What's wrong with this photo?

This guy calls me up and says his all original 1976 FLH with only 6,000 original miles was crusin' just fine down the highway and all of a sudden - the tranny exploded. It blew out the ratchet top, and the case and left a crack all the way around the thing - Whoa. The cause I believe is the smaller shifter clutch gear broke - and all hell started after that. For some reason they don't work very good with big chunks of metal flying around in there? It bent the shift fork shaft so bad I had to die grind it into 3 pieces to get it apart. It also ate the mainshaft and chewed up a couple gears.

Got Wood ?

This month's Horse Magazine has my name in it - Hey, I'm fuckin' big time. All that work - and they give ya a piece of wood. All the bikes kinda looked the same this year. Your basic, no rake, rigid, spool front, knuckle/pan chops. Yawn. I brought a digger. Thanks Eric for gettin' me my wood. Next year I'll bring somethin' different. Get wood again. No photos - WTF? Shit. Damn. Fuck. I need more coffee.

Ex German Sportster Police

See: harley-ironhead.com


Look - It's one of those neat, backwards jumpy tachs . . .

Sprint CR (painted for Tibbin)


It's like, if I have to explain it - you really wouldn't understand. I cruise go over to Todd Miller's and watch him work on the '57. His car wasn't a '55, but, it was all primer with lexan and fiberglass panels, tunnel ram, huge meats, lots of gauges. Badass. He even had hair like "The Driver" James Taylor. Then later that night, I'd go home and watch it again on the VHS I recorded off the CBS late movie. Laurie Bird (she is forever an icon) Dennis Wilson (a legend) and GTO? Wouldn't have been the same without him.
Two Lane Blacktop
: Not at a theatre near you.

The Catholic Boy

One of my favorite albums is from Jim Carroll - and I heard he passed away today at the age of 60. When I attended UNI, my room-mate Doug Wright had all these record albums - and this one totally punk rocked. I had to buy the CD version last year (since my home recorded Maxell UDXLII cassette was shot) I guess Jim was quite a writer, poet and musician - just ask Keith Richards. RIP Jim - you made my life a happier place.

A man and his machine . . .

This guy was having too much fun - too bad his machine never did run right . . . in the end, it didn't really matter.


Harley-Davidson built the XLR to be competitive at tracks like Peoria, Ascot and Houston. Unfortunately, the XLR in the hands of the very capable Resweber, never really won all the races it was supposed to win. The motor was 883cc with hot cams, big compression, roller bearings, aluminum rims, struts, motor mounts and factory ported heads. These suckers run hard. But, being a little heavy didn't help matters. This bike was at Springfield, and the proud owner was more than happy to talk about it. Good stuff.

45s, Ks & KRs . . . .

Davenport went so fast this year it sucked. Before you knew it - it was Saturday and it's pretty much over. The Harley K and 45 is such a versatile motorcycle. For a side valve - they make can be made to run on the street or the track. On the dirt, the KR didn't always make the most horsepower - but, they stay hooked up. And you can't move forward on dirt if you're spinning your wheel. KRs are big bucks now - if you can afford a "pusher" like the guy above - you can buy a KR !

Noot & the gang

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Bart Markel's short rod iron XR was at Springfield. The barrels look like regular iron cylinders with the bases cut off for the shorter rods. A very rare race bike indeed.

Weeery Traveler . . . .

This guy from New York stopped by to ask directions from my "Sturgis Landlord" and . . . man was his bike loaded ! Obviously, he had a bed mattress, canteen, tools, all sorts of packs and bags - lots o' stuff. His motorcycle never shut off for the 20 minutes they talked. It's motor running - tick tick tick tick tick tick like a sewing machine. Oil spewing from most of it's gaskets. Steam rolling off. All the way from New York. He gets my respect.