I picked up this photo off the net somewhere - pretty darn sure it's Chica - Nice Chop !

2010 Honda CB1100F

What do you think about this?

Competition Engineering

Former record holder XL drag bike from C.E., Sturgis, SD.


Cragar mags go with any car, anything . . .

U Dig Pink?

The Legends at Winfield-Watson

Hey, even that T-Bucket guy was there . . . uh, the old dude with the razor cut - Norm Grabowski - holy shit. A gathering of the true legends of paint and customizing. Barris, Hines, Watson, Spina, Winfield, Bo Huff, Mr. J, Artie . . . did I mention Hines?!?!? Hell, even Lil' Daddy Dennis found his way there.
If you're somebody, you were there - if you aren't - you weren't invited. See more pics from a link at the Jalopy Journal - click on it and take a ride !
(Thanks to Uncle Bob Spina for the pics)

Mail from Uncle Bob

How many of you guys get a package of fun stuff from Bob Spina . . ?
Stay tuned for pics from the big Winfield / Watson shindig !

Everybody loves Wally . . .

Wally is a good friend of mine. I've known him for years - but, the last few we've taken some short trips together. Most are about 100-200 miles with beer stops along the way. He owns 3 Triumphs, 2 Harleys, a Yamaha, and a couple minibikes. He's always wanted to go to the Springfield Mile - and this year he finally made it. The 700 mile trip was his longest. He rode his new Triumph this year - but, his other machinery is usually a little rough lookin' - however, I can't say I've ever seen him have a problem on the road. But, wouldn't you know it - when his new Triumph American got wet from the downpour - the thing would kill. Something with the kickstand switch - WTF?

Cal Rayborn Sr.

Big Daddy's Trike . . .

Back when trikes were cool . . . no Training Glides, no FLHXXXs, no pussy's . . . .

Where's my new wrenches . . ?

It's Fall in Iowa

Morty "the official shop cat" chowed a bird this morning and wanted everyone to know it was pretty damn tasty. I just made the observation that Mort can run down a sidewalk covered with leaves and not step on a single leaf. It's gettin' colder and the 50wt oil ain't flowin real good now. It takes about 10 kicks to get the K- Model started . . .

Street Chopper Magazine - 40 years

I stood at the local grocery store last night and read the entire 40th Anniversary Issue of Street Chopper Magazine. It has a lot of the same information that's from "The History of the Chopper" with Jesse James. You know the documentary . . . the one with Irish Rich at the beginning firing up his chop. ( bought a bag of chips - and opened them and read the whole issue and paid for an empty bag of chips) It has a good history of Ness inside the issue. I think I'll go back and actually buy one today. (Temp: 40 degrees F. and sunny in Iowa)

Can ya dig it . . ?

I've had the top page torn from a Street Chopper magazine since I was about 13 yrs. old. I thought the chic was totally hot - and the sporty (built by BACC - Bay Area Custom Choppers) was the most kick as bike I'd ever seen. I wanted both someday. The bottom custom was built from a kit by Perewitz and painted by Horst. I've got another fiberglass rear fender with lucas tail light - I just need the short, narrow springer - anyone have one they might sell me???????

Smith Bros & Fetrow of Minneapolis

Donnie Smith on Pandemonium

We live in a great country . . .

A couple weeks ago I went out to Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware to see some sights. It wasn't what I expected. The East Coast is great. It's where it all started. The people that made us who we are . . . the greatest country on the face of the earth. I'm much prouder to be an American after seeing the sacrifices that were made before us. In Delaware, the beaches are nice - not crowded. The crab cakes delicious. Thank you to my tour guide(my brother a special agent). I'll be back.

Leaves are falling . . .

I was being a rebel on Sunday. Riding from one friend's house to the next. Having a beer at each stop - exercising all the bikes me and Big Noot have . . . and generally raising hell in our little town. It was fun. The temp was about 50 degrees and nobody was on a motorcycle. Some rain was spitting sometimes. A perfect day in Iowa. My new Czech Army coat worked very well. My Coors Light tall can flew out of my pocket - whoops - that's alcohol abuse.

Early Days: Dave Perewitz

Jay Springsteen

Jay and his brother both started racing together. Jay had a 125 or 250, Ken had a 360cc. Jay had to learn to ride harder to keep up. We see it paid off. Jay won his first #1 Plate when he was just 19 years old, beating out Roberts and Scott to take the title. Here he's 65X (before he got national number 25)

Old Magazine Collection

My dad's buddy "Killer" Carter gave me these huge boxes of magazines a while back. I went through them last night and I've got to tell you - I have quite a collection here. He had subscriptions to Choppers Magazine, Street Chopper, Easyriders, Hot Bike, Custom Bike, The Enthusiast and a few other oddballs. A time span from 1972-1982 covers it.
Crazy. The Easyriders has iron-on transfers - and all the David Mann centerfolds. Way cool. There are some old newspapers from the Black Hills Rally too. Thanks Carter !

1000cc Winter Project

Here's our winter project. This is all we have done for now. This motorcycle was a mess. Totally cobbled together. The bottom end has been gone through now. Cylinders bored, pistons ready. We've got a nice set of heads to run. I''ve got an old frisco-style peanut tank and original Z-Bars. 16" rear - 19" front. Powdercoat the rims - black spokes. It would look real sweet in a rigid - but, stock frame and some struts is ok too. The neatest thing that came with this roach was the original, perfect patina Bates Seat (it's the mini one) . . . oh yes.

The Panhead

Big Noot has a '65 panhead. It once was a CHP bike from LA. It's been "modernized" a bit with CV Carb(with Dyna Jet Kit), Spike Distributor, Primo Belt and some other goodies. Mileage is over 100,000 - fairly documented. I rode it last weekend and it didn't start - so I had to kick it. Got it going, but seemed flat for awhile. Got home - charged the battery - and it took forever. Guess what? Very low on water. Hmmmmm - don't overlook the obvious. Check your equipment . . . it runs like it should now.