Mac's Garage

I like stopping by a certain garage in town since there's usually some kind of building or machining going on . . . pretty much all the time. The chopped, big block Model A sedan, the "wall-of intakes", the big slots above the cabinets, it's all part of the scene. "Mac" has built a bunch o' stuff over the years. The latest (in process) is this Flathead Ford engine for the T Project. (cold beer in the fridge too !)


Ironhead Sportster Project

My creativity "bug" has now bitten me - and I'm in full gear on the iron Sporty project. I pinstriped the newly powdercoated rims (16" rear/19" front) and I'm working on the heads, tranny, frame, tank . . . just trying to get something together that looks cool. Important decisions must be made in the early stages. The bike is a '78 - One of those truly "bastard stepchild" years for Sporties. I'm not buying any parts I don't already have - use what you got. Run what ya brung !

Morty "The Official Shop Cat"

It's my fucking blog and if I want to put Morty on it then I will.
Heck, Morty gets me in way less trouble than most of my friends . . .
and he covers up his shit.



I'll have a . . . ? I think I'll have a . . . ? What do I want????

Harley-Davidson Race Motor

Before the WR, before the KR, before the XLR, before the XR . . .
there was this !

Party Party

Mix one part TR, one part Kenwood, one part Bose . . . while the wife's away - cats will play.


Met Keino years ago when Larry had his booth out at the Full Throttle next to Billy Lane. I talk to him about every year. The guy is always real genuine.

Can't Touch This

Spearfish Creek


The late, great Steve Eklund gets the jump on Springsteen (Houston 1981)

Ice Tires

Hawbaker was over the other night grindin' valves . . . and he was talkin' about getting his new ice tires. It reminded me of my pattern I got from "Mr Ice" Craig Pickett about 15 years ago. This was Pickett's trick pattern for Kold Kutters on the Kenda ice tire. It works. I believe they still use basically the same thing. If you're makin' up some tires - try this for the rear. The rest is up to you.


Let's take a moment and remember Grizz.(or someone you may know like him) I remember as a lil' shaver my dad workin' on Grizz's engine in our basement on a Sunday. It was time for supper - and mom invited Grizz to join us. I peeked out the corner of my eye to see if this bearded biker would bow his head with us during the family prayer. Sure enough he did. I could go on with another 6-7 stories of Grizz and "The Nuggets" motorcycle club for which he was a member. When your dad is a Harley mechanic during the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's (hell he's still does it) - you get a colorful array of customers. Grizz passed away much too soon. However, he will never be forgotten.

The Dungeon

You have to at least stop in for a drink. Never know who you might meet there? C'mon - It's a tradition !


Everyone's favorite oil and one of the first motoroils that actually worked . . . and a KR with a grasshopper !

Indian FOUR 1928-1943

This engine was originally designed by Ace . . . many folks don't know that . . .

My 1952 Army 45

For Veteran's Day . . . I rode my Korean Army 45 around for a bit. These bikes are interesting to look at. Why Harley did some things the way they did, on 45s . . is beyond me. It runs smooth - no vibration.


For a few hundred bucks you could have a bike. For a few hundred more, you could have it custom. Photos like these just blow me away - the way it was - and never will be again. A guy I used to work with told me he had a 1946 Harley overhead valve 74. The year was 1951. It was beaten and broken. He sold it for $150 and a push mower. I'll bet we could've fixed it !


I'm kinda startin' to get into those dressers with all the lights & fixin's . . . but, this is a little excessive.

Jeff Wright

I haven't talked to Jeff for awhile. I hope he's doing alright. Jeff is fun to be around due to his infectiously positive demeanor that emulates all around to everyone in the direct vicinity of him. Did I just say that?
(photo by: Noot at Yesterdays - LaCrosse, WI)

Bitchin' Sporty

early Perewitz

Bob's Bird

Bob will give you the bird if you want it? You want the bird? This bird is bad ass. If you want one - ask me - I know where you can get one. If you can handle it. This bird is the best !

Ironheads turn to gold?

Whenever I'm in a city I haven't been to . . . I stop at the local shops and 'hang around' eventually asking if they have any old ironhead stuff to get rid of . . . Most of the time - I can pick up some parts. Cheap. Hell - not lately. The reply is, "Oh, we got some stuff - but, I think I'll hang on to it - or it's not for sale." How much you give me for it? Naw - I'll just keep it - Gettin' hard to come by . . . oh come on fucker - so is H1N1 shots . . .They'd rather let it rust than sell it to someone who'll actually do something with it. And the world goes round and round.

Fall in Iowa - Big Noot is Back !!!!

I don't know what it's like where you're from - but, it's Fall in Iowa - the leaves are almost all gone and the temps are going down. This weekend is set to be about 60 degrees (Indian Summer) so it may be one of the last for motorcycles. It's all downhill from here. Snow, cold, ice, wind . . . nasty stuff coming - always does. My dad (big Noot) is back home after his heart valve repair. I was just starting to keep up with him - now, he'll be in front of the pack again. Good deal. If you're in the area - stop over and say hello. PS. Swap meet season comin' up !

I want one of these . . .

Thinkin' about making the K Model into a rigid - KR style racer . . . hmmmmmm?