Constant Velocity

It works.  I enjoy trying different combinations - but I just can't seem to find the one that works on this motor. 

Jay Springsteen

In his early years, Jay Springsteen and his brother Charles raced short tracks. "Chuck" ran a 360cc or bigger - and the younger brother Jay raced a smaller 250cc.  The lack of power to most racers would be a disadvantage, but Jay learned to make up seconds/lap with corner speed Holding the throttle wide open all the way around the track, steering with the rear wheel under full power - and pitching the bike sideways to scrub speed when necessary.  It helped hone his skills - soon becoming a top ranked Junior - and then Expert status.  The poster above celebrates his 1977 National Championship.  He won the previous year (1976) and won again in 1978 - A 3 time national champion.  Jay had a mysterious ailment that plagued him during his prime - causing him to miss races and forfeit points.  It was years until smart physician finally diagnosed his problem - and he came back strong as ever !  Scott Parker is the king - but Springsteen (in my opinion) is the greatest flat track racer ever - due to his skill, stamina, longevity and promotion of the sport.  He's still goes fast as heck too . . . 

Baker Drivetrain

One of the best investments you can make for your kick-start Harley 4 speed They operate smooth as silk - and I've tested these gears for 5 straight years on my kicker panhead.  It's a one kick bike on most occasions, and this Baker set up is a big part of it.  Not cheap - but nothin' good ever is . . .
Above: I got my first set of gears from Bert Baker himself.  I won a bike show, and received a Baker gift certificate as a prize.  James Simonelli, me, and Bert Baker in Sturgis, SD.  I run their heavy forged kicker pedal with chrome moly shaft too.  Maybe someday afford a complete transmission?  

Harley K Model Head Gaskets

They don't use head gaskets.  Just spray the head and cylinder with a couple coats of Harley Hi-Heat Barrel Paint, let dry - and bolt 'em on !

Cedar River Harley-Davidson Shop's January.  Probably another 2-3 months of cold to deal with here in Iowa.  This is an excellent time to get started on your "customizing" or service on your summer ride.  Maybe a trade is in order???  Our local dealership has customers from all over North Iowa and beyond.  If you need parts, service or otherwise - Call 641-228-2192 and ask for Bill (Parts and Service) - and there's a good chance he can help you out, get you a fair price - and ship your parts if needed.
Plenty of new and barely used Harley-Davidson (and other brands too) on hand at all times.
In business since the early 1970s...the Minert family still has some old iron sittin' around . . .

Buddy Stubbs

I talked to Buddy Stubbs awhile back when I visited Arizona.  These are his personal race bikes he ran short tracks, TTs, desert races, 1/2 miles - a couple KRs and an XLR.  He beat the factory riders many times - and won the Daytona 100 (250cc class).  I think he said he's 80 now !
 The best museum in Phoenix (off Cave Creek). 
Buddy Stubbs' Harley-Davidson
Since 1966
Above: Someone please reprint these !
Above: Sprint CR

That's me with the helmet....

, , , makin' noise like an ironhead Sportster. 
I was pretty good at it my mom says . . .

Time Waits For No One . . .

A couple more months before we can do this again . . .