FLORIDA: The Sunshine State

I've been to all the coasts of Florida, up and down the center, panhandle . . . over 24 years of trekking around the state.  This year we explored Perdido Key, Orange Beach, Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach with a run up through Foley.  It's one of my favorites.
We like swimming . . .
  . . . but she ain't wild about oysters. (I love 'em)

 Awesome pizza at Lillian's !  When you're from a small town, places like this have all these great places to eat !  I gained almost 10 lbs. !
Fort Morgan (Yes, it's haunted !)  It's quite the place to go inside.  It still smells like gun powder.

Let's shoot a 1000lb. shell 8 1/2 Miles ! 
Don't mess with Alabama...

Gulf shore oil rigs . . . Florida does not allow them.  We're about 10 miles into the Alabama coast at the point, but we're staying on Perdido Key, Florida - The most beautiful area . . .
Above: A similar rig to the BP Deepwater Horizon which exploded and pumped millions of gallons of crude into the gulf.  I ask the locals about it, and talk to people about their feelings towards the big oil companies - a mixed viewpoint as expected.

 This lighthouse on the Naval Base . . . Cheryl went all the way to the top !
The museum is worth the trip - My favorite was this Curtiss (who also manufactured motorcycles).  It was like a show plane - but a deadly fighter !
I had the opportunity to visit with different servicemen from all branches.  These men flew hundreds of missions since the early 1950s . . . One particular vet took me up on the wing of his original war plane that he landed on the Shang-Gra-La style carrier - and gave me a full detail of a landing as we looked at a model of the carrier.  Then, we all went outside and watched the Blue Angels practice session.  A few years ago, I stood atop old-Fort Morgan, Florida and they buzzed me a couple times at 700mph with vapor flowing off their wings . . . what a trip that was . . .
Above: Current #7 Blue Angel - Andre Webb
Above: Current #5 Blue Angel Tyler Davies (his last year with the team)
Most of the time we had the beach all to ourselves.  It's kinda a hidden paradise around here.  The people we stayed (Airbnb this year) were wonderful - and we have new friends in the state.  A couple stormy days in between made it interesting.  A few gators, many pelicans, I ate redfish, gumbo, fresh shrimp, drank a few brews . . . and a couple run & cokes.  Many ice cream stores and beach shops....and of coarse Publix !  I can see myself riding my rusty 45 around here someday.  It'll be parked at the marina (or at Sunset Beach in Perdido) and I'll be out fishing, or paddle boarding on Sabine Bay. 
This is Gulf Breeze, Florida (looking East)  The bridge to Pensacola (to the left) and the bridge to Pensacola Beach (to the right).  The small bay where the bridge meets Pen' Beach is Little Sabine(a calm paddle-boarding bay with a sand bar in the center).  If you keep traveling east, you'll soon hit Navarre, then Fort Walton, then Panama City . . .

The Best Lookin' . . .

Hey Jimmy . . . see Chopper Dave's Casting Company for one of these . . . I like 'em better than the S&S ones . . . and you'll be Loud AND Fast AND Rule too NOTE: I've heard they work best if you overlap the velocity stack lip by about 1/4"-3/8" of an inch.  Not in too far, not out even with the lip.

Ride Your K on the 40 Degree Days

This hard-as-a-rock Goodyear All-Traction doesn't offer much traction when it's cold out.
 and Run #10w-40 OIL

The Motorcycle Race

Back went men risked their necks for Cash, a Medal . . .
. . . and definitely - for the Kiss from the Trophy Girl

1961 XLCH

Above:  See anything a-miss ??

I got it runnin' pretty decent in these cool temps.  Starts better.   I bundled up with leathers, insulated denim pants and a full face Bell Vortec. Then put on some back-road miles.  Bar to Bar.
This is the best working old, steel leg Sporty frontend I have . . . It never tops out, bottoms out, or wiggles at high speed.  This bike has the original frame, forks, shocks (and engine) so that might be the difference?  or at least help . . .
Long reach plugs(Autolite 4056)for XLR heads.  My horn bracket broke - so my bud D.T. fixed it.  Now it's good for another 25 years since I did the last one . . . Have a Great Day !

Deadwood, South Dakota

 . . . a few years ago.  Who was this crazy guy?

National Numbers

Lance Jones wearin' 23c . . . who later went on to gain the points for a national number.  I remember him as #28 (who will soon be Michael Bickerton) if all goes as planned.

Vintage Road Racing

I'll bet this one sounds good wound up . . . ?
Dry Clutch
From LIFE Magazine
 Is this a 2 Cycle ?

Brush with Crest

I was at a bike deal this summer, drinkin' a couple beers with a dude I know.  He said any guy that rides an ironhead Sportster needs one of these in his tool kit.

Timing Plug (on-the-road-fix)
I guess it's less weight than my Heli-Coil Kit, cordless hand drill and grease I carry now?

The British

 Momma likes Short Track Short Track Short Track . . .

If it starts with an "X" . .

1000cc of Jerry Branch


I'd ride an Indian like this(if I could run the shift/clutch and throttle)
 . . . sweet bike !


Up to $21,000+ now (Reserve Not Met). 
This WR thing is gettin' out of control . . . Holy Shit !
TROG Racers Unite !  Now they all want to do it - Vintage Flat Track is the hottest thing since the "Waffle Iron" - Iron XR !
Ka Ching  Ka Ching !

I just got an idea . . .

I should go through all the old shop tickets (customer lists) of all the customers my dad had who rode panheads and knuckleheads and see if they still got 'em  . . . FXRs, old stroker Sportsters, big and fat dresser FLHs . . . It's a heck of a full file.  Or maybe not.


1961 XLCH

From the Cut & Mat Book . . . we should make some shirts !

Al Knapp's Race Bike

This '48WR is on Ebay . . up to $14,000 Reserve Not Met

If you can't afford it . . .
at least get some great photos for future reference !
Al Knapp  26e