Many Irons in the Fire

Washing, cleaning, polishing . . .

8 Fin Gear Cover

Fitment.  This case half is from Panama.  It needs major renovation.  The cover has been welded, and still needs more work.  If you want an old Harley Panhead . . . it takes commitment..


Ricky's Ironhead

Big Noot got Ricky's stroker cams(V9 Andrews) all dialed in with the right case 1/2.  He accurately checked all the end-play on each camshaft from the inside with a dial indicator.  As he was goin' through the transmission, he noticed a dog missin' . . . and the missing gear dog was wedged down low, near the pawl carrier . . . this dog almost bit him ! . . . That would have been like "Ouch !"

Lucky Day: Bell Moto 3

I went with my wife to a junk-fest in small town Iowa (yawn) . . . but, I started finding cool stuff like this helmet(fits me perfect) and weird motorcycle toys . . . Kinda fun !

Haifley Brothers

I didn't know these boys are originally from Keota, Iowa.  They have a new shop (next door to Jeremiah's Love Cycles) and it's probably one of the coolest and best-set-up custom shops I've ever seen.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture, but I was too busy checking out all the neat hot rod builds, bikes, frame straightening, jigs, equipment . . . just the perfect shop.  I was impressed with the quality of their work . . . and their knowledge on all aspects of welding, metal shaping and customization.  Search their website, and just remember to get your work in ASAP . . . 'cause all shops that do great work, are busy, busy, busy.
Thanks again for the tour fellas . . . Respectfully, -Noot

Arizona: A little bit of everything . . .

I did my yearly trip to Arizona to visit my son and his wife. . . see some sights, eat some food, drink a couple beers and fit in some "bike stuff" . . . fun times.
Eric at Phoenix International Raceway (just down the street)
From the Phoenix Police Museum (not good on a hot day in Phoenix)
Sunday we took a road trip to Tombstone & Bisbee . . .

Monday, I gave Eric a break, and went to work for Jeremiah.

 These heads had never been apart . . . for his Born Free build.
Plenty of projects . . .so he put me to work !
He machined and pressed steel seats on Andre's ironheads.
I got to install new guides !  I could work here !
Move to Arizona . . . hmmmmm? 
 Plenty of projects all around . . .
He's got "the muscle" for all your vintage motorcycle needs.
  . . . then Joel came by to help too.  
You may have seen his supercharged BSA at this
year's 'Builders' show in Texas ? 
A lifetime of projects awaits !

 Ice cold water - always - at Love Cycles 
It's the . . .
"The Hottest Shop in the Country" 

KR engine numbers ( and Fred Nix )

I found these pages(here's one in particular) from AMA pro racing programs, whereas in the earlier days, racers noted their engine serial numbers upon entry for each class.  Maybe you'd find a set of cases, and could determine the racer who rode that particular machine . . . ?  Fred Nix 53KR1982: I wonder where that motor is today?  Fred was flyin' that day.
 This might be the bike?  
Fred Nix was one of the best Mile racers ever, winning mile events in only his 2nd year of pro competition - and taking victories in professional road racing nationals too.  

Tombstone, Arizona

I've stood the same ground location of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Civil War Battlefields(are the heaviest), Evel Knievel jump sites, Sebring (famous crashes, famous victories) The Apollo lift offs . . .  The original location of Saloon 10 . . . Specific places where important events in American history took place - they have that certain aura surrounding them.  Events that happened - not really that long ago.  Tombstone, Arizona has such a place. 

The Bigots

I would just assume a certain viewpoint from opinions of others (to fit in, to be cool) but when I truly understood the facts, the subject and the situation, I understood the truth of the matter, formed empathy and confidence to do my own thing, to lead not follow.  The facts.  A wise, elderly lady who worked in a neighborhood store in small town Iowa(Cedar Falls) once told me the word Bigot came from two words . . . Big Idiot.  She said if you're a bigot, you miss out on a lot of good life.  I'm sure she's gone now, but her advice has served me well.  I've met incredible people, who shared incredible stories, advice and received gifts, love and friendship no amount of money, tangible items or fame could ever replace. 

XLR? Or an imposter ?

Do you suppose that's an aluminum fender, and fender braces?
Are those real XLR "thin wall" exhaust pipes?
The shocks look to be correct.
It needs one more clamp on each exhaust pipe.
It's got notched rocker boxes, which are later . . . but, it still could be an XLR.
Anybody know where this motorcycle is?  The decal is a bit high on the tank.
Still - a way cool bike . . .


Did you know these carburetors don't have a float bowl ?
I think this engine is an Iron XR ?  The top end looks short.

Clean Machine

 Washed up Ricky's stroker cases in hot, sudsy water.  Hot water rinse and blow dry is best.
Cases have been machined to clear the connecting rods.  The breather holes were beveled for possible improved air flow.  It can't hurt . . .
1966 Malibu engine case transport.  If I visit Malibu, I'll drive the Malibu . . . too.

Early Super B Single Cable

I got this from Rattlecan . . . it was pretty rough, and the float must have stuck all the time and the guy carried a hammer, 'cause it was all beat to shit.  I sanded, and sanded, and sanded some more.  Gave it a blasting and washing.  Somebody did a nice job on installing the steel throttle bushings (I don't think they had them originally) the throttle shaft is nice and tight.  In process restoration . . .

Bill Mize & Mollie

Bill and Mollie came over and picked up the '48FL.  It's ready to be a runner We walked down and had lunch at The Pub . . . and since they're "cat people" - they were anxious to maybe get to meet Morty "The Official Shop Cat."  Well, long story short . . . Morty was in a piss-head mood (more like Morty Hyde) and he didn't want anything to do with anybody that day.  Morty, you little snarky fart ! 
 . . . of coarse, a few hours later, The Mort shows up and it's like . . . "Hey, where'd your friends go?"  They leave already?????  He's all nicey nice and fluffy . . . What the heck ?

STURGIS 2016 " A Possible BUST "

Bummed Out Editorial:

I just can't find anything to do at Sturgis this year.  I know how "to do" the rally about as good as it can get.  There just isn't any good races.  The drags (but, last year it was marginally ok, with long down times between runs and too many intermissions).  The Sturgis Half Mile might be gone? (I guess there's Rapid for the Pro AMA?) The Gypsie Short Track maybe? But, half the races are the kids on PW50s.  I see there's wheelbarrow races? WTF?  Mayor's Ride? yawn.  The bands are kinda sucky this time . . . I just don't get it.  I want to run out for a couple days and check out something - but, I can't find anything yet.  Maybe use my vacation time for the AMCA Wauseon or The Meltdown Drags in Byron, Illinois . . . ?  Kinda sucks, I love the rally, the riding, and the run out and back - but, this time it's just leaving me cold.  I could care less about Hairball . . . and Lynch Mob is like Thursday before the rally even starts - hell, there ain't gonna be nobody there ? !  I gotta figure something out . . . Suggestions?

1952 K Model: Save Money, Ride Small Displacement

It's been a cold Spring in Iowa.  Rain, cold, very little sun, wet, clouds, rain, cold, wet, cold, more clouds - I feel like I live in England or Ireland . . . 

Don't drink beer and buy parts . . .

I purchased this case when I was drinking beer at a swap meet.  It appeared to be a good deal, at a good price.  Then, with proper eye-focus . . . I noticed cracks, bad threads after a good cleaning.  Lucky for me, Pat welded up the breaks and cracks, and McFarland machined, drilled and tapped for the new stud.  A couple more adjustments and it's almost perfect.  Everything I ride pretty much started out as someone else's "put back" or the part you pick up, see it's bad, and set it back down.