it's way through the pores and make a mess of your engine - unless you like the well-worn look ?

Lucky Brakes . . .

This guy was fixing his brake cotter pin and clevis pin.  With no front brake, he has a lot riding on these .10 cent hardware items.  Even with the most sophisticated braking components of modern sportbikes - there is one tiny, small o-ring, clip, snap ring . . . dirt or water bubble that can render your brakes totally useless.  Then it's just you, your transmission and the soles of your shoes
(and hopefully they ain't Vans)

0 Runout at 90, 180, 360 . . .

After striking, tapping, squeezing, prying . . . thinking.  You can mess around truing up a set of flywheels for an entire afternoon sometimes.  You get them within "spec" . . . then you go working for perfection - but,  often end up going backwards.  This set is about as perfect as it gets.  Which is damn near perfecto !

Ironhead XLs - Forever & Ever

Paul's '68 CH had broken cases, broken motor mount, scored pistons, rods destroyed, loose guides, bad seats, tranny (kinda ok) but needed race lapped.  What a mess.  Big Noot has some quality time in this (hell, we both do) but it will run again.  Just have to get this guy to slow down a bit?  That "gold" tool works great for performing any type of head work.  Threads into plug hole.

Rats Hole Show selections . . .

One for Shea . . . One for Ricky . . .