Race People Are Cool . . .

I bought some parts from Scott & Eleanor Guthrie (talked to Ellen) today.  Real nice lady who knows all about race motorcycles.  Scott held numerous Bonneville records over the years.  Top photo shows his '57 XL at 140mph+ back in the very early 1970s. 

Bottom: The specially equipped Race Van !

I just have to get . . .

to Wendover, Utah someday . . . The Bonneville Salt Flats.
( Up top: Al Bye & his Triumph )

High on the boards . . . 95+ mph.

The tracks are wood, but still create large amounts of dust.  The build-up of oils leads to a slippery track.
In extreme cases, fallen riders have 2 foot slivers of wood driven into their flesh.  Jim Davis(header pic) was to survive the Motordrome Era (often known as "murderdromes") after deaths at major tracks soon lead to the closing of motordromes everywhere, one by one.  Davis went on to win at dirt track events across the country - winning the very first crowning of the national championship.

Ricky will be proud . . .

I found a box and got my record collection " Up Right " instead of - in a big pile.  I wouldn't want to damage my ultra rare Hanoi Rocks collection of vinyl.  Tanya Tucker included . . . 

Schwinn Klunker

Schwinn forged crank
Bendix Red Ring
Goodyear Threads
Torco & Phil Wood Grease
 . . . can't find my seat & post ?????

Jim Davis

I met Jim Davis once (he was 100 years old at the time)  He raced for the Harley Factory Team (and Indian).  Pictured,  Jim is congratulated on a race win by William Harley himself.  William was an accomplished racer too.  Both men very fast and fearless on two wheels.  Davis took it to another level. 

A Lost Interest

Dan & DC Choppers Latest

He won at "The Horse" Daytona.  It reminds me of those tough Easyriders-Style builds that were the style of the 80s.  They run hard, stop . . . it's got neat forks, brakes, wheels, enough fuel to get away and keep on going - and leave the old-time chops behind. 
DC Choppers goin' strong ! 

JW's FXR Oil Tank

He fabricated this oil tank (which will be hidden under his specially designed fuel tank).  This free'd up the former oil tank area for a custom exhaust system.  Innovative ! 

1959 XLCH - TT Street Racer

So far, so good. 
- Rebuilt shocks ($5 / ea.) swap meet
with powder coated springs
-New swing arm races & bearings
- New headset ball bearings w/ cad bearing cups
- XRTT steering damper
- K&N Dirt Track Bars
- 23" modified fork tubes (in progress)

1959 XLCH Oil Tank

I bought this rusty, chrome tank in Deland, Florida at a swap meet.  It was dirty with a 1/2 quart of black oil inside.  The ladies at the La Quinta Inn boxed it up all nice (and shipped it Next Day Air - Holy Shit ! WTF? to Iowa)  I did not tell them to do that.   When I got my bill, I about fell over.  I paid $80 for the tank, $80 shipping, $20 Powdercoat, $20 for steel & labor to make the mount plates, $10 for special bolts I made - and another $10 for carb cleaner, etc.  $220.00 - I see why they get good money for these things. 
Now I'm gonna put a couple vintage stickers on it.

Magoo Pinstriping Redo . . . .

A couple years ago I spot this custom striped Dodge in our little town.  I'm checkin' out the striping and I see it's signed by "Magoo" . . . Hey, I know that guy.  Magoo was from Las Vegas.  An old-time striper and painter - he's been around forever.  1,800 miles away - how'd this truck get here????  I guess the guy liked Iowa (not so hot) and he moved his business here.  Well, I guess he crashed the truck a little, the local body shop repainted sections - and they needed the stripes redone.  I have to "Redoo Magoo."  Big shoes to fill.
I trace the flames with pencil.
Pounce the pattern (with pounce wheel)
Flip the design and affix to area for flames
Powder with my (sock-n-powder)
Remove pattern and stripe it in !
Just Like Uncle Bob Spina taught me . . .
Magoo Lives On !
 Me & Magoo at Spina's many moons ago . . .

Schwinn Heavyweight Frame circa: 1950

Schwinn made really good frames.  This Chicago-built model had it's share of abuse over the years - all by "yours truly" . . . I've ramped it, downhilled, curb jumped, crashed it . . . it's never cracked, maybe bent (I straightened the chain-stay once).  It's heavy. It's tough.  It's been Battle o' Britain Blue, Grass Green, Basic Black, Harley Hi-Heat Barrel Paint Silver . . . Now it's Cast Iron Brake Caliper Gray with Ivory One-Shot medieval shit . . . and an original Maschek Cycle (of Charles City) brass head badge. 

Donnie Bargmann

Longtime race announcer at Davenport and Springfield Mile . . . and the AMA circuit -  passed away on February 16th, 2014.  Donnie was a great announcer and spokesman for the sport of motorcycle flat track racing.  It just really sucks when you lose a talented and big hearted guy like Donnie.  One of the best race announcers I've ever heard.  I'll never forget his play by play of the action.
A big steel shoe to fill !
My condolences to his entire family and friends.

' 59 XLCH Headlight Eyebrow

This was picked up last fall at Davenport.  Somebody chopped it.  It was very beat-up and abused.  The choppin' wasn't even straight.  Hacksaw.  I smoothed, filed, sanded, and buffed.  Ready for my project.
Just don't see these much anymore . . . and it don't look right without it.


The first one was bent .010 . . . ?  Just Ride Nice !

Mako Shark II

This 1965 concept car was a huge success and the forerunner of Corvette design for years to come.  It featured a 427ci motor . . . and I think a square steering wheel ?

92 - 27 - 21 Remembering Heros

For a few years there . . . it was becoming tragic on the AMA Grand National circuit.  #92 Rodney Farris, #27 Davey Camlin and #21 Will Davis all passed away from racing injuries. They were top riders too.  Pros.  There were a few others like Andy Tresser, Toby Jorgenson, Jimmy Sumner . . . some amateur riders.  Flat track has always been a dangerous way to make a living, but when the riders are personable and your heros . . . you forget how dangerous a sport this is -  in reality.   We can all hope 2014 is a safe year with Daytona starting the schedule this weekend.  Go fast, but ride smart  - so we can all be doing this for years to come.  Keep 'em on 2 wheels boys . . .

Chevrolet 283 Draft Tube - PCV Valve

The Chevy 283 has a "draft tube" which vents the motor.  It just runs from the back of the block, to the outside atmosphere (to the ground).  No valving.  I took a standard freeze plug and modified the inside diameter to accept a valve cover grommet.  Press in the freeze plug, install grommet . . . and you can use a PCV valve (one way) to run a hose under your carb and keep that negative block pressure we all love so dear . . .

1965 FLH w/ Sidecar - Electra Glide

The sidecar version still runs 3 1/2 gallon tanks
 to utilize the tank shift. 
Jockey top transmission w/Reverse gear
Three Speed.  
1:1 final drive ratio - same as a 4 speed.

Dragons & Moats & Drawbridges . . .

We opened the barn door . . .

. . . to see the old ironhead Sportster he had . . . and . . .

Bart Markel

 . . . at the (possibly) Peoria TT.  The back pipe kinked up so it won't drag when the suspension bottoms on the right-hander.  This just may be an Iron XR since it's got Ceriani forks, small rear sprocket & ham can, and the XR frame neck? 
Runnin' a 20 or 25T engine sprocket !

Good Plugs for Panheads . . . L92YC

The Champion L92YC has just a bit longer reach with a few more threads - it gets your spark in the combustion chamber a little better.  The stock-style plugs are slightly shrouded.  I think it starts better with these - others say it too.  If you have the heads off, you can screw one in and kinda see where you're at . . . ok with standard compression pistons, but you should double check anything with big domes. 
Applications include: 
Points w/5 ohm coil (standard coil)

get this . . .

I remember it well.  It was Sturgis 1998.  I had taken my '61 CH out in the van that year (with my XL500) and I met a guy from Ironworks Magazine to shoot my bike early in the week at the Black Hills National Cemetery.  It was my only Harley back then. After dual sporting the fire roads on the Honda, I took a day at the end of the week and set out on the Sportster.  I rode the back way to Spearfish (through the canyon) and stopped at the trout hatchery to cool off - it was very hot that day.  I went down and waded in that spring fed water, and almost froze my feet off ! My rear brake was sticking (not returning) so I went to the local Ace Hardware store and bought a nut to put on the front side of the rear brake rod so I could pull up on the pedal and back it off while riding.  I ended up on the side road to Whitewood, running with a guy wearing a bright yellow Hamster shirt on an FXR - all the while working my rear brake off and on - dead man throttle, etc.  There's no way he was gonna let that little Sportster pass, so when he heard those pipes coming, he really wicked it up to stay ahead.  When we came into Sturgis, I pulled up next to him at the light.  He wouldn't even look at me.  I just wanted to say, "Hey, that was fun !"  What a dick.  I should have just laid down on the tank, WFO, passed close up the left-side draft, etc.  He had all the stereo-typical bike gear on, kool daddy's, white tennis shoes, gold watch . . . I rode alongside with Arlen Ness once for about 6 blocks in Sturgis one year on my '64 Sportster, and he asked what year, neat bike - and I did the same.  Boys will be boys.

RPMs . . . Redline . . .

Revolutions Per Minute . . . Revs . . .

Evel XXX

I believe it's an XLR, since the barrels aren't short enough . . .


Jack wondered where that little snap ring went . . .

Bill and his bike storage system . . .

Wes Rowlett

I finally got to meet Wes after all these years.  He was the only guy (besides Pat) that seemed interested in talking about flywheel run-out and truing up rotating assemblies.  Wes' blog is "Junk with Wheels" but, he builds some solid motorcycles.  Next time I'm down in the 'hollars' of southern Indiana . . . I'll be calling Wes to drink some beers and count some calories.  Keep in touch dude . . .