Spina Art (via cell phone)

Uncle Bob sprayed out an eagle for the Memorial Day weekend.  Bob's birds are the best.  No templates, no cheesy art-tool "easy way out" friskets . . . all one-of-a-kind art.  Only one like it.  Period.  Dig It.
This bird is watchin' you. 

J&P Cycles - June 3rd, 4th and 5th

John Parham and company are hosting a swap meet, museum open house and show this weekend in Anamosa, Iowa.  I guess the museum moved to a building that used to be Wal-Mart - so, it must be big? Right?  I might just check this thing out.  Plenty of stuff to look at from John's personal collection, "on loan" classics and JD art . . . what more do you want?  Hill Climb Sunday - hit it !

S&S B Carburetor

1. Works the best on Shovelheads (74" or 80")
2. Not bad on Ironheads
3. You need to keep them a bit on the "rich" side
4. Not really great on Panheads (although old timers will argue this)
5. Throttle shaft will wear out
6. No accelerator pump
7. Work great on Kawasaki Drag Bikes !


I whipped out some variegated red leaf last night.  Outlined with a bit of Fire Red . . . more stripes and we be ready for some clear stuff.

AEE in Blue

Rain Rain Go Away . . . Stop Back Some Other Day . . .

It'z Ride Yer K 2 Work Day

. . .  with my trusty COC back pack filled with goodies !

The year was 1970 . . .

 My friend sent me this photo.  It's either Denver Mullins, Dan Haggerty or the guy that lives down the street from me - I'm leaning towards Mullins due to the trick front end and pullbacks.

Tires Tyres Llantas

Should I throw some new rubber on this thing?  Change the oil? (just changed it in Oct)  The rubber is now getting down there since this photo was taken.  I used to nut & bolt this baby - check everything.  It's turned into this "jump on and go" bike.  That's asking for trouble.  Do I risk it?  Hell, run it to the Shuffle and Dice and update it before Sturgis.  Just ride the SOB The Black Bike has never let me down.  Ever.

Church & Tacos

 . . . always go great together !

Bastard Stalled Again

The curly haired dude is Michael Lang, organizer of the big Woodstock peace, love, music deal . . . My question is:  If he's using this BSA as his "pit bike" . . . how'd he get this thing started and going the whole time?  They are known to start hard . . .  those 441 Victors are really a bitch, aren't they?  Maybe that's why she's smiling?  He appears to be concentrating pretty hard.  Where's the bike now?

Dry and Sealed

My 2nd favorite type of mushrooms . . .

Slightly crisp, buttery flavor - perfecto !  
(served with ditch asparagus and chopped game bird)

Outside Oilers

Always check your Installed Spring Height and Spring Free Length.  The Go/No Go told the story.  These babies needed a shim.  The "special tool" machined the head to sink the lower collar. 
All better now.

DC Choppers

 . . . blows the cobbs outta the bike, while dad looks on . . .
(hangin' with Tim at the swap (Sturgis awhile back)

Dingo's 80"

'78 FX cases with late model 80" wheels, S&S rods, Andrews A, with late pump . . . she's built nice & tight
Ready for the highway and cheap gas . . . Ride on Brothers -  
Summer is Upon Us !

1947 Sunnen Hone

Originally a dry hone - I need to make it a wet one Still have to get a pan, pump, etc.  Then,  I'm doin' lifter blocks, races, wrist pin bushings . . . just get more stones and mandrels.

Purple Flame Job

The sweet smell of One Shot enamel filled the air . . .

Air Cleaner Efficiency

1. Air is directed through louvers in the top / back of air cleaner.
2. Air is channeled down the edges of the inside and the air is forced up through the center.
3. Dirt particles are suspended in the oil pool at the bottom of the air cleaner.
4. Air is directed up through oil soaked mesh filters in the center and sucked through the hose.
5. Air is then directed through air horn into the Linkert M88 series carburetor.
6. This system also aids in cold weather operation.

Don't forget mom . . .

. . . or the grass seed.

Organized Clutter