Bosch Regulators

My generator guy from St. Paul, MN picks up these Bosch regulators cheap . . . then tests them and gets them adjusted to a good 13.2 volts.  The solid state regulators always puke on me. 
I really dig vintage electrical components.  
Mechanical over Solid State any day !  
Chains over belts.
Grease over hairspray.
Linkerts over EFI . . . etc etc etc.


. . . . still need a wrench to get it off ?

Crazy shit . . .

I like the Crazy Frank stuff . . . but, I hope there ain't a lot of this one floatin' around out there ?

A Question for "Old Timers . . "

I had a gray beard tell me when he ran his jockey shift transmission, he ground a small notch (where I have highlighted the White Dot) so when he was in-between gears, his false neutral would stay there - and not accidentlly slip out and send him forward.  Will this work?  Seems like it would?

1938 EL

. . .  with one-year-only pump and re-sleeved 4 fins.
Ready to go back in the rat bike.

It's all about your tools . . .

I've decided that my blog entries for 2012 will be a bit more insightful.  A friend gave me some HOG Magazines from 2010 . . . and I see that Josh K. had basically the same tool kit I carry with me on my Sportster too.  We could probably trade kits and not have any problems.  The 530 chain 1/2 link was the kicker.  Nobody has a 1/2 link.  How about a primary chain link? (I carry one).  I like my tire irons better, but I've heard those Ty Davis-style irons are the trick.  I run Autolight 4316 plugs, try 'em. The year 2012 should be the year that you get out your tools and get down to business.  Get some things built, get some things done.  Get out on the road and see some things different - some things you always wanted to see, but haven't had the time.  Make some time in 2012 to just do it.  I know you got the tools . . .

" Flake & Flames " Coming Soon 2012

Jesper Bram and crew did up a way cool deal with some paint, flake & rods . . . featuring everyone from Cole Foster, Von Franco, shit . . . there's a bunch-a-dudes in this one.  Oh, and Spina's in it too . . . of coarse.  Good job boyz . . . can't wait to buy it !  ( Czech out the teasers on You Tube )

Sidecar Hearse

from "Stone" 1974

Jordan's '59

Flywheels blasted, tapers checked, new rod races, new pin bushings, everything honed and slip fitted, rods surfaced for straightness . . .  yada yada yada . . . . locked & loaded.

This digger needs . . .

a fiberglass Ness rear fender . . .
The kind that breaks when your girlfriend sits on it . . .
( paint by McCann )


 XLR Pipes sound best . . .

Back by Popular Demand

What's it to ya . . ?

That's just the way it is.

Swedes, Danes, Finns?????

Who claims this style?  Northern Europeans have claimed this as their own . . . and I believe them.

. . . we couldn't get much higher.

Freedom of Speech.  Freedom to Ride.  America welcomes you . . .

Art by: Mark Patrick

The old Noot's shop had plenty of Mark Patrick's sculpture around.  Big Noot bought the original "Drifter" from Mark himself at Sturgis one year.  He gave this one ("Santa's Sled") to me, and every year I forget to bring the thing up from the basement for Christmas.  I didn't forget this year . . . but, he looks a little pissed off from being in that box all these years????!!!!  I could have swore Santa was in a more jolly position? 

Winter is here . . .

Art by: David Mann

Ice Bikes Ready ?

Only one block from my house . . . perfect ice conditions this morning.  2 inches of fresh is better than 1 foot of old ice.  I'd fall and break like a twig now.  In my youth it was wide open on the TT.  Some just get rusty with age.  Confidence lost.


The last tank on the best motor Harley ever made . . .
the 900 (883cc) Ironhead.  Those suckers won a hell-of-a-lot-a-races !

I liked it . . .

The best part was how JJ pretty much let 'em have it . . . it's kinda what everybody knows already.  I liked the comments about Jr's 3/4 gal fuel tank, rivets and copper.  I always thought they should call the show "American Theme Bike" . . . What happened to riding 300, 400, 500 miles to a destination?  It was clearly a Discovery Channel deal to promote the show.  If I could choose - definitely James' chop.  A few things - Those rotors, will they warp (pretty thin).  And maybe if the springer was a bit narrower?  You'd lose some more rigidity . . . but, hey - maybe a sissybar?  Needs something back there?  Maybe Kat?  That's a Jim's 131" in there, so it's got power.  Way way way cool to see Bacon on there . . . Talk to you soon !

Dean Jeffries

Thinking about it . . .

. . .  getting myself a subscription to Street Chopper Magazine !

Bender Cycle Tool

This tool is used to replace worn tappet rollers.  The tool sets in a common bench vise.  For '36-'83 and Evo tappets.  Drill off ends with No. 7 drill (included) then drive out with 3/16" common pinch - clean up tappet body - install new roller and pin - then it crimps ends of pins in the center. Neato.  We've done hundreds of tappets with this tool.  The rollers pictured are "very early knuckle" before they used bearings . . . just a pin and solid spacer rollers.

Al's paint . . .

This guy "Allen", originally from my neck of the woods.  Moved to Haight Ashbury back in the day.  Built some chops & rods and served during the Vietnam war.  His builds saw the pages of Street Chopper & Custom Bike.  He then moved back, did some farming . . . now he's building stuff again.  He needed some pinstripes and outlines (his patented flame job and paint).  Out in the boondocks - I checked out his hand-built home and custom shop tucked back in the trees.  Who in Iowa has a sand-dune-buggie racer????  Lots of neat old stuff.  Next time I'm at his shop, I'll take some pics.  I outlined his flames - made 'em a simple panel . . .
Process Blue One Shot "The California Kid" flames I call 'em . . . .

Heart Throb: Ann Margret

Ann Margret could be anything you want.  The ultimate babe.

No gain with polished flywheels

Jerry Branch said that he found no gain in horsepower from using polished rods and flywheels over non-polished units.  The gains (if any) where insignificant. 


Nobody makes a cool air cleaner for an old Mikuni.  I'll go nostalgic.