Larry's old crowd - Sept. 18th, 2010

Brooklyn Invitational coming up . . .
If you're out East - get there !

Old California Black Plate

This car from Cali - FOR SALE in Iowa - still registered under the old black plate. A real straight Plymouth with no rust.

Impromptu Meeting

Toad, Wally & Dalia discuss ABATE . . .

Donnie Smith Kawasaki

Just startin' to get a beer gut . . . early days in Minnesota before the metabolism slowdown. (with ultra-thin girder)

More flat track . . .

Coming Soon:
Davenport 1/2 Mile Vintage (this coming Friday Nite Sept 3rd)
Springfield Short Track (Sept 4th)
Springfield Mile (Sept 5th)
Canterbury Mile (Shakopee, MN)
Knoxville, Iowa 1/2 Mile
Prescott, AZ . . . .
Go see some good old American racing !
(see for more details)

Clean Cut Weird People

McClelland Racing

TT with Knight glass, Barnes hubs, Maxxis, Works . . .
all the good stuff. (empty bleacher seats?)

I'm a lucky guy . . .

She never complains, she's always there for me when I need her, she dresses so cool, all my friends like her, she lets me go places . . . and she's easy on the eyes !

Mean Mini

The ultimate pit bike !

Might be fun?


I'd never seen this one before? (Full Moon)

The doctor said . . .

" . . . next time don't rub your eyes and you won't have a problem. Wash your hands with hot soap and water. Then, enjoy your salsa !"

New guides, seats, valves, cups . . .

Back Packin' It

Running errands: Ace Hardware, Kwik Star, Theisen's, Lessin's, Car Quest, out to HD, stop for lunch . . . back to work in the garage. Time for cocktails??????

She's bored . . .


J.W. "The Early Years . . . " (photo from the new shop)

1/4 Speed Breather

I picked this up from Tim(Negotiable) at the Sturgis Swap Meet. It's the 1/4 speed oil pump breather for an XLR, KR and KRTT. For prolonged high speed, high rpm race applications.
I don't have the pinion/bevel gear that goes with it. It will be larger (more teeth) than the standard gear - maybe you have one? Check your spare parts. Thanks !

Got the Knuckle runnin' again . . .

Once it got gas - two kicks - oil is pumping - smooth as glass !

Cycle Sports Yamaha

. . . of Houston, Texas - Badass !

Iowa - Workin' Late

This '46 is fresh . . .

She rides it . . .

A motorcycle mama's trusty steed.

Quality Products

Goodson, Morris, Anderson, Lockhart, Etc. Etc. . . .

How to pack a bike too . . .

Not much room to sit? Hmmmmm.

Bake's XLX

Big Noot with the drag bike - late 80's, early 90's - former Pro Stock National Record Holder. Iowa corn-fed iron at it's best . . . (photo from the vault)

Allied Babe . . .

Does anyone have any idea where she is now . . . she was everywhere, now she's gone. I need to contact her - it's very important.

Holland is in my blood . . .

Nijmegen Gelderland is where I come from . . .

I need investors . . .

Anyone want to go in on buying this motorcycle before it goes overseas? You need:
1. North Iowa address
2. You have to know how to set solid lifters
3. You have to know how to time a magneto(wait, I'll do that)
4. You can't be SR22
5. You need a garage(no outside storage)
6. If it starts making funny noises - pull over.
7. Includes FREE Church of Choppers T-Shirt (maybe)
8. Maybe I should rethink this? My ironhead is runnin' good right now.
9. Saddlebags NOT included.
Seriously, only $13K ? I mean chics will be leavin' their phone numbers, handles like a dream, runs like a mofo, be the baddest on the block for once in your life - just do it !

One for Mochi . . .

I'm turning Japanese . . . is she?????