Roberts jokin' around . . . Mert's all business.

He knew fast iron when he saw one . . Can't beat 'em - join 'em ?
But, the carb's ripped off ! ? ?
Mert Lawwill: 
The only guy who (somewhat consistently) 
put an Iron XR750 or XLR900 in the winner's circle !

The "big twins" will attack the Peoria TT in 2017.
Is the Iron XR legal again ?
What goes around - Comes around . . .

Alloy XRTT

Mert, Dick O'Brien, Mark Brelsford (No.1) and his tuner ____________? . . . and a couple funny hats.

1912 Excelsior Rear Wheel Spoke & True

This thing is tricky.  Spokes 'click-in' slots on one side, opposite inside direction, different spoke swags, angled clincher rim.  I had to disassemble it, and it's like a huge Bendix Red Ring coaster brake inside.  All dry, it needs cleaning and greased.  Then reassemble and see if I can get this 26" hoop in a truing stand ?  It's got two different ways to hit-the-brakes (internal and external) - and driven by pedals or the motor . . . The engineers couldn't make up their mind what they wanted.  A bicycle?  or a Motorbike?  Transportation for either of 2 markets.

Me and Danny . . .

We like our Delortos

$2 Stromberg 97

Think an air cleaner would fit on this thing?  Enjoy your favorite fruit juice, or just get gassed as intended?  Purchased in Florala, Alabama antique store. (the seller didn't know what it was??)


Harley-Davidson (is hyphenated)

Battlefields, Blues, Bass, Beaches, Honky Tonks and 'Bama

I've seen (3) Civil War re-enactments of The Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburgh Landing) and I just had to see and walk the grounds myself.  I'd never been through Tennessee or Alabama - mostly back roads.  Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Luverne . . . through the panhandle to Navarre, Florida for a few days.  In school, I know I flunked History one year - and got a D another year . . . don't know why I'm so interested in it now ?

I just kept driving 'til Florida . . .

 Fort Pickens off Navarre, Florida is quite a place . . .

The Blue Angels were testing when I was on the fort . . .
I stopped at almost every Historical Marker ( lots of U-Turns ! )

Next Stop: Nashville ( never been there either )

Campbell's leather shirt was so damn cool

I drank Miller High Lifes and listened to the bands at 9:30am (no shit)
Broadway starts early . . .
Fried bologna sandwich was superb !
Paducah, Kentucky is a jewel of a place - What a cool town . . .

 I was so "in awe" of Paducah, I hardly took any photos.  I liked everything about the place.
I'll definitely stop back again . . .
We both had a really great time, and I appreciate the help from all the great folks we met along the way who pointed in the right direction for the best sights and food.  Without asking the "locals" we'd miss out on all kinds of cool stuff . . .  Thank ya'll for the help - and see you again real soon.   -Rick & Cheryl

 I never slept so good . . . with the sound of the Mississippi or the Gulf waters flowing out the open windows.  The catfish and beer samplers weren't bad either . . . Southern hospitality I'll miss for a spell, 'til I can git back and do-it-all-again !
David W. Reed fought at Shiloh and many other Civil War battles.  He was wounded, but never killed. After barely a year in college, he enlisted to fight for the Union - and spent nearly 3 years in many major battles.  Reed was from Waukon, Iowa (and he was a real bad ass in my book )

Thanks again Chuck and Diane - Good to see you and I wanna go fishin' and a boat ride next time !

 Every working man deserves a vacation . . .