I got a whole shed full of ironhead Sportsters - and the best plugs to run are Autolites. They don't foul as easy, they're cheap, the tip is on for good - and they index easy. These are non-resistor plugs for points and magnetos . . .
Ironhead XLR Heads (long reach plug): Autolite 55
Ironhead Stock Heads: Autolite 4316
K, KH and KR Heads: Autolite 4316

(PS. Don't put the long reach in your stock heads or you know what happens)

Hey Folks . . .

Lee County Fair - Donnellson, Iowa
Wednesday Nite, July 7th - 6:00pm

Let's see . . .

O'Brien, Renzo, Mert, ________, __________, __________, Rayborn, the Brelsfords . . .
Can you fill in the blanks???

Glory Years

Photo of an actual stunt which took place at the St. Paul Minnesota Fairgrounds back-in-the-day. Look at all the people ! It's a packed house !

Pure Business

I just remembered . . .

I forgot to weld something - shit, damn - oh well.

The Most Famous Dirt Tracker

Springfield Mile about 10 years ago. I get this deal to work with Dave Despain and help out with the "Hall-of-Fame Race." I'm talkin' to Carroll Resweber (yes, the one and only) about this motorcycle. He didn't think it was the same bike. Anyway, his buddy painted the duck on the tank. Along comes one of the "Davidsons" from the factory. He told me as long as they were paying me money to race - it had better say Harley-Davidson on the tank. So, we had to change it. Carroll Resweber won the #1 Plate in 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961 - then he got all busted up.
He autographed my 1961 AMA Motorcyclist Magazine I brought with me - with a huge centerfold of him inside sliding around on this bike (or one like it). I think this is the most famous flat-tracker of them all . . . now up for discussion.

You know the Rev . . ?

I met him . . .

Weathered & Worn

In the back of a pick-em-up-truck . . .

Don Castro

Vandegrift Harley-Davidson

This sign is rare !
It's before Tom was an authorized HD dealer in Albert Lea, MN.
(The shop is now Bergdale's)

More legs . . .

A Proud Owner/Builder

Eide's Cycle

Tim Pawlenty

This dude is the current governor for the state of Minnesota. (early wild-ass years)

St. Paul Vintage Meet

Livin' out of a van, saw some bikes, bought some parts, drank some beers, rode to Porky's, went to Benassi's, spent some money, talked to Phil, traded with Bromie - stopped at Cabelas - that's about it. A good time was had by all - despite a little drizzle . . .

Minnesota State Fairgrounds Swap Meet and Bike Show This Fri & Sat

JUNE 11th and 12th, 2010 - Ride up to the Minnesota State (St. Paul) Fairgrounds for the coolest swap meet and bike show you'll ever see this weekend. Enter off Snelling Avenue.
Camping is cheap on the grounds with showers.

Neat dinner ride to Porky's Drive Inn Friday Nite.
Parts everywhere.

Damn good bike show. Vincents, Harleys, Triumphs, BSAs, Nortons, Matchless's, Sunbeams, JAPs, Jawa's, Clevelands, bad ass Indians, Ducati's, all the brands represented . . .
Come see it for yourself. You only live once.
Drink ice cold Hamms
when you can - see you there !

(Pictured: original photo from the St. Paul Fairgrounds - Motorcycle Corps.)

Headin' Out ?

. . . to the Born Free Show ???? You'd better get going - times-a wastin' . . .

Bonnie Truett (early days)

Supercharged Ironhead Sportster

Over 70 years ago . . .

Fred Hamm of Pasadena, California
"The Iron Man" of long distance riding records.

1936 Knucklehead EL (61 cu. in.)
1825 miles in 24 hours (record set in 1937)

Pete Hill in Sturgis

Big Noot said he ripped it down Main Street and quick rolled it back into the trailer . . . cool.

Poor Performance

With the popularity of these rising - (shit, they're everywhere again) I just wanted to note that Custom Bike March 1982 did a flow test on about 25 different air cleaners and this one was overall dead last with the worst performance. S&S Teardrop was the best. Highest flow was a velocity stack or no air cleaner at all. Hey, just stick a rag in it - or yer paintleg. Don't Let Your Harley Down?????

The Benassi Bros.

I have a couple friends of mine from Mpls./St. Paul. The brothers: Benassi. They collect & restore old Harleys - like their 1948 FL. I'll see them next weekend for the AMCA Viking Chapter Antique Meet at the St. Paul Fairgrounds. We drink Red Dog. Shoot the shit. I like their last name - sounds a little 'Italian' . . . you get me? Be good - you could come up missin' . . .

Panheads Never Die

They may have some modern components here and there . . . but, the 'mill' they're runnin' remains the same good old panhead motor. 1948-1965.

Linda's Fast '55