Do these things really work?

Happy Halloween to you . . .

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery . . .


I only fly 1st Class - (actually this plane was a total piece of shit)

SU Eliminator

These make power !

A "Toast" at Kung Fu

Went into Kung Fu on Saturday after I met Ricky in the parking lot for some ironhead Sportster swapping. I noticed the Danny Hanson tribute decal on the door on the way in . . . so, I had a Hamms and 3 tacos for a guy who probably wishes he could be munching on some of these delicious hard shells. Don't know who he was, or if I ever met him - but, he musta been a cool dude for someone to make a decal for him. Go Danny go !

Parts Run

Lookin' for parts, driving the backroads of our great state. We've all been "pickin" before the show ever hit the air. It's fun and a great way to see the country.

via Brown's Plating - Paducah, KY

Scott, Graham & Kidd get down . . .

Winfield - Watson

Hey Watson . . . we missed you man. In the spirit of Larry the show went on - bad ass rods and the legends who build 'em. Uncle Bob Spina with Maria & Roger O'Dell (Watson's friends from way back). Hey Spina - cool shirt. If you weren't there - you might be square?

Another Lost Art

A nest of snakes . . . from Arlen.


The onlookers in this photo seem a little nervous about this guy jackin' a wheelie. An inline 4 Honda with open exhaust - this hill climber thing is causing a stir . . .

He gave this to me . . .

A local guy who attended Sturgis way back when thought I might like this being a motorcycle enthusiast and flat track fan. It was real nice of him. Thanks Ronnie !

One for the road . . .

Race Only


Francois Cevert

Originally a motorcycle racer - he switched to cars and then Formula One. He would pull wheelies in the paddock on pit bikes. He was one of my favorite drivers due to his style - and he was almost always smiling. Francois was a team-mate of the great Jackie Stewart and finished a close 2nd behind him many times. I believe he had only one single F1 race win in his career. He was killed at Watkins Glen in 1973 - age 29. I was devastated. I saw this photo of him on the net today and it all came back.  Quite intriguing the memories which are stored in the mind only to be brought out by a single photo.

1982 - Five Foot Bunny Hop off a curb

Old Photo of Ricky Noot:(that'd be me)
Team Mongoose with Tanges
Skyway Tuff Wheel Ones(with Comp IIIs)
Fluted seat post
MCS Stem
Redline V-Bars
BMX Action Number Plate
Grab-On Grips(Zane Seeley gave them to me)
Sears Tuf-Skins with Nike Cortez (red swoosh)
Adidas Sweat Shirt
Sold it to a preacher's kid - then it got stolen(image that)

Shot with 110 Kodak

Gone, but never forgotten . . .

Bacon's Knuckle . . .

"Old School" (rare photo)

There are very few photos of this guy. A man of mystery . . . He has the best sayings and quotations.
Example: "Hey o' school, where did you go last night?
We lost you and couldn't find you?"
His reply: "Man, it sucked, too many people,
no booze, no puff puff . . . so I left."
No puff puff?

Save for future reference . . .

The KLR - I sold it

This bike ran the ice, the Black Hills, over to the Mississippi, over hill & dale and never let me down - why I sold it???? I had too many motorcycles. They really wake up with a pipe, bigger main and cut the CV spring a couple coils. Then it snarled . . .

KC Ricky's Transmission

New mainshaft and countershaft. New door bearing. All set up and ready to go in the case.
New standard rollers(23) will be here Tuesday . . . another Ironhead ready to hit the road soon !

R&M Header

Hey dude . . .

I dig the fairing ! . . . and the bright tangerine, - you can't be too bland in Vegas or they look at you funny.

Ratchet Top

10+ years ago

Jesse gave me a lighter that day . . . said to keep it. I helped with some barriers and we talked about Leo Payne and Bonneville - I was just gettin' ready to ride out to Deadwood. I was kinda a geek . . . still am a little. (easy now)

High Life Bar - Des Moines

Man vs. Food . . . Did you check that out? The broasted chicken, the bacon wrap deal . . . I didn't know they had food? I just drank the High Life and watched the vintage televisions !!


Don't know about those fender struts . . ?
Another 2 into 1 (was real popular. . .
now you can't hardly find a new one)

Fresh Bore & Hone Job

The sweet smell of Safety Kleen solvent and honing oil !

Banana Brake

Is that a Dick Allen header? Fubar? Neat bike !

Image from Sporty Garage

Wish this place was about 5000 miles closer.

Martin Hoffman

Section of original Harley-Davidson advertisement - 1970s.
Hoffman, is a realist painter from Florida. Mostly figurative paintings. How about that Sporty Roadster??? - and No face shields????

Billy Budde

Kawi/Yammy/Honda Chopper Builder - San Leandro, California
Anyone remember him?
(Reminds me of my friend Gary Wright)

Take the easy way . . ?

All these big custom bike builders usually just take the easy way with a Super E or G . . . come on guys . . . anybody know where there's a blower I could put on my '65 stroker motor? Let's build a bomb !

Gak's Pan (from Hawgholic)

This is fuckin' huge . . . I've been sending some e-mails back and forth to Gak from Japan. I've always admired the builds that come from Hawgholic and Sporty Garage. Best wishes and I'll catch up with you sometime. Ride on from across the pond ! -Noot


I always wanted one of these - this is Eric's . . .
Photo submitted by: Gak