November 2008 - Morty (My 1st Blog Post from Nov. 2008)

My very best buddy Morty ("Morty The Official Shop Cat") passed away from natural causes last Sunday, Oct. 4th.  Morty was the best pet I ever had, and I documented many things ol' Mort did over the years with the expressions and adventures he did around the garage and shop.  This BLOG introduced me to many fellow motorcycle enthusiasts over all the years.  I remember trying to figure out how to post photos, type text, etc...and this first photo was my test to see if I could do it.   I'd see this big, biker dudes at swap meets and events, and one of the first things they'd ask is..."How's Morty?"  It was pretty cool.  The blogs are a dying method (almost gone fully actually), but there was a time when it was the hottest and best way to get the word out, meet people, they were just awesome !  Each time I get on here to post, Google makes weird changes, and you gotta learn all this crap again... it's like - Nothin' lasts forever for sure.  Makes me sad.  Buy hey... I got an Instagram (for short attention spans I call it) - and I still post on that.  I'll try to send a post now and then, but it just ain't the same - and I'll miss Morty, and I already miss the blogs - but times change - and we just got to go onward into the future - but never sell those old Harleys and keep the vintage bike spirit alive - and maybe I'll see or hear from you all soon?  Thanks for the great times we've had !  -Noot

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