Bubba was fast . . .

Very, very fast.  Nobody could catch him those years.

THE Mile

Get there this year if you can . . . Davenport, then Springfield.
The Epic Trip.  Davenport races and Party Friday Night - then Sat. ride with Noot down old Hwy 97 to Springfield for a Saturday Night Party and The Mile on Sunday.  The city of Springfield now opens up it's arms to the race fans.  Camp at Davenport - Pile in a room at Springfield.  I'll make the reservations.  Fun times.
.....and you still have Monday off to get your ass home !

I.S.A. (Iron Sportster Abuse)

This '68 XLCH I'm workin' on had seen it's fair share.  The "Corner" has already been replaced, which is common on these - and whoever did it, did a damn good job.  However, the tranny door is cracked (I've already ground it out, and it's being TIG'd today.  The trans race about fell right out, and it's broken up.  The pinion is now lapped for +.001 rollers (found some) - and I've got all kinds of other irons in the fire on this one.  We'll get an oversized race, press it and lap for standard size rollers.  These motors are fun.  It's probably been in nearly consistent use since it was new . . . and each owner has so much fun riding it - it was worth fixing each time.  And here we go again !

Warren Jr.

I've heard a lot about this guy, but this is the first time I met him. (unless I was drunk and don't remember).  I was impressed with his knowledge of old Harleys, and I know he builds some of the coolest chops around.  It was fun for me to meet some dudes who are just like me . . . and way cool of the Milwaukee Crew to come to Rochester to hang and party.  I didn't get a picture of Ben, but I want one with the two of us sometime to hang in my shop.  This Rochester deal is looking good for the future - Maybe next time they could bring a bike or two . . . (so Kevin doesn't have to bring 12).

Diamond Dave

I've known this guy for a while now . . . and I consider him a good friend now - since after 10 hugs - you reach good friend status with me.  Whenever I meet the "HEAVY" crew - everyone is totally super cool.  It was great to see Zac & Co. again.  They really know their bikes - and it's obvious it's not a passing fad for them. They are truly "living the chopper life" in a unique way.  I heard Dave might be moving to SoCal, so they'll be gettin' a good dude out there.  See you at Donnie Smith in a few . . .

Pat's Bike

My friend Pat works at Rochester Harley-Davidson.  He knows a lot about performance, and it shows with his own motorcycles.  If I could have any Sportster - I would take Pat's.  It's just totally badass.  He rides the shit out of it - and has ridden it on many long trips at high speeds.  When it breaks - he makes it even better.  It was nice to meet all Pat's friends - and I'll see you all again real soon - Your friend -Noot

Jordan's CH (a sneak peek)

I think Jordan's bike is coming along great.  He's worked really hard on it, and I'm sure you'll see it in a magazine someday soon.  Jordan let me stay at his pad, and hang with him and his girl Courtney (who's pretty darn nice - and cute).  Thanks for everything - see you soon !

I really like this guy . . .

We had a good time together in Rochester, Minnesota.  I hope to see you all again real soon.  I think he still owes me $2.00?  He didn't break my clutch lever or wreck my Schwinn - but, I acted like he did.
He's really super cool and I like giving him a hard time.  I won't be so harsh next time.  I let him have some of my pizza.  He's got cool friends.  I love you all. -Noot

K Model "Git Kit"

Mikuni VM 36mm
30T engine sprocket
18T transmission sprocket
KH Cams
Time to spice up the K Model with some 1/2 Mile gearing and more lift and duration.
For more  . . .
"Git up and go . . .
"Git it on brother . . .
"Git down . . .
"Git after it . . .
Check that hollow shaft (Mert would be proud)

Szechuan Porridge

My wife cooks up some bizarre meals for us.  She's really into cooking.  There was this big ginger root floating 'round in there . . . I don't know what this really was . . . but, it sure was good !

Old Letterhead

Caddy Air Induction

. . . whoever did this - Nice Work !   ( From Viva Vegas 2011 )

10.3 to 1 - Big Domes !

Too much bread . . .

I guess there's a Motorhead Box Set (which retails for $600.00) that Lemmy has told his fans NOT to buy. 
It has like 60 albums worth of early Motorhead - But, he thinks that's too much money for his fans to spend on their music.  Lemmy is cool.  We all agree. 

Save for future reference

How to modify your DC Linkert for performance:
Top Photo - Bore carb body to accept 9X butterfly (M74B) 
Lower Photo - Machine a float-bowl spacer for extra fuel

Solo Indian

It's lonely being an individualist . . .

XLCH Clutch Cable Bracket

This mounts to left side of crash bar boss on frame.

One Fast Brit . . .

 . . . my new email buddy, Sir Patrick, sends me pics of his KHK Bonneville blaster.  He's quite knowledgeable of the KR, XLR platform.  Professionally built.  On to the next cafe . . . catch him if you can? Wow !

Probable cause . . .

I thought I'd check the timing on his magneto before I disassembled the engine.  It was a solid mount mag - and timing was very retarded.  This can make your engine run hot.  Above optimum temps.  This may have led to scoring. Piston-wall clearance was +.005, so it was plenty loose for cast pistons.

Ironworks - June 1999

Side Valves

I've got flatheads on the brain . . . ULs, WLs . . . you name it . . .

Sportster Shop

I like this guy . . . cool shirt.

This is trick . . .

Somebody do this again . . .

Salinas . . .

. . .  I like that seat, tank & rear frame section.  Cool rims.
Zoom in for more trick stuff . . .

R. Rockett

. . .  and his custom yellow Commando.


This dude . . . they call 'em "Rattlecan" . . . got a whole shed o' 45s.  Fresh'd up dis one.  Kept her a bit gnarly lookin' . . . Beauty is in the eye-of-the-beholdest . . . Sure iz purdy !

Silver Flake Lids . . .

Are nothing new . . .
What's he drinkin' ?



K Model (on Left) 45 (on the Right)
Each has a different type of wrist pin and keeper.
Each has a different wrist pin location.
Different size rings.
Different compression.
Not interchangable.
(The K piston has cool PCP knurling somebody did - awesome !)
This post for the benefit of a blog follower . . .


Art is fun . . . do some . . .

He said . . .

 . . . don't worry, I can weld anything . . . aluminum, brass, plastic, cardboard, styrofoam . . .
great - just great , now what ????

Kenny Farrell

A famous local stock car racer passed away this week.  Farrell was the guy you wanted to be when hangin' with the neighborhood kids - racing homemade buggies down hills.
"Hey, I get to be Kenny Farrell this time!"