Kinda Cool . . .

I'm sure it took a lot of work and thinking . . .
A fitting tribute, but I like the original best - and I know it's faster !

Reaming Side Car Loops

It appears a "locator" off lower seat post tube - and this power-reamer aligning the loops.  Mostly likely a couple other operations while on this table . . . ? Lack of electric welds? 1937 ?

Tech Tips: Breaker Points

Personally, here's how I do it - with good results . . .
FIRST:  I make certain point faces are parallel and square to each other - equal distance across from each other.  I bend, pry, tap with hammer & punch, use a needle nose, whatever . . . just get the faces as straight as possible.  If you don't, they are just barely touching at one point - and you may not get a good ground, more arching of spark, more pitting of point's faces, etc . . 
NEXT:  I check my Points Gap on both the "Narrow" and "Wide" lobes.
Magneto Points = .015 to.016 gap (.018 new set)
Cone Points = .020 gap (.022 new set)
If they are a new set of points, I add a couple to compensate for the fiber block wearing.
NOTE:  If the gaps are different on each lobe - I will "true up" the shaft with a small brass hammer or a punch with tape on the end . . . (see below) Otherwise you have (2)different points gap setting for each cylinder - which is lame.  I think my motors run better with equal point gaps.  
I just lightly tap the shaft opposite side I want it to move.  Most of the time it works.  Sometimes the shaft won't move much.  Sometimes it's off quite a bit.  If I can't get the shaft to move, I'll split the difference from each lobe and set my gap at that . . . kinda in the middle.  Example: .022 and .018 - I'll set it around .019 or .020 - ( a shaft with .005+ run-out needs trued )
Spark Plug Gaps
Magneto = .020-.025
Breaker Points = .025-.035
The more powerful your coil, the more you can open up your plug gap.  Most electronic ignitions can jump a .030 or more . . . really get that flame to travel.  The wider gap, the more your coil will "strain" to jump that gap, possibly damaging a stock coil?  I usually run what the H-D Service Manual recommends.  Check your cone points every 10K miles.  Magneto Points last longer.  I've had the same sets of points in my magnetos for about 10 years now - and they all still look good.
ALWAYS grease your cam lobe (fiber block)
With advance weights:
ALWAYS set your timing with weights in advanced position ! Use a screw driver or needle nose to advance your cam to the stop in the direction it turns when engine is running . . .
 5 ohm coils = Points Ignition
3 ohm coils = Electronic Ignition
(You can run a 3 ohm coil with points, you just risk burning your points a bit faster over time . .
See you on the road !

Sam Wills 187mph - 1/8 Mile Eddyville, Iowa 2015

Sam backed up this run with a track record 4.01 @193mph later in the evening.  Nitro mixed with cool night air equals BIG HORSEPOWER !  Congratulations to Sam and his entire team.

Eddyville Drags by S&S Cycle

Vintage bike drags Friday & Saturday brought out vintage, nitro, pro stock and you could even make a run on the S&S 143 . . . . Ride the Dragon !  (you get a free t-shirt and an interview)
Dual engine Triumph pre-unit, originally built in 1953 . . . and Bruce had his bright orange 99inch Sportster runnin' great.  I watched him shut down a Hayabusa and a ZX14, both with wheelie bars.  Must be the Baisley heads ?  He can ride it awesome, smooth & consistent.  Dingman should be a proud sponsor.
Lil' CH is just right - Pop & Kid Race Team - Wisconsin.
Local iron - JRs Stroker, Clarksville, Iowa
Drink beer, tell stories and have some fun . . .
These guys know what it's all about - Nice meeting you !
Sam Will's crew in action.  1500 horsepower.  
Numerous 200+ mph passes
Many records . . .
4.25 in the 1/8 @185+mph
Nitro discussion . . . Jeff Wiley & Sam Wills
T-Handles & Speed-Wrenches !
 More my speed . . .(above)
It's the people you meet at an event like this that I dig the best.  Vintage racing is sure coming back.  Most of these racers had already ran Meltdown in Byron, Humboldt, Farley, etc . . . some driving 700 to 1000 miles just to race their bike at the Midwest tracks.  They all like midwest tracks -  no hassles, good tracks and lots of fun.

Red Helmet

The red helmet - one of his best trademarks . . . 
I wonder who has it?
Shortened XLR pipes (about -2 to 3")
Rear brake direct by aluminum arm (hand made)
Seat bracket bars
Struts (no shocks)
Road race front drum brake
Huge fuel line (nitro)
Modified sprocket cover
Solid bars on lower tree
High Gear Only - Slip Clutch . . . Rocket away like no tomorrow
Rear slick is hot & sticky
Wonder how many cubes it is? 
Lions Dragway (pre 1972)
I can just hear race announcer Larry Huffman . . .
"Check that watch, Iowa's Payne just shucked a 169.66 mph in his first pass of the day . . .
look out Brits, King Leo is here and coming for you . . . wowza !"


Two is Better Than One

See you soon for a full fast pass . . . !
Eddyville, Iowa 
This Weekend

River of Time

It's very quiet . . .  just riding my bicycle on the early morning trails the last few weeks, before the heat of the afternoon.  Out of the trees and grass, I kick up big cottontail rabbits, baby rabbits, baby squirrels, mice, a skunk going home, birds, etc. busy with their day.  Animals, going about their life.  Busy doing.  They aren't worried about phones, computers, taxes or dish network.  I stop for a picture - It's quiet.  As I'm riding, sometimes I think of people that I've known all my life - forever . . . wonder where they've been?  Then, I remember, they passed away - a year or two or more, but it still seems like they're still around.  You know what I mean?   These people would probably just love to ride this trail just one more time.  Hear the water, hear a certain voice, hear a bird's song, just once more.  The river just keeps flowing.  Sometimes it rages.  Sometimes it's really slow, barely a trickle of water.  Just like the lifetime of a human.  A river can teach you so many things.  Living on a river can make a life more beautiful - and educate you to the importance of people in your life - and what really matters.  I'm lucky to have a river near.  I just got an idea . . . we should go fishing.  Fishing is a good thing.  Good for your living soul.

WHITESNAKE - Surf Ballroom 2015

If you were at the Surf Ballroom last night . . . you know what I'm talkin' about.  We got our asses blown away by David Coverdale, guitarist Reb Beach . . . and especially drummer Tommy Aldrich.  When seasoned hard rock gods get together - it's very powerful.  This group was hittin' on all cylinders - The Reb Beach guitar solo was like a fully loaded freight train of molten lava during an earthquake . . . we all stood stunned as to where that sound came from ? . . . The music rocked your core.  Coverdale continues as one of the ultimate rock showmen after all these "thousands of years" as he says . . . from his days in Deep Purple, Coverdale / Page . . . and the ballad masters of his own band, Whitesnake.  I had never seen the crowd in the Surf with more hands in the air, smiles on faces, and overheard quotes like . . . Holy Fuck they fuckin' rock - That was Awesome . . . It was really cool.
Reb Beach (above) ranks as my favorite rock guitarist.   
Joel Hoekstra compliments this band perfectly with his classically-trained licks.
He played brilliantly.
Tommy Aldrich - Rock Drummer of the Gods
Enough Said.
Whitesnake - The Purple Tour 2015  (A+)

Seat Saver Valves

The Rowe Company is now closed . . . but there's still some of these Seat Saver valves out there.  Rowe Part No. 721-63.  Rowe made these a special head size and stem length(maybe just a touch longer) so you can move your seat OUT a bit on those old gold, bronze type, panhead valve seats that H-D used in their heads for many years.  This may save you the headache of changing, milling and pressing in new valve seats, that can fall out or crack your cylinder head.

Full Tilt Weekend

Rode up to Rochester after work Friday to watch Darrel wire up his FXRT Sturgis Runner.  No pics yet (it's a secret build) but just wait til' you see this thing jam by in the left lane . . . pretty cool Hux.  They kept me hydrated and fed and I hit the road Sat am for JB's Custom Cycle in Pine Island . . . then met Pat's rebel riders for the run to Full Tilt !
JB's Sportster is really cool . . . a hardcore Evo urban weapon.

Shea(left) threw together this and blasted up from KC at 90+ . . . 
Irish Luck for him everytime.
Panhead Steve said the pan is running great (Hi Susan !)
Bravetown is everywhere (nice talkin' with you bro . . .)
Yours was one of my favorites . . .

Really bitchin' iron showed up . . . This is a really great show, everything rode in on it's own with pistons jumpin' and pipes smokin'. . . . great show, great food, music . . . and the door prizes and trophies ain't too shabby either.  Perfect day.  Full Tilt Chopper Show 2015

Kenny made it !  
(the next photo would get me a XXX rating -couldn't print it)
We really missed Michael - 
and we hope Zeus gets better soon for more great years.
This ironhead had neato paint - I dig Orange.
"Yes dear, my Triumph made it, and it's runnin' great - don't worry."

This Panhead - One of my Favorites

 Another one of my favorites !
Someday we'll all be riding these - smart fella - cool bike dude !
ADVICE:  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Zach's shovel must run great due to rusty spark plugs.
This chopper is rad . . .

Baas & Co
Don't be fooled by grease and dirt . . . these suckers run.
Minnesota backroad burners . . . !
 Show n Go n Sunflowers 
 Union Speed Crew ( nice iron Jordan !)
Joe (Minnesota Joe) always gives me the time.  We noticed our chops have a lot in common like the Pipes, Gear Cover, E Carb, Box Light, Tank, etc.  Joe and Pete and Zach, Kevin's . . all do a super job with Full Tilt.  Lots of volunteer work goes into it, and they do a great job.  Thanks for all your efforts and puttin' on a great show for all of us to enjoy.  See ya'll soon.  
With much respect:  -Noot