Dennis Hopper

Did you know he was originally from Kansas?  . . . and that he once married Michelle Phillips?

Milled Breather

That breather is totally trick.  I never thought about that - or saw one done before.  The intake is paper-thin.  Anything for extra horsepower - and an endless supply of parts from the factory when shit goes awry.
(you ever use the word "Awry." ????)

How to . . .

Wrap your headers. Nice Job.

EL Gordy

Cases together for total goodness . . . original pump with 1/4-24s all functional now.  She'll be a runner !

Chvrch Mail

I had to hang the new postcard up next to my desk.  Just a few more pop cans . . . and I'll be able to pay Jeff for that bike. 

Mullins Kicker Pedal Review

Review:  Fast Shipping.  Quality Product.  Solid.  Quality Construction.  Cast Aluminum is High Quality (when I sanded the outside edge - aluminum is hard and non-porous).  Grooves inside pedal housing retain grease. Quality machine work and hardware.  Very nice - I'm very proud to use it on my panhead.  Looks awesome.  Thanks Brandon !

JJ Kicks Ass

Who gives a F&%* . . . I love Joan Jett !

" Destroy and Rebuild . . .

Kelly's tranny had "welded" rollers (not spinning-see the flats).  Countershaft junk.  Surfaces breaking up.  Missing (3ea) thrust washers.   Bushings totally shot.
He said, " Actually, it shifted fine . . . !"
This could only be a Harley 4 speed.  The best ever.
Starting the rebuild with fresh Glyptal.

Sporty Babe . . .

Photog from Junk Magazine (Austrialia & UK)

Hux? A distant relative?

Don't you think this guy kinda has that Hux-type-o-smile?  He's got that nice "hey you MF'er" like he's got something goin' on that he wants to tell you.  All in a good way.  Darrel, where ya been?  Cool bike. Cool pic.
80 Incher FLT with fiberglass batwing - totally cool then - and now.

Crazy Bike

Looks like somethin' outta Sweden or Germany - plate says, Ohio.

Roller Bitches

What is it about girls bending, leaning, screaming, grabbing, poking and touching each other on rollerskates???? Come and see for yourself as the River City Dames of Anarchy battle at the  
North Iowa Fairgrounds in Mason City, Iowa 
this Saturday, Nov 12th at 6:00pm.  

Total Goodness . . .

. . . love that dress - those heals.  Yum Yum.
The chop rocks too !

Eddie Glass

I really like my Nebula album.  
A former axeman of Fu Manchu (who I like too)

Kinda Cool . . .

This Sportster is very custom.  
Looks stock, but there's a lot of work done here. 

Art at La Perla Cafe

5912 W. Glendale - Phoenix, Arizona
I like how the cocktail waitress is losing her dress a bit . . .


Note: Alva is the guy I stay with in the black hills.  He had motorcycles for years.  Rode in many Jackpine Gypsie events . . . and has many stories to be told.  Like the time "Sturgis Justice" was upheld in a local eatery.  A jealous husband came in to confront the "gardener" who was having a flirty affair with his wife.  After the gardener told the husband to split or "get beat up" . . . the husband finally left.  He returned and shot the guy dead (in the adjacent booth from Alva).  Sturgis Justice sided with the husband and he got let go.  Moral of the story:  Don't mess around with married women from Sturgis.

Cable Fray

I've noticed my bike making this very slight clicking noise when I wheel it back and forth.  I thought maybe the sprocket was getting worn, chain? . . . it's coming from under the sprocket cover.
Better check it out.  
HEY - Cable was breaking up. 
If this breaks - you go flying ahead into something.  
Notice:  If it's not right, check it out . . .
Ride Safe !

Hey Bacon . . .

I'm gettin' shit done, slow but sure . . .

Spina @ SEMA

Uncle Bobby's zat SEMA dis week . . . 
checkin' out da rods, hittin' on da chics !
. . .  Vegas Baby.

Micro Twin

McFarland is building a complete micro v-twin engine from scratch.  Here are the cast iron cylinders I finished honed to 1.002 dia. for special pistons.  The pistons will have a rubber o-ring for compression.  He will manufacture the complete engine (4 stroke, overhead valve, single cam) from the cases, crank, rods . . . to the cylinder heads.