Hundred Bucks - $100 - C Note

Everything is a "Hundred Bucks" now . . . hell, a couple years ago this tank was $5, $10 . . . now if it's got a lame 70's paint job it's $100 . . . I wouldn't have this on my scoot even back in the day. It's kinda fug'ly . . . That tin primary cover was all beat to shit - with crappy chrome too. I need to beat up more of my good parts. It's easy to build a rat bike (but apparently expensive).

Check this out

He couldn't afford spokes - so he used chicken wire?????

Hand Me Downs

I had to call a guy about servicing a few things on his motorcycle. It was his dad's bike that we worked on years ago. His dad is gone now - and it's been handed down to the son. The trailer door came down and my jaw hit the floor. Awesome! I got it running in about 15 minutes, but the cups and oil lines leak so bad - the oil is running all over the motor, smoke is rolling, the carb is seeping, but I'll get it sealed up. Pretty neat bike - huh?

Donnie Smith Show & Swap

You had to kinda look around to find some cool shit goin' on this year - but it was worth the trip.
A "little" something for everyone. By Sunday, the crowd is gettin thin and you can move around a bit more. I see Steve Driscoll was there - airbrushing up a storm. Some unique stuff I didn't see last year. 1967 XLCH sold for $1000 bucks. That green panhead was damn cool !

Wrinkle Paint

I use PJ1 Wrinkle Paint (make sure you clean the tip and the can) it likes to stick up after one usage. I then spray Plastic-Coat Flat Black Hi-Heat over the top to dull it up - otherwise it's too shiney and looks like ass . . . Keep the wrinkle a uniform thickness and lay it on a little heavy, but don't get a run or yer screw'd. Tricky stuff - but if you do it right - looks bitchin' . . .

Bobber Correct?

Looks good to me - I say YES . . . What do you think Chris?

Kawasaki 2 Cycle

Wouldn't it be great to have a motorcycle like this? You could race around town and pretend you're a GP racer from the past . . . and everyone would know it's you coming !

Betty Crocker

FL Police

When I was first hangin' more at the family shop, my dad had me working and servicing this panhead whenever it came in. The guy was from Ames, Iowa and I eventually took the whole bike apart and we rebuilt everything. He put quite a few miles on it every year. It had that square "police oil bag" and other cop goodies on it. Wonder if he still has it?

Print for future reference . . .

Sorry about the photo lighting - but, the guy wouldn't let me have it to photocopy - and I thought somebody could use this . . ?


No Dope

An excellent use of an old 45 I'd have to say . . .

Where is she now?

Sometimes you wonder whatever happened to the girl in the Allied Advertisements? Did she go on to have this huge modeling career? Is she just a housewife now? Is this gal a famous movie actress - and I just don't recognize her? Where the hell's she at . . . damn it !


Big Noot at the Humboldt, Iowa drags - July 4th - 1980's.
He owned more than one XLCR . . .


Long Beach Swap Meet looks to be a good one? Plenty of goodies. 4 speed case, rigid frame, 32E generator, SU carb w/ remote float, pistons, rings . . . and the '64 CH custom. Bacon just moved there a few weeks ago. He'll be ridin' year 'round now - Hmmmm, maybe just maybe . . ?
(pic stolen from Chris K.)

Dragon Spray'r

You know the proper way to paint a dragon? I didn't think so . . . This dragon has class . . .
and class is in session.
Bob Spina can hook you up.
Vegas baby . . . get your dragon while they're HOT !

Spring is coming . . .

This one makes a nice desktop background . . .
(why are his rings on the outside of his glove????)

The Flying Weasel Garage

Met this talented painter named Mike at the Cedar Rapids Swap Meet. He does some really cool paint jobs with lace & flake. He fabricated his own method to "louver" gas tanks and fenders - and everything looked real professional. See his blog at: Mike is located in Keokuk, Iowa - Go see him when you're in the area (bar next door).

Old Guys Rule

This is exactly what you get when you try to tell old guys what to do . . .

Indy Mile Tickets - On Sale Now

Tickets were quite a bit cheaper in 1976 !
($2 Parking - $5 Admission)

Mexican Blanket

This neat lil' scoot was at the Dice Party Vegas awhile back
. . . way cool.

FXR with bling . . .

Spotted in Las Vegas.
(although I'd probably lose the floorboards)

A few years ago . . .

Probably should have bought this one?


Everything needed to be gone through . . . it was a mess.
If you've ever tried to get a new set of field coils in a generator - you know what I mean. What a bitch. You need to c-clamp 'em about 10 times (while tightening the screws more & more each time) - then grind a little on the shoes.
Shit. Damn. This sucks. Finally the armature will fit and spin freely.

Hawbaker's XLX

From it's bone stock humble beginnings - It was never fast enough for him. This thing killed off a bunch 'o jap bikes in it's day. The heydays of Noot's Custom Cycles !