We need more snow !

The roof ain't caved in yet . . . but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. We have plenty of snow now. Don't need no more. I've been shoveling a little path to my shed so I can still get the Arctic Cat out - if needed. It's supposed to be 32 degrees this weekend. The highest temperature in about 37 days. If you live in a warm state . . . Can you do me a favor? Go ride your motorcycle and have a beer for me. I'd appreciate the thought.

Cheese Tortellini with Wrap Sandwich

I like food - and Cheryl whips out some great eats . . . (she's really into cookin' ) and last night we had this soup stuff with cheese tortellini, spinach, red pepper, beans, and some kind of tasty broth. It was a more simple recipe - but, it sure was good. The wrap sandwich had smoked turkey, spinach, seasonings, cheese and special sauce. It really hit the spot for some reason? Maybe 'cause it's damn cold outside and it just warmed me up. Our cupboards are filled with all types of oils, herbs and spices which are the necessary ingredients to many delicious recipes. Hey, a guy can't go to Hu Hot every night !

WLA 18" Wheel - Star Hub !

The WLA wheels have been sand blasted, trued with the original star hub rebuilt. Painted Olive Drab. (I'm really starting to like this green stuff . . . ) I was going to customized this sucker - but, the original motorcycle needs to be saved. The last year of the WLA is 1952. This is an original 1952 with matching cases and frame. Reissued by the US government for the Korean War. You can see my original M88 Linkert in the background (also painted olive drab).
The frame is painted too. I called the Harley archives and they told me only 573 WLAs were produced in 1952.
I guess I should be able to find it in the parking lot with all the other Harleys ?????

WLA 3 Bolt Transmission

This is the WLA "Army Bike Project" transmission restored to all it's glory. Upon initial inspection it was revealed that the case was cracked. Now it's been professionally welded. New bushings installed and honed for precise fitment. New kicker (tripper) screws. All rebuilt - works great on the bench. Painted authentic OD(Olive Drab) from Rapco Paint Co. - supplier of all the original OD colors. The cast iron gray paint is from Plastic-Coat. I like it's look. The WLA is coming along good. It should be the baddest outlaw military bike on the block !


The Ford Torino has been in the news a lot lately. I took a picture of this particular car when I was driving down the highway in Florida last fall. It's painted in the colors of the 70s television hit called Starsky and Hutch - starring David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser. Another "Torino" that's been in the news is the GT owned by Walt Kowalsky in the movie Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood. If you haven't seen Gran Torino - go see it. It's a very good movie. It will do a lot of things for you, and probably make you a better person. I won't tell you anything about the movie - but, you go see it and then leave me comments what you think. Torinos in high school weren't all that cool. Most would rather have a Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, GTO, Charger, Road Runner . . . you know what I mean. Now all the 60s and 70s cars are hot stuff - no matter what they are. The Gran Torino just got a whole lot more popular thanks to some Hmongs. Thank you to Bee Vang and all the actors who did a great job, considering they didn't have a lot of experience . . . and thanks to Ford for the Gran Torino.

February 7th and 8th in Dez Moinez

Here's the plan - Des Moines Swap Meet. Stop in Colo at Willard's. Get some Hamms & Tacos at Fu. Cyclepedia, unless Dennis is having a moment. COC unless the door is locked or we see used shotgun shells on the ground. Maybe Garvis, maybe GT, maybe Sully's, maybe Marshalltown - home a little late. Don't wait up.

Leo Payne. Period.

My dad knew Leo Payne of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He took his new Bendix down to him to have it bored oversize. Leo never bored one of those yet - he'd give it a try. I remember as a little kid, commenting about his motorcycle being in the "living room." Dad was buying from S&S before most builders knew who they were. Mostly stroker flywheels and pistons. Not many people knew how to build a stroker. However, Leo Payne is now legendary. To elaborate on his life, racing, R & D and his accomplishments, would take a book. Someone needs to write that book. Here he is at Lion's Dragway on the 57XL. There's a lot going on in this photo. He has some sort of weights on the front axle. Still running the 'H' Oil tank, jumpy cable tach, struts, XLR pipes, he's still kick starting it, dress shoes, Turnip Eater, oil leaking out the rocker nut. Notice his shifter foot. It's off the peg, ready to grab the next gear. Anyone who has an ironhead will tell you that you have to lift your foot, not just your toe. Get It On !!!!! Leavin' the line hard - tire spinning !
The legend of Leo Payne, caught in a split second. Ain't life wonderful?

Hurst Airheart

Here is the front brake on my stroker Sportster. It's a Hurst-Airheart. It looks cool, but doesn't really stop that good. I want a little Performance Machine 125x2 caliper. The PM caliper can be mounted solid, and this brake has to "float." I turned down my Kayaba fork legs. I run a Borrani 19" aluminum rim on the front with an Avon 3.50-19. If you have a PM caliper like I want . . . let me know.

Chevrolet 230 Inline 6

You know, with Chevrolet in such a bad predicament with the other American auto factories . . .my chevy may just fall into the same realm as the Studebaker, Tucker, AMC . . . and any other US automaker that ever built a respectful vehicle and then closed due to loss of market share. Maybe if they would have kept the inline 6 and made it smog resistant - they wouldn't be in this situation. This little SOB runs like a champ. Sure, I've had small blocks, big cams, big carbs and nitrous. I had it all set up to get a steel crank 327 and do it up good. Then I looked at my little inline 6. It's such a "driver." The thing gets 25 in town. I steamed the block, ported the head a little, comp cam, matched the intake, aluminum gear drive, a couple other tricks - and it's a fine running engine. I have a choke glitch - but, you can still get the parts from Car Quest. Once it revs up on the freeway - you can't even here it run - just a little wind whistle through the window. I could use a 700-R4, but the powerglide (with deep pan) works fine. See you on the boulevard !

15 Minutes of Fame

The artist Andy Warhol once stated that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. Mine happened twice. Once at the Eagle River World's Championship Snowmobile Derby and once at the World Series of Snowmobile Racing. My dad(Noot Sr.) was a tuner for a racer named Hickle. He was fast (still is pretty good) and rode Thunderjets and Yamaha SRXs and GPXs. I'd go along to the races, and soon was entered in the Junior program. I won my first race at Grand Forks, ND. I went on to win a few classes at Eagle River over the years - and the Waldheim World Series. For some reason I was good at it. I had concentration and focus. I worked out and was physically fit to go all out the entire race. My equipment was old, but fast. I lost an engine while leading Eagle River by a full straight-a-way one year. That really sucked - but, it makes a great story (otherwise it would be just another win). Everyone should get their 15 minutes. Eagle River is this weekend Jan 16th, 17th and 18th. Wish I was there racing again. (PS. Make sure you zoom in and check out my Nike Cortez sneakers, white with a red swoosh)

Yamaha TT500

This photo is from a few years back. Riding on the Little Turkey River, above the dam, Waucoma, Iowa. The Yamaha has been sold. The Bates leathers went on ebay. The helmet and boots on the garage sale. However, a friend lent me his Honda 500 this year - ready to go. I bought a new set of Fox boots. New helmet, gloves and bibs. I'll borrow a nice leather jacket. This weekend I'll try to get back in the action. I'm sure I'll be slow. The goal is to keep it on at least one wheel. I won't be first, but probably not last either - we'll see. The ice is a different ball game. The more you ride the faster you get. See you on the track !

The snow is piling up . . .

The snow was coming down real hard, the plows were out in full force - and by the time it got dark, they were running out of places to put the snow. So, the method is - just pile it down the middle of the street. It was fun racing around between the snow piles. But, be careful, the piles are hard to see around for oncoming traffic - you can get smucked. The city has this big ass fan-type snowblower that runs right down the middle of the street. The snow is blown into a dump truck following along side and is hauled away. If you don't get snow - you may not know these things. This pic is from about 8pm, still a lot of traffic for a small town. Not much happens around here, but when it does - you got to get out and enjoy it !