The Best Lookin' . . .

Hey Jimmy . . . see Chopper Dave's Casting Company for one of these . . . I like 'em better than the S&S ones . . . and you'll be Loud AND Fast AND Rule too NOTE: I've heard they work best if you overlap the velocity stack lip by about 1/4"-3/8" of an inch.  Not in too far, not out even with the lip.

Ride Your K on the 40 Degree Days

This hard-as-a-rock Goodyear All-Traction doesn't offer much traction when it's cold out.
 and Run #10w-40 OIL

The Motorcycle Race

Back went men risked their necks for Cash, a Medal . . .
. . . and definitely - for the Kiss from the Trophy Girl

1961 XLCH

Above:  See anything a-miss ??

I got it runnin' pretty decent in these cool temps.  Starts better.   I bundled up with leathers, insulated denim pants and a full face Bell Vortec. Then put on some back-road miles.  Bar to Bar.
This is the best working old, steel leg Sporty frontend I have . . . It never tops out, bottoms out, or wiggles at high speed.  This bike has the original frame, forks, shocks (and engine) so that might be the difference?  or at least help . . .
Long reach plugs(Autolite 4056)for XLR heads.  My horn bracket broke - so my bud D.T. fixed it.  Now it's good for another 25 years since I did the last one . . . Have a Great Day !

Deadwood, South Dakota

 . . . a few years ago.  Who was this crazy guy?

National Numbers

Lance Jones wearin' 23c . . . who later went on to gain the points for a national number.  I remember him as #28 (who will soon be Michael Bickerton) if all goes as planned.

Vintage Road Racing

I'll bet this one sounds good wound up . . . ?
Dry Clutch
From LIFE Magazine
 Is this a 2 Cycle ?

Brush with Crest

I was at a bike deal this summer, drinkin' a couple beers with a dude I know.  He said any guy that rides an ironhead Sportster needs one of these in his tool kit.

Timing Plug (on-the-road-fix)
I guess it's less weight than my Heli-Coil Kit, cordless hand drill and grease I carry now?

The British

 Momma likes Short Track Short Track Short Track . . .

If it starts with an "X" . .

1000cc of Jerry Branch


I'd ride an Indian like this(if I could run the shift/clutch and throttle)
 . . . sweet bike !


Up to $21,000+ now (Reserve Not Met). 
This WR thing is gettin' out of control . . . Holy Shit !
TROG Racers Unite !  Now they all want to do it - Vintage Flat Track is the hottest thing since the "Waffle Iron" - Iron XR !
Ka Ching  Ka Ching !

I just got an idea . . .

I should go through all the old shop tickets (customer lists) of all the customers my dad had who rode panheads and knuckleheads and see if they still got 'em  . . . FXRs, old stroker Sportsters, big and fat dresser FLHs . . . It's a heck of a full file.  Or maybe not.


1961 XLCH

From the Cut & Mat Book . . . we should make some shirts !

Al Knapp's Race Bike

This '48WR is on Ebay . . up to $14,000 Reserve Not Met

If you can't afford it . . .
at least get some great photos for future reference !
Al Knapp  26e

Dice Magazine Issue No. 80

Get it in the USA
Get it in Ontario
Get it anywhere in the world
They got cool grips too !
and shirts !

S&S Kit: 11-2902

Replacement parts from your local speed shop . . .

Earlier Version . . .

This one has the choke as a separate entity attachment.  For racing you can remove the choke casting on the end and affix your velocity stack.  The choke housing will accept a velocity stack or an air cleaner.  GB=1 3/4" bore (I think?)  I know the Model GBL is 1 3/4" bore.

1965 Cast Iron Pump

. . . with straight threads for the sending unit.  Usually, you get people who try to screw pipe threads into the straight threads or vice-versa.  If it's flat on top(for a brass washer) it's straight threads.  The straight threads are for the old "all steel" sending unit, with the knurling on it.  The newer plastic sending units have tapered threads.

'65 Panhead

This same panhead engine (with the flywheels full o' holes) has these sleeved cylinders.  Looks like a good job however. 
The inside of the cases are all gooped up with some type of yellow sealer?  It looks weird, but I guess it's ok too . . .
Check out these lifters.  Kinda neato.  They have sealing rings (like a piston ring) that runs in tappet bore.  Fancy.

You must compress the rings to get them in the tappet block.  I'd never seen these before.  Which aftermarket company made these?

Floyd Emde

Californian Floyd Emde was a very dominate racer of the 1940s.  His career would have gained many more victories if not interrupted by WWII.  He excelled at hill climbs, flat tracks, TTs and road racing.  Emde won at The Milwaukee Mile - and was the 1948 Daytona 200 Winner. 
PHOTO ABOVE:  Tom Sifton with racers Floyd Emde and a fast youngster named Joe Leonard.
He raced Harleys and Indians and whatever could win and put money in his pocket.  His son Don Emde also won the Daytona 200 (the only father and son to separately win the event).  Floyd ran his dealership and lived a great life of racing, selling and enjoying the great sport of motorcycling.

1965 Panhead Flywheels

I disassembled a '65FLH lower end . . . and these are the flywheels.  It looks like someone tried balancing these in an unorthodox method???  I never like seeing all the holes opposite the counterweight (near the crank pin).  The flywheels are in nice shape otherwise . . . and I'll have them dynamically balanced before reassembly.  This could be the reason the motorcycle sat for years and years.  It shook so bad it cracked the fenders, made your hands numb, and was an overall "buzzing" experience for the rider and/or passenger.  "Honey, Let's Just Take The Car."

Knuckleheads (Click Photo for a BIG View !)

I really like all 3 of 'em . . . when I build one someday - It will be like one of these.  Knuckleheads are expensive$$$$$ . . . and Bill Mize has a unique ( 2 for 1) way of looking at this fact . . .
It goes something like:
2 Ironheads = 1 Shovelhead
2 Shovelheads = 1 Panhead
2 Panheads = 1 Knucklehead