Neat Primary Set-Up

Who came up with that?


My friend Bob Spina sprayed the fuel tank . . . I saw some pics on his board when I was in Vegas last week. Remember my "Dragon Spray'r" post a few back . . . That CCI Kit rocks. One of the better ideas that came out of Custom Chrome. This motorcycle is Bad Ass ! (see Church of Choppers post by Nelson Kanno for more insight on this)

Cecil's Shovel

We found Cecil's in Vegas. No hidden parts stash (long since picked by the locals) - but, Cecil himself was one cool dude. He was in Sturgis camping in City Park the same year Big Noot was there . . . when Dick Allen set the picnic tables on fire . . . and the drags on the highway out front . . . . and the firemen came and hosed down the crowd to gain control . . . and Pete Hill's drag bike went down mainstreet . . . and all those good old stories - Cecil was there. Awesome.

Force Girls

Where's she goin' with her hand????

Barry's Liberator

48 Hours at Bob Spina's

I'm ready for a vacation. After spending 48+ hours with Bob Spina in Vegas, and watchin' him spray flake, airbrush, pinstripe, sand, buff, clear, fix other people's fuck-ups . . . it's clear to see why Spina is the best. Bob was buffin' out flaws I couldn't even see . . . and after 50+ years - he still don't need no sign on his building. So, if you gotta have the coolest paint . . . fly, drive, limo, cab, whatever - build a fucking wood box(I did) - Get with me - I'll get ya hooked up - It's kinda an exclusive deal if you get me? You dig?
Vegas baby !
Photos: "Mad Jack" punkin, Hell's Angels Death Head, Big Noot's Tank (with trade mark "Noot-Beer" rootbeer flake)

Thirst Quencher

Ice cold Hamm's Beer is where it's at . . .

Knuckle Chop

This was listed FOR SALE and it got my wheels turning . . .
'39 E with '52 wishbone.
It was one of those "like they used to ride" scoots.
A little loose, unkept, ragged, leaky, but ok for the do-it-yourselfer.

In other words: Perfect.
The price was reasonable. Hmmmmmm?

Rat Bike ????????

I didn't consider this motorcycle "ratty enough" to be entered in the Rat Bike Class. It was just a little dirty. (Check that rear Dunlop)

Sano Seven-Fitty

Some guy did a damn nice job restoring this Honda Four. It was entered in the local Abate Bike Show over the weekend.

Easy Listening

Saw up some bodies . . . with Deadbolt


Now - It's official !

In their prime . . .

Youth is king - once it's gone, it's gone forever. I was just thinking about Linda Ronstadt and had to go find her . . . and with the magic of the internet, there she was - just like I remember. So, I went looking for a few others and found them too.


Just a few bikes along the road . . .

The Culprit

No wonder she ran a little rough - a busted valve spring. The beauty of it, is the guy was still riding it. Actually ran pretty good considering the rear exhaust valve probably wasn't goin' closed all the way - floatin' around in there . . . old bikes rock !

Knuth Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee, WI

I've been using these a quite a bit lately . . .

Don't Ask to Borrow My Tool

Harley Part No. 94585-30
Knucklehead / Panhead Headbolt Wrench
In the family since 1968
Value: a shitload of frogskins

Blue & Purple Fingernails

Had a couple stripin' jobs to do . . . I get paint all over myself.
My pants, my shirt, my face . . .

I always have to check really good for smudges. Sparkle orange with flake silver flames and I outline in Purple.
"Leah" be kewl now 2 . . . over & out.

Intakes & Exhaust

I finally witnessed the S&S X-Wedge FXR. Way bad in person. Looks like something Batman would ride. Very professionally built - but, what else would you expect from S&S? I'll still take the XR or the Vincent . . . (that Vincent was totally wicked)