Joe Smith

How'd you like to try and hang on to this SOB ????
AND get it stopped on the other end !

The S&S Degree Wheel Kit

Most of the time, the only occasion this tool is removed from the tool drawer is when there's a problem.  Your camshaft, pinion gears, timer gear, breather gear . . . all the marks on the teeth line right up and your cam timing is done correctly?  Right?  Wrong?  The fact is: You most likely have 4 to 5 parts, manufactured by 4 to 5 different manufacturers.  A mark could be off a tooth?  Throwing everything off . . .  Different gear pitches.  New parts meshing with used parts.  Are your valves really opening and closing at the precise time they should? 
This is the best way to do it.  Using dial indicators.  That needle will indicate movement (what the human eye can't see)  You'll know exactly where you're at.  It's best to check your valve movement directly off the valve itself (unless you have a 1:1 ratio like a knucklehead or 45, then the lifter is ok too).  The clearances between the pushrod ends, rocker arm to valve, all take up space.  Correcting cam timing is done by moving the cam gear on the camshaft (not easy).  Also done by changing pinion gears, changing cam gears, moving the cam (+ or -) 1 or 2 teeth . . . or modifying keys and ways.  It's a learning experience every time this tool comes out.  Think about it....You did all this work and research choosing the perfect cam for your rebuild - but usually this step gets skipped.  You don't have any idea if your aftermarket cam is doing what you want, unless you take the time and check your cam timing.  It's one reason some engines just run better than others. 
(pic of degree wheel on engine from: Lee (Lee's Speed Shop)

Me & Morty (The Official Shop Cat)

 . . . workin' on choppers before work this morning. 
Last night we watched our local gal Maddie Poppe win American Idol
I hang out with Mort a lot - he's my best bud for sure.

Evel Ad


No Bike Shit

My world is so packed with motorcycle related stuff 24/7 . . . it was nice to just drive with no radio, hang out with my bro . . . and party like a rock star.  Tired (and broke) - but I feel better now.
Mos Generator's Tony Reed

King of The Road

Fu Manchu

Way back when... my friend Doug (who's mom lived in California) would come back, and we'd meet in Cedar Falls for a beer.  His Honda Prelude always had this terrible band called Fu Manchu in the deck.  I soon learned to love them (after buying Daredevil) and currently, Fu is the only band (except for Hanoi Rocks/Michael Monroe) I have yet to cross off my list to see LIVE !  That is after this Saturday nite . . . See ya soon Scotty !

HD Part No. 16070-98R

I guess the "Engine KIT" includes everything but the cases ! ? 
I think you actually get the cases in the kit . . .

Cast Iron Sportster Tappets

From 1957 to early 1962, all Sportsters had these cast-iron tappet guides.  I run them in a couple engines.  They last much longer than the aluminum version.  I have over 35,000 miles on a (used set when I got them) - and they are still straight and perfect.

K to coffee . . .

The last few days in Iowa have been about as perfect weather as you can get.  The best part of my day usually is riding a vintage Harley along the river, making a short loop to Aromas, talk with the boys, then off to work.  Got her dialed in . . . Have a great week !

Champion Sparks Champions

Messin' with lights & switches . . .

My headlight is an FXLR factory headlight.  I welded tabs on it(upside down) and utilized the stock wiring hole to mount my switch.  I welded a block on the lower tree, and mounted the headlight.  I smoothed out all the mounts, and shaved the lower tree.  My own pinstripes.  When did I have time to do all this? 
The small hole in the frame is fed my headlight wire. (I wrapped the wire around a pencil, telephone cord style)  Kleen is what I want . . . Ness hardhead frame.  It's a 1965(hence the Manetti Gold Leaf "65" on the head tube).  Also 65 cu in. 
New kill switch in the top motor mount.  Heads by Jerry Branch. 

John's Car

Someday, you'll own a Yamaha.

KR Mudrunner

Favorite Fat Cars

 I just have a thing for fat Chevys with windshield visors.  Chrome reverse rims too.  I should have bought some different reverse rims just to have them around, maybe mount some whitewalls to give your Chev a different look . . ?


Jarno Saarinen

Many racing experts rate Saarinen as the fastest 250cc motorcycle racer - ever.  A native of Finland, his style was smooth and calculated.  He raced in the most dangerous era of GP.  The "car circuits" were not set up to address the safety of a motorcycle racer. 

Jarno Saarinen had a total of 15 Grand Prix victories on 250cc, 350cc and 500cc machines.
He won the 1972 250cc GP Championship
He was killed at age 27 racing in Monza, Italy when Renzo Pasolini's engine seized, hitting a barrier and the motorcycle was throw back onto the race track - striking Saarinen . . . (see Wiki)

Old Dudes/Bad Knees = Bump Starters

There are many different versions, and many different ways to get the job done.  These examples are lightweight, easily moved and stored - and they work.  However, expensive.
This model looks good !
Back up, start the bike, ride off . . .
If you're old-school - Here's the method you like best, but it takes one guy on the bike and one guy in the car or truck.  You have to work together on this one - and a lot of shit can happen, accidents can happen . . but it gets the job done, and will start the most stubborn, flooded,
high compression and/or mis-timed machines !
 . . . now if you're way way old school and you know somebody with a salvage yard - Go get yourself a car starter/solonoid, weld a socket on your sprocket shaft, get a car battery and a kid's wagon - and you got yourself one of the best remote starting devices ever conceived !
 . . . and the grips off your Bridgestone.
If you're strong . . . ?  This might just work?

Bonsey 80

He's a charger . . .

Chris Tribbey - Cannonball Racer !

Chris (from Caledonia, WI)  has followed the Cannonball Run over the years as a spectator.  However in 2018, he'll be a participant.  Chris got inspired to ride from listening to Bill Rodencal talk of his own experiences on this coast to coast run.  Bottom Line:  "When Bill speaks, people listen !"  I sure do . . .
The Cannonball rips through Iowa (my neck of the woods)
on Friday - SEPTEMBER 14TH
with a stay in Spirit Lake, Iowa

Arthur and Clara

A first family of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Bead Blasting and Washing . . .

They sure look nice !  My weld guy likes 'em clean (for best results)
and who likes workin' on greasy parts anyway? 
1953 Model K engine cases

Stay in School

Design and Engineering . . .

Street Bike

. . . parked in the dirt.

Nut & Boltin' . . .

Check and double check.  Goin' over everything on my flat track bike just so I can make a few laps at Vintage Torquefest next weekend.  When you're not a pro, and you only ride a couple times a year like this . . . you need all equipment under you safe and solid.  I fixed the lower Timken cup in the frame(it was loose) and reset the front end bearings.
The tank got a bit more foam dampening underneath.  The lower mounts were readjusted.
Oil changed to Straight H-D 50 wt.  (I ran H-D 10-40 all winter for ice riding).  I'll unhook the return line and run the motorcycle to flush all the dark oil from the motor - once the oil turns clean again, you know it's purged of old oil.  Pipe guard keeps my leathers from burning . . .
New fuel lines.  I'll lube the air filter.  Dual feed supplies fuel from both sides of the Trackmaster tank.  Two petcocks - Don't forget to turn on the gas dummy !
The pipes are tight.  Axle nuts tight.  My trusty 16T trans sprocket installed - wheel adjusted - It's ready for a test.  I have a title and insurance for this bike, so it's up-the-street I go !
Forks have been stiffened.  Cables re-adjusted.   Lots of work for just a few laps . . . and it rains about every year(so it might not even happen) But strapping on a steel shoe, leathers, helmet, gloves . . . and going around on a dirt oval is fun.  Banked 3/8 Mile with clay, and a wall around the outside.  No hay bales.  Vintage bikes only (that's the best part) - Let's go play dirt-track racer ! 
This is the view I want to show those Triumphs this year -
Wishful thinking ?!?!?!